"New Challenger" is a series of stages in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Collaboration Event. There are 16 of these stages, the first 7 being stages with enemy versions of the collab ubers, the next 7 being harder versions of those stages, and the last 2 being a part of an advent that unlocks Akuma Giraffe, a Rare cat unit. Beating any of the first 7 stages gives you 100000 XP, and the next 7 gives 400000 XP, and beating 4 stages unlocks the last 2 stages.

List of Levels

New Challenger

EN name JP name
VS RYU (Easy) VSリュウ 初級
VS CHUN-LI (Easy) VS春麗 初級
VS GUILE (Easy) VSガイル 初級
VS ZANGIEF (Easy) VSザンギエフ 初級
VS BLANKA (Easy) VSブランカ 初級
VS DHALSIM (Easy) VSダルシム 初級
VS KEN (Easy) VSケン 初級
EN name JP name
VS RYU (Expert) VSリュウ 激ムズ
VS CHUN-LI (Expert) VS春麗 激ムズ
VS GUILE (Expert) VSガイル 激ムズ
VS ZANGIEF (Expert) VSザンギエフ 激ムズ
VS BLANKA (Expert) VSブランカ 激ムズ
VS DHALSIM (Expert) VSダルシム 激ムズ
VS KEN (Expert) VSケン 激ムズ
EN name JP name
Master of the Fist (Veteran) 拳を極めし者 超上級
Sekia Goshoha (Deadly) 炸裂!赤鴉豪焦破 極ムズ


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