No Frills Evolution: Hard+ is the second stage in Panties Awakens!.


The level starts off with a light spawning of peons (Those Guys, Doge), supporting a Lollycat. 40~ seconds in, another Lollycat is spawned. More Lollycats are spawned around 90 seconds~, 140 seconds~, 200 seconds~, and 300 seconds~. Basically, you do not want these Lollycats stacking. A group of 5-6 Lollycats can make quick use of your meatshields, and take care of your tanks with relative ease, exposing your heavy attackers in the back.


Strategy 1

Lineup: Sportswoman and Three Kings combos or Eye of The Storm combo,t Crazed/Manic Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Jamiera Cat and Crazed/Manic Titan Cat (Must be level 20+).

Use Rich Cat Powerup, Sniper and Speed Up are optional.

At the beginning, stall and save for Jamiera Cat and Crazed Titan Cat, keep spamming the two, and if RNGesus blesses you, Jamiera will knock them back to their base. The Titans should wail on the base for 10-20 more minutes, and enjoy your new true form!

Strategy 2

Lineup: Combo "Eye of the Storm", Crazed Gross, Crazed Fish, Crazed Lizard, Crazed Titan, King Dragon. Unit level requirements: Lv20 for all Crazed Cats, and at least 20+10 for King Dragon.

Start by upgrading your Wallet to Lv3, then send Crazed Titan, Crazed Gross and Crazed Fish in that order. You'll eventually kill the first Lollycat and push to enemy base, until there are three or four Lollycats behind base. They'll start pushing and killing your Cats. That's the moment to send your Dragons, just remember to upgrade your Wallet and prioritize C. Gross, C. Fish and C. Titan spawning. When your Wallet is at max level, you can send those five units whenever available. You'll slowly beat the stage.


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