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The subject of this article is something that is no longer available.

にゃんこ大暴走 (lit. Nyanko Great Runaway) was a spin-off of Nyanko Daisensou. Developed by DeNA Co Ltd and PONOS. PONOS ended support for this game as of 28/11/2014, meaning that it can no longer be played.


"Kimokawa☆Cats" run all over the place!
Super exhilarating cat running game!
This time the cats.. are even more ferocious..
"Nyanko Great Runaway" is a spin-off game of "Nyanko Great War".

One year after the "Nyanko Great War," the powerful enemy "Teacher Bun Bun" monopolized the cats's favorite food, fish. "I won't allow it..."
The enraged cats begin an angry race against the "monopolizing faction"..

▽Basic controls are "jump" and "attack" - super easy!
Jump to dodge approaching enemies and obstacles!
If you can't dodge them, have fun attacking them!

Fight against "Teacher Bun Bun"!
When you complete the quest, you'll be able to meet the powerful enemy "Teacher Bun Bun"
The battle begins with the attack and score!

▽A variety of cats and items are available!
I can't believe a cat is... riding on such a thing..
What kind of items and cats actually are
Let's see what's in store!

▽Bloodshed ranking war with your friends!
You can compete with your Facebook friends for the best results.
How many cats did the person run..


Known Initially

There are 6 key features:

  • Gacha 「ガチャ」: A gacha system that allowed the player to spend Nyanko Gold or Cat Food to obtain a random new vehicle. There were three different Gachas:
    • Normal Vehicle Gacha 「ノーマル乗り物ガチャ」.
    • Premium Vehicle Gacha 「プしミアム乗り物ガチャ」.
    • 10 Consecutive Gacha 「プしミアム10連ガチャ」.
  • Vehicle 「乗り物」: Vehicles increased the players stats and granted special effects:
    • Speed 「スピード」 - Increases the speed of the unit.
    • Attack Power 「勢力」 - Increases the attack power of the unit.
    • Score 「スコア」 - Increases the players score when defeating an enemy.
    • Gold 「金」 - Increases the Nyanko Gold obtained during a run.
      • Vehicles were able to be upgraded with Nynako Gold.
      • For a vehicle to evolve, two of the same vehicle were required.
  • Cat Selection 「ねこ選択」: Here the player was able to select the Cat Unit they wished to play as. There were only 26 cats in three packs, the first pack was free, however others could be bought with Mobakoi and required certain conditions to unlock the new units.

Feline Cat Species 「ふつらのねこ種族」 could be bought for free and would unlock:

  • Cat - Free.
  • Boogie Cat - 30 Bells or 800 Mobakoi.
  • Macho Cat - 10 Bells + 15,000 Nyanko Gold or 60 Mobakoi.
  • Axe Cat - 15 Bells + 30,000 Nyanko Gold or 100 Mobakoi.
  • Brave Cat - 20 Bells + 60,000 Nyanko Gold or 200 Mobakoi.
  • Ninja Cat - 25 Bells + 60,000 Nyanko Gold or 200 Mobakoi.
  • Sumo Cat - 25 Bells + 120,000 Nyanko Gold or 340 Mobakoi.
  • Sexy Legs Cat - 30 Bells + 240,000 Nyanko Gold or 680 Mobakoi.
  • Premium Sumo Cat - Sumo Cat Unlocked + 460,000 Nyanko Gold or 1,020 Mobakoi.
  • Moneko - Unlocked during Feburary 2014.
  • Skirt Cat - Unlocked during March 2014.
  • Zombie Cat - Unlocked during March 2014.

Beast Cat Species 「獣系ねこ種族」 could be bought for 400 Mobakoi and would unlock:

  • Lizard Cat - Free.
  • Cow Cat - 10 Bells + 22,500 Nyanko Gold or 100 Mobakoi.
  • Whale Cat - 30 Bells + 380,000 Nyanko Gold or 900 Mobakoi.
  • Bird Cat - 20 Bells + 180,000 Nyanko Gold or 500 Mobakoi.
  • Fish Cat - 33 Bells + 600,000 Nyanko Gold or 1,300 Mobakoi.
  • Premium Cow Cat - Cow Cat Unlocked + 450,000 Nyanko Gold or 900 Mobakoi.
  • Premium Whale Cat - Whale Cat Unlocked + 600,000 Nyanko Gold or 1,800 Mobakoi.

Wall & Vehicles Cat Species 「壁&車両物系ねこ種族」 could be bought for 600 Mobakoi and would unlock:

  • Tank Cat - Free.
  • Biker Cat - 10 Bells + 60,000 Nyanko Gold or 150 Mobakoi.
  • Cat Gang - 30 Bells + 300,000 Nyanko Gold or 750 Mobakoi.
  • UFO Cat - 30 Bells + 360,000 Nyanko Gold or 900 Mobakoi.
  • Premium Biker Cat - Biker Cat Unlocked + 540,000 Nyanko Gold or 1,200 Mobakoi.
  • Premium Cat Gang - Cat Gang Unlocked + 675,000 Nyanko Gold or 1,500 Mobakoi.
  • Wall Cat - 33 Bells + 720,000 Nyanko Gold.
  • Profile 「プレイヤー」: Here is where the players level, selected unit, vehicle, location, User ID and app version would have been shown.
  • Level UP Support Items 「レベルUP サポーりアイテム」: Here the play was able to upgrade and purchase powerups to help them get further and beat their record. The shop items are:
    • Character Lv. Up 「キャラLv.アップ」: Increases the characters level and attack. The maximum level was 35.
    • Goddess Blessing 「女神の祝福」: Triggers a random effect.
    • Maximum Number of Combos Increased 「最大コンボ数上昇」: Increases the maximum amount of combos the player can get by 2.
    • Return 「戻る」: Returns the player to the Shop.
    • Emergency Escape 「緊急脱出」: Ejects the player from the vehicle when falling into a bottomless pit once.
    • Emergency Jump 「三段ジャンプ」: Allows the player to perform a triple jump.
    • God Invalid Item 「神無効アイテム」: Protected the player from encountering The Cat God during gameplay.
    • Shop Map 「ステージ選択」: Allows the player to purchase the type of stage they play on.
  • Friend Invitation 「友達招待」: This is where the player would have seen their friends if they had their Facebook account connected to the game, depending on the amount of friends the player had they would have recieved rewards. Those rewards consist of:
    • 5 Friends - 5,000 Nyanko Gold.
    • 10 Friends - 15,000 Nyanko Gold.
    • 15 Friends - 30,000 Nyanko Gold.
    • 20 Friends - Wall & Vehicles Cat Species.
    • 30 Friends - Boogie Cat.


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