Nine to Five Fever (Insane) is the second stage in Salaryman Awakes!


At the start, a Snache will spawn, followed by 2 Kang Roos. Snaches will keep spawning.

After you hit the base, 2 Ritual Cats spawn, along with 2 Doge Darks and 1 Le'Noir. During the battle, more Ritual Cats and Le'Noirs spawn, with the Ritual Cats spawning in pairs with a Le'Noir.

In total, 3 Le'Noirs spawn, with some amount of Ritual Cats


Strategy #1

4 meatshields is a must, but do not bring Jiangshi Cat, he uses up too much money and the money you get in the stage is close to none from killing enemies. You need a lot of heavy ranged attackers such as Thundia, Catman, Aphrodite, and more. Using hacker cat doesn't hurt either, and Awakened Bahamut and Sanada Yukimura can help deal massive damage to the ritual cats if they are stacked up. It is important to stall with the Kang Roos so that you can send out a lot at the start. Taking out some ritual cats will alleviate some of the stress caused by the stack. Try to tank out the battle until eventually you defeat the ritual cats, one by one, until they are all dead.