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No Plan A (Deadly) is an Advent Stage appearing on the 7th, 8th, 21st, and 22nd of every month. When clearing the stage, there is a chance to unlock Catway. This is a No Continues stage.



The main difficulty of this stage comes from the peons knocking cats into Cruel Angel Clionel's range, therefore a typical strategy would involve using fast units like Awakened Bahamut Cat to deal as much damage to her as possible before more peons can spawn. A level 30+ Artist Cat is recommended to have (optimally with True Form and Talents), as well as Ultra Souls units. Ushiwakamaru can even solo this stage if spammed with the help of Research Combos.

Cat's Gift can be somewhat helpful, as it can intercept Clionel's blind spot and freeze Clionel, allowing for better timing of your other units. However, it is only a 30% activation chance, and thus is unreliable; although harder to obtain, a fully Speed-Up Talented Juliet the Maiko will provide better support, having a full second longer freeze and a 10% higher chance of Freeze activation. Talented Sanzo Cat can be helpful against the Angelic Gories in this stage, provided you lure.

Recommended Ubers

The following Uber Rares are good for this stage, and if you have any of these, using them will make things easier.

  • Kalisa: Rips Angels to shreds and can fit inside Cruel Angel Clionel's blind spot. Beware that Sleipnir will either knock her back into Clionel's effective range or stunlock her to death.
  • Guardian Gamereon or Thunder God Zeus: Both can tank an ungodly amount of punishment and can help clear out the Angelic Gories and Trolly Bloggers. They can help give you breathing room and even dish out some damage on their own, but be careful of knockback from the Sleipnir and Bloggers.
  • Kasa Jizo: Fast, spammable and damaging. He can easily control the Angelic Gories back and shoot down Clionel if he makes it in the blind spot.
  • The One-Hit Wonders: Immunity to slow and great both offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as range, make them ideal to deal with the Sleipnirs.
  • Sanada Yukimura: Yukimura can act as a second Awakened Bahamut and assist with rushing down Sleipnir and Clionel.
  • Ushiwakamaru: Near perfect counter, his stats allow him to overpower the stream of enemies if spammed at a high enough level. Even if that isn't the case, he can still easily hit Sleipnir and severely damage the Gories whenever summoned.
  • Juvens: Excellent health combined with dodge allows him to stand his ground, even dodging Sleipnir's pushing attacks often. Offers top level protection while delivering massive DPS and having a quick enough recharge.

Strategy 1

Lineup: Unit Defense UP Combos, Artist Cat/Ramen Cat (30+6 or above recommended, unless in True Form), Lion Cat, Macho Leg Cat (both 20+40), Crazed Giraffe Cat (20), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30).

Alternatively, you can include units such as Baseball Mask β or certain Ultra Souls in place of Macho Leg or some Combo cats (as long as you can still apply a good Combo/set of Combos).

Don't bring Rich Cat and Sniper the Cat. They can throw off timing.

Battle: Start off by spawning a Crazed Giraffe as soon as you can. (If your timing is even a second off, he can die.) Then upgrade your Worker Cat to 2, and spawn Lion.Make sure to upgrade your Worker Cat to level 5. Don't spawn anything for a while. Wait for the first Angelic Gory to get close to the Cat Base. Then spawn Artist and the other three attackers, as well as A. Bahamut.

Don't let Bahamut die early. He can take out the Angelic Gories and the first Angelic Sleipnir. After the first Sleipnir is knocked back, use the Cat Cannon to stop Clionel's attack. Then kill Sleipnir and proceed to Cruel Angel Clionel. If you do it perfectly, Cruel Angel Clionel should be knocked back twice, and Sleipnir 2 should be knocked back once.

Start by not doing anything until you can spawn a second Awakened Bahamut. Just stall them. Let the Angel Gories get close to your base, and save the Cat Cannon. Use A. Bahamut 2 to take out the Angelic Gories and finish the second Sleipnir. Spam the attackers, and you should eventually bring down the Cruel Angel Clionel. More Sleipnir will spawn with more groups of Angelic Gory. Awakened Bahamut can take care of them and finish off the level.

Strategy 2

Lineup: Biohazard + Bony Bone, Fishman Cat, Sportsgirl Cat, Ramen Cat (38), Manic Macho Legs (27), Manic Lion Cat (30), Manic Flying Cat (30), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30).

Beginning: Once the battle starts, spawn a Manic Lion Cat, then another when you can and get your Worker Cat's level up to 6. When a Trolly Blogger reaches the 1/4 mark, send in Manic Macho Legs. He should force the Angelic Slepnir to attack it, which will help later. When the Angelic Gory kills your Legs and nearly reaches your base, in quick succession send in Awakened Bahamut, Manic Lion Cat and Ramen. Continue spamming Ramen and Manic Lion. Angelic Slepnir SHOULD be knocked back now. Use the Cat Cannon to interrupt the boss' attack sequence. Spam Ramen, Manic Lion and Fishman, as well as Hyper Mr. if you have him talented. You will want Clionel to be knocked back three times.

Second Slepnir Phase: If Awakened Bahamut is still alive, he may able to knock back the Slepnir once during his life. He could knock back some of the Angelic Gories, though this is not mandatory. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT USE THE CAT CANNON AT THIS POINT. Continue spamming Ramen, but stop spawning the previous cats you have been spawning. Send in Manic Flying every 2 or 3 Ramen Cats, as well as an occasional Manic Macho Legs. When Awakened Bahamut is back, wait until the boss completes his attack, then send him in. He should be able to kill the remaining Gories. When the boss is about to attack, use the Cat Cannon to interrupt. At this point, it does not matter if Awakened Bahamut dies. Spam your Lions, Fishman, and Hyper Mr. to get rid of the Slepnir, and rush the boss to its death. If you do not kill it when the three Angelic Gories come in, you may as well call it a loss.

Ending: Continue spamming Ramen and Manic Flying Cat to kill the remaining Gories. The 3rd Slepnir can be handled by Awakened Bahamut, though timing is necessary as the Gories can still be alive. He can also be used to get rid of the Gories. If he dies, Ramen can still kill the Slepnirs while Manic Flying can get rid of Gories if they still spawn. Rush the base and win!

Strategy 3

Lineup: Art History, 3 slots for useful Combos, Manic Macho Legs 30, Fishman Cat 30, Manic Lion Cat 20, A. Bahamut 30, and a reliable Area Attacker that can sneak into Clionel's blind spot. Some options include Paris Cat, Crazed Bird Cat, or Ubers such as Kasa Jizo. Don't use cats with slow movement speed as it is almost impossible for them to get into Clionel's blind spot.

Cannon: Regular

Note: If you don't have Michelangelo, put Awakened Bahamut in your first row and Ramen in the second for more convientient deployment, and use the 4 first row slots for some Combos, especially a "Resistant" Effect UP Combo.

Opening: Like the other strategies on this page, start by sending out a Manic Lion as soon as you can, leveling up the Worker Cat, and sending out another. This timing allows for both Manic Lions to enter the blind spot of the boss, to keep her near the enemy base while dealing some minor damage, and eliminate the early Trolly Bloggers. Continue leveling up during this time, and save your Cat Cannon. When Angelic Sleipnir spawns, the Lions will die shortly after. When the leading Trolly Blogger reaches 1/4 - 1/3 from the enemy base, send out Manic Macho Legs. He will eliminate a dozen or so Trolly Bloggers and stall the Sleipnir long enough for the first Angelic Gory to spawn. Let him kill the Manic Macho Legs, for he has done its job.

Midgame: Let the Gory approach the base, and when it gets close enough, send out a Ramen, Manic Lion, and A. Bahamut. Continue spamming Ramens and Manic Lions to chip away at the Sleipnir. Meanwhile, focus on the approaching boss and use your Cat Cannon to interrupt her attack, the later in her animation the better. Depending on your luck with the Trolly Blogger knockbacks, your A. Bahamut should be alive and attacking the boss at this point. If not, that's ok, but it lowers your chances of success as this is the point where you deal more than 75% of your damage to the boss, or even kill her! Don't be discouraged if your Bahamut died, it's just bad luck. Regardless of your Bahamut's state, continue spamming Ramens, Lions, and now Fishmen and your attacker, being somewhat consciense of your money and timing so your damage dealers don't die from the bosses attacks. Your goal is to knockback Clionel at the very least twice (she has four total knockbacks, the fourth being her death).

Endgame: When your Bahamut recharges, take note of where the next Sleipnir is situated, so that if you were to spawn your Bahamut, he would be able to safely enter the pocket. If not, have faith in your attackers to at least knock her back once. When it is safe for your Bahamut, send him, and use your Cat Cannon to ensure he doesn't get hit by a boss attack. If all had gone smooth enough in the midgame, it should only take a few hits from Bahamut to kill the boss. From there it should hopefully be smooth sailing: finish off any remaining enemies and take out the base!

Strategy 4 (1 Cycle)

Lineup: Biohazard + Bony Bone, Awakened Bahamut Cat, 30, Manic Macho Legs, Ramen Cat 40, Delivery Cat 30, Manic Lion Cat 30, Maglev Cat 30 (replaceable), Cat's Gift 24+. Maglev recommended for consistency.

Cannon: Regular

Battle: There is a very specific order in which to send out units. Start out immediately with Maglev and a Wallet upgrade as soon as possible. Cruel Angel Clionel will spawn, but she won't hit Maglev. Trolly Bloggers will start to appear, but they are not a problem because of Maglev's rebound mechanic. Maglev will constantly be knocked back by the Trolly Bloggers and in turn will easily kill them, giving you a huge cash boost. Send out another Maglev as soon as possible. Upgrade your Worker Cat all the way to Level 7, then stop. Both Maglevs will die, and Trolly Blogger, Angelic Sleipnir and Cruel Angel Clionel will all start making their way to your base. Right before the Trolly Bloggers start damaging your base, send out Maglev to continuously knockback and kill the Trolly Bloggers. DO NOT USE YOUR CAT CANNON YET.

Now, Angelic Gory should be arriving. Right before he attacks the Cat base, send out 1 Ramen and 1 Manic Macho Legs. When the Trolly Bloggers are clear, spawn Awakened Bahamut to take off a chunk of Angelic Gory's health. Now it's time to start spamming Ramen. You don't want Trolly Blogger to knockback Ramen too much, otherwise Bahamut could get hit. To prevent this, send out Maglev at the right time so Angelic Gory can't get any hits on Ramen. Manic Macho Legs should clear the Trolly Bloggers again, and Bahamut will finish off Angelic Gory. Once he dies, start spamming Manic Lions. Now, there will be units in Clionel's range and she will do her first attack. Use the Cat Cannon to intercept it, and if luck is on your side, Sleipnir will die to A. Bahamut, which should also be in Clionel's blind spot. During this time, do not mindlessly spam Manic Lion, Cat's Gift and Delivery Cat. Instead, time them all to save money and accumulate more damage. They should be relatively easy to time, since they all have decent speed. If Cat's Gift freezes enough, Clionel will be absolutely massacred, and so will the next Angelic Sleipnir, as you have a huge Manic Lion stack with Bahamut still alive. With all your units out, you destroy the base and win.

Fight with Sleipnir: With Clionel Cannoned, the cycle should be perfect. Sleipnir should knock back Bahamut just as Clionel attacks. Bahamut's hitbox will be disappeared, so he won't die to Clionel. An unfortunate way to go is if Sleipnir is too far from Clionel and he can kill Bahamut, resulting in Clionel not dying in time. But that is just luck of the draw.


Video Player Notes

Battle Cats No Plan A Cheese Method ft. Breakerblast (EASY WIN)

Xskull Cheese


Lucas IV No gacha or items

Clionel's Ascendant - No Plan A WITHOUT Powerful Rushers - The Battle Cats

Lucas IV Low level units


Japanese Version

  • First appearance: March 4th, 2016 (11:00) to March 7th, 2016 (16:00)
  • The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd days of any month

English Version

  • First appearance: April 1st, 2016 (11:00) to April 4th, 2016 (11:00)
  • June 11th, 2016 (11:00) to June 13th, 2016 (11:00)
  • The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of every month




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