No Plan A (Deadly) is a special event stage that consists of a boss fight against Cruel Angel Clionel. It appears on the 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of every month. When clearing the stage, you have a chance to unlock Catway. This is a No Continues stage.


  • After 10 seconds, Cruel Angel Clionel spawns as the boss.
  • Infinite Trolly Bloggers spawn as peons.
  • 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 33.3 seconds1000f.
  • 1 Angelic Gory spawns after 66.7 seconds2000f.
  • 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 100 seconds3000f.
  • 2 Angelic Gories spawn after 136.7 seconds4100f, delay 3.3 seconds100f.
  • 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 200 seconds6000f.
  • 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 206.7 seconds6200f, delay 3.3 seconds100f.
  • 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 273.3 seconds8200f, delay 3.3 seconds100f.
  • 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 333.3 seconds10000f.
  • 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 340 seconds10200f, delay 3.3 seconds100f.


Strategy 1 (by Kaxzer the 1337)

Don't bring Rich Cat and Sniper The Cat. They can throw off timing.



  • Start off by spawning a Crazed Giraffe as soon as you can. (If your timing is even a second off, he can die.) Then upgrade your Worker Cat to 2, and spawn Lion.
  • Make sure to upgrade your Worker Cat to level 5. Don't spawn anything for a while.
  • Wait for the first Angelic Gory to get close to the Cat Base. Then spawn Artist and the other three attackers, as well as A. Bahamut.
  • Don't let Bahamut die early. He can take out the Angelic Gories and the first Angelic Sleipnir. After the first Sleipnir is knocked back, use the Cat Cannon to stop Clionel's attack. Then kill Sleipnir and proceed to Cruel Angel Clionel.
  • If you do it perfectly, Cruel Angel Clionel should be knocked back twice, and Sleipnir 2 should be knocked back once.
  • Start by not doing anything until you can spawn a second Awakened Bahamut. Just stall them. Let the Angel Gories get close to your base, and save the cat cannon.
  • Use A. Bahamut 2 to take out the Angelic Gories and finish the second Sleipnir. Spam the attackers, and you should eventually bring down the Cruel Angel Clionel.
  • More Sleipnir will spawn with more groups of Angelic Gory. Awakened Bahamut can take care of them and finish off the level. Congratulations! You win.

Strategy 1.2 Basically for Lower level Normal cats.

Cool Japan Cats (Level does not Matter since you’ll never spawn them)

Kasa Jizo (35)

Artist Cat (Ramen) 40+3 was the level of my Artist, not Ramen.

Crazed Giraffe (20)

Macho Legs (20+30)

Giraffe Cat (20+29)

A.Bahamut (30)

Same Cats except for the fist row which are Cool Japan combo’s cats and Jizo.

Do the step 1 of Kaxzer’s Strat

Step 2: Wait and upgrade wallet up to Level 5

Step 3: Spawn Macho Leg when there is around 2 Trolly blogger.

Step 4: Wait until the first Angelic Gory spawn and then when he is close to your base.

Step 5: Spawn 1 Jizo, Bahamut, and everything except Combo’s cats.

Step 6: When Bahamut kill Gory, he will go for Sleipnir. When he knockback Sleipnir Clionel should have started is Attack Animation. Shoot the Cat cannon to reset it.

Step 7: Sleipnir should be Dead and Spawn Mostly Giraffe and lions.

Step 8: If Bahamut died, Just Spam Ramen or artist, Jiz, Macho Leg and Giraffe/Lions. Do this until next Bahamut is ready.

Step 9: If Clionel is hitting your base, their still hope. At this point, if you followed Step 8, you should have another Bahamut ready. There should be only Sleipnir, Clionel and Trolly. Spawn Bahamut, Shoot cat cannon if you feel like Bahamut is on his Range.

Note: I survived the fist time because Clionel hitter the base but got knocked back by the cat cannon so couldn’t hit it with the Artist in his/her range

Note: I didn’t have any Items with me and had to do it 2 times because of timing and RNG.


  • This strategy is very hard to replicate. You must have impeccable timing in many situations to defeat this level; even missing by less than a second can ruin the whole attempt.
  • Since this strategy is so hard to replicate, it is considered outdated and is not recommended to be used anymore.

Strategy 2 (Ft. Jizo, Rich Cat item)


Row 1: Sportswoman Cat Combo (Sportsgirl Cat, Butterfly Cat), Biohazard and Bony Bone Cat Combos (Skelecat, Necromancer Cat, Mr.)

Line 2: Ramen Cat, Kasa Jizo, Jamiera Cat, ranged anti-Angel Uber Rares (Recommended: Midsummer Cat, Dark Merchant Babil)

Combo Bonuses: Defence (Sm); Research (Sm) x2

Required Items: Rich Cat

At the start, wait for Cruel Angel Clionel to appear, then begin spamming Ramen Cat and Jamieras. Both will possibly manage to deal some damage while advancing, depending on the amount of knockbacks from the Trolly Bloggers. When they reach Clionel, the first Angelic Sleipnir will be out on the stage. Continue to spam the two, but send out one of the long range anti-Angel Uber Rares (in the recommended, Midsummer Cat) when the Sleipnir is in front of Clionel. With Midsummer Cat, it should be close or take 1 knockback before dying to Clionel. When the Gories pop out, spam Jizos. You can also spam Jizos when you have a surplus of money, but keep watch as to make sure you don't run too low.

While low on money, just spam Ramen to build back up. Continue this process until the Gories stop spawning. As more Sleipnirs defend Clionel, start using Jizos and the other anti-Angels to defeat them. Once the Sleipnirs are gone, continue the spam of Ramen/Jizo/Jamiera. The close range damage will kill it quick.

This process takes a long time, the Angel Fanboy will appear, and likely behind Clionel. There is no worry, as the level should be completed soon after.

Strategy 3 (ft. Zeus and Dark Merchant Babil)

Row 1: Biohazard Cat Combo (Skelecat and Mr.) + Art History Cat Combo (Ramen Cat and Bronze Cat)

Row 2: Manic Lion (20) Cat's Gift (15) Awakened Bahamut Cat (30) Dark Merchant Babil (29) Thunder God Zeus (26)

Execution: Spawn 2 Manic Lions immediately and upgrade the Worker Cat to level 5 or 6. Then spawn 1 Ramen Cat to kill the Trolly Bloggers. Then when the first Angelic Gory comes spawn Dark Merchant Babil and kill Angelic Sleipnir. If you can't kill Sleipnir then try to knock it back once. If you never even hit it with Dark Merchant Babil then the attempt is ruined. Spawn A. Bahamut to finish the Sleipnir and then fire the Cat Cannon so that he can get into Cruel Angel Clionel's blind spot. Clionel should be knocked back twice by now. Kill the second wave of Gories with Zeus and damage Angelic Sleipnir (or at least knock it back) and then spawn another A. Bahamut, finish it, and then destroy Clionel. Another wave of Gories will come and by the time that happens you will have Dark Merchant Babil refreshed and ready to finish the stage.


This strategy may not work. When the Gories come and when Clionel attacks are up to pure luck. A slight mistake or accident could ruin the entire attempt.

Dark Merchant Babil will die in 4 hits from Clionel, so time him properly or else he may not hit or do anything to help.

Make sure Dark Merchant Babil WILL hit the Angelic Gories and Sleipnir. If you don't then it could end very badly...

DO NOT lure Clionel too close when you're going to spawn Babil or Zeus. Clionel could snipe the Cat Base from a very far distance.

If you keep on losing, understand why. it can help you a lot especially if you keep a recording and look back at your mistakes so you can fix them.

Another note: If your Uber Rares are very high leveled then you may not need the Art History Combo. You can use Biohazard and Boney Bone Combos along with Maglev Cat too. The strategy will work even better with this but yet again, if your Uber Rares are not high leveled, don't replace it with these cats and combos.

Strategy 4 (ft. King Gamereon)

Lineup: Manic Mohawk Cat (30), Manic Eraser Cat (43), *Li'l Dark Cat (40+3), Ramen (41+10), *Metal Cat (20), Maglev (35), Crazed Giraffe (27), *Cyborg Cat (48+9), Awakened Bahamut Cat (40), King Gamereon (36)

*Probably completely optional, or even wasted spaces. Feel free to replace them with Combos and see if it works.

Note: The levels listed are those used upon completion of the stage, they may not be the minimum levels required to beat the stage.

  1. Spawn Maglev right after Clionel spawns. Don't worry about the Trolly Bloggers, because every time they knock Maglev back, Maglev will attack again and kill them.
  2. When you have enough money, release Gamereon. His "shelf-life" in this stage is about equal to his recharge time (at 36), so there's no worries there. Just respawn him every chance you get.
  3. Spam meatshields, Maglevs, and Crazed Giraffes. (Don't spawn the latter two if you're saving up for Bahamut/Gamereon, but money isn't really an issue here.)
  4. If you're lucky, you can get A. Bahamut in Clionel's blind spot between rounds of Sleipnirs to deal massive damage.

Overall, this strategy plays out like fighting a regular level instead of 4-D chess. The difficulty really depends the level of your Ramen and Gamereon. If they are highly leveled, there is plenty of leeway and the stage will feel like a breeze.

Strategy 5 (ft. Immortal Yukimura)

Lineup: Sister Act Cat Combo (not mandatory) Ramen Cat (40) Manic Lion Cat (40) Immortal Yukimura True Form is not necessary, but is highly recommended. (at least level 30) Awakened Bahamut Cat (30) Insert any cat you want in the rest of the slots.

Items: Mandatory Rich Cat

The way to exploit this level is that Yukimura can attack right again when he is knocked back. This way you can use Trolly Bloggers to knock back Yukimura so it can attack constantly. Beware of the Sleipnir since it can easily kill A. Bahamut/Yukimura.

At the start of the stage, send one Manic Lion Cat to keep the boss at bay, while Trolly Bloggers begin to spawn, it won't be a threat. When Sleipnir spawns, be sure that you have a line of Ramen Cats to prevent it from going near your base. Send A. Bahamut to kill the Sleipnir, and at the right time, (when Clionel finishes her attack) send Yukimura and never stop sending Ramens and Manic Lions. Trolly Bloggers should constantly push Yukimura, so it can keep attacking the boss, and Slice! The boss should be dead. Congratulations! You defeated the boss and unlocked Catway!

Note: If you fail, it's because the Trolly Bloggers went in front of the boss and got killed by your cats. This leads to a failure since it takes time for them to stack up, and if there is 2 Sleipnirs on the field, you will lose. Try to keep the Trolly Bloggers at bay.

Strategy 6 (Ushiwakamaru solo)

Lineup: Ushiwakamaru (30)

Combos: Attack up and research down would be best, something like Cool Japan + Cheating Heart?

Items: Optional Treasure Radar

Upgrade your Worker Cat once and start spamming Ushiwakamarus, they will shrug off Clionel's attacks and enter the blind spot with ease. The only "threat" is being knocked back too much, but it should be impossible for that to happen. Keep spamming and you will win.

Note: If you fail, it's either because you forgot to spam Ushiwakamaru or you took the wrong unit.

Strategy 7 (True Forms, No Ubers)

Cat Units

  1. Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Hyper Mr. -> Biohazard and Bony Bone Combos, makes units recharge faster
  2. Fishman & Sportswoman -> Unit Defense UP, Fishman can be used for more DPS
  3. Ramen Cat (31+7) -> T a n k
  4. Manic Macho Legs (27) -> Clear the Trolly Bloggers at the beginning, can be used to get more money off of them in the level
  5. Manic Lion Cat (30) -> Chip damage and to distract at the beginning
  6. Manic Flying Cat (30) -> DAMAGE on the Angelic Gories.
  7. Awakened Bahamut Cat (30) -> The main DPS. If A. Bahamut dies at the start, you still have a chance to knock the boss back two times instead of three.


  1. Once the battle starts, spawn a Manic Lion Cat, and another when you can.
  2. Get your worker level up to 6.
  3. When a Trolly Blogger reaches the 1/4 mark, send in Manic Macho Legs. He should force the Angelic Slepnir to eat it, which will help later.
  4. When the Angelic Gory kills your Legs and nearly reaches your base, in quick succession send in Awakened Bahamut, Manic Lion Cat, and Ramen. Continue spamming Ramen and Manic Lion.
  5. Angelic Slepnir SHOULD be knocked back now. Use the Cat Cannon to interrupt the boss' attack sequence.
  6. Spam Ramen, Manic Lion, and Fishman, as well as Hyper Mr. You will want the boss to be knocked back three times.

Second Slepnir Phase

  1. If Awakened Bahamut is still alive, he may able to knock back the Slepnir once during his life. He could knock back some of the Angelic Gories, though this is not mandatory.
  3. Continue spamming Ramen, but stop spawning the previous cats you have been spawning. Send in Manic Flying every 2 or 3 Ramen Cats, as well as an occasional Manic Macho Legs if you so desire.
  4. When Awakened Bahamut is back, wait until the boss completes his attack, then send him in. He should be able to kill the remaining Gories. When the boss is about to attack, Cat Cannon to interrupt.
  5. At this point, it does not matter if Awakened Bahamut dies. Spam your Lions, Fishman, and Hyper Mr. to get rid of the Slepnir, and rush the boss to its death. If you do not kill it when the 3 Angelic Gories come in, you may as well call it a loss.

Remaining Angelic Gory Rush

  1. Continue spamming Ramen and Manic Flying Cat to kill the remaining Gories.
  2. The 3rd Slepnir can be handled by Awakened Bahamut, though timing is necessary as the Gories can still be alive. He can also be used to get rid of the Gories. If he dies, Ramen can still kill the Slepnirs, and Manic Flying can get rid of Gories if they still spawn.
  3. Rush the base and win!

Strategy 8 (Talented Ramen + Eva Unit-00 No Powerups). By ShockwaverClass.

Cat Combos: No Stage Fright, Art History.

Lineup: Ramen Cat ((40+10) Talents: Resist Slow MAX (Not Necessary), Resist Knockback MAX, Defense Up MAX, Attack Up MAX (Not Necessary)) A. Bahamut Cat (30), Eva Unit-00 (30).

  1. Wait for the boss to spawn and (infinitely) spawn the Ramen Cats, wait for the money for Eva Unit-00 and when you spawn her, upgrade your Worker to Level 5.
  2. Wait for your money and spawn A. Bahamut Cat (if you can, try to do the Hitbox glitch with him). Keep upgrading your Worker and repeat the process.

Notes: 1. Eva Unit-00 is doing the job of a Tank and Attacker, you need him high leveled to knockback the Angelic Gorys to avoid the Ramen Cats from dying (unless you have them 50+80 or something...).

2. if you want to bring an aditional unit as an attacker, make sure he has short range for him not to get hit by the boss.

3. A. Bahamut Cat must be timed correctly to make sure he doesn't get hit by the boss. He is for dealing huge amounts of damage to the Angelic Sleipnirs; since Eva Unit-00 and the Ramen Cats are too slow, the Sleipnir's knockback ability will keep knocking them back.


  • Prior to version 6.8, this stage had no known schedule.


Japanese Version

  • First appearance: March 4th, 2016 (11:00) to March 7th, 2016 (16:00)
  • The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd days in any month

English Version

  • First appearance: April 1st, 2016 (11:00) to April 4th, 2016 (11:00)
  • June 11th, 2016 (11:00) to June 13th, 2016 (11:00)
  • The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd days in any month


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