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The subject of this article is something that is no longer available.

にゃんこ防衛軍 (lit. Nyanko Defence Force) was a LINE QUICK GAME. Developed by PONOS and Game Closure. LINE ended support for this game as of 30/10/2020, meaning that it can no longer be played.


"Battle Cats Galaxy" was a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up game developed by popular characters from "The Battle Cats". The cats flew to space to protect the stars to perform an arcade-style battle that destroys incoming aliens one after another.
Taking advantage of the features of the HTML5 messenger in the game, you could challenge even more powerful bosses by forming a group together with friends. There was no energy limit, so you were able to play as many times as you want.
This game was exclusively for smartphones and could not be played on a PC.
This game was completely free to play, but be aware that there were in app purchases.

In this game, you played as a Cat that was a captain of a space ship destroying spaceship versions of recognizable and exclusive enemies.


Known Initially

There were 7 key features:

  • Start Battle 「タップして戦問開始」: The main function of the game, just tap the screen to start a battle!
  • Member Formation 「降員編成」: The area where you were able to select two units to help support you in battle against the enemies! There were certain typings to certain support units.
    • Flame - Weak against Water.
    • Light - Weak against Dark.
    • Grass - Weak against Flame.
    • Dark - Weak against Light.
    • Water - Weak against Grass.
  • Raid Boss 「レイドボス」: You could battle against strong raid bosses that had an extreme amount of health, and deal as much damage as possible to earn rewards.
  • Shop 「ショップ」: Buy in-game items with LINE's own currency to make battling easier.
  • Ranking 「ランキング」: Showed the ranking between you and your friends on how far you have gotten during a battle.
  • Quest 「クエスト」: A place to send off your inactive captains and support units, the quest area sent your captain and support units off on a quest for a certain amount of time, once returned, they would gain levels.
  • Captain Selection/Upgrade 「キャプテン選択」: A place to select the captain you wanted to use whenever you battled.

Support and Enemies

Doge Spaceship
Red Doge Spaceship
Doge Dark Spaceship
Shibalien Spaceship
Zoge Spaceship
Metal Doge Spaceship
Jackie Peng Spaceship
Red Jackie Peng Spaceship
Black Jackie Peng Spaceship
Star Peng Spaceship
Zackie Peng Spaceship
Metal Jackie Peng Spaceship
Winter Pigge Spaceship
Green Pigge Spaceship
Purple Pigge Spaceship
Snache Bomb - If defeated, Snache Bomb would explode the current row of spaceships it was in.
Li'l Bun Bun - Li'l Bun Bun would appear every now and then to create a barricade from attacking the enemy ships. If defeated, he would drop a plethora of rewards.
Shy Boy - Shy Boy would appear from the top of the screen and descend to the bottom with a warning. They were indestructible and cannot be defeated.
Green Chest - If defeated, a plethora of gems would appear from it. These enemies could also appear as sparking, which would drop either an item or a type of gem.

Teacher Bun Bun
A variant of Teacher Bear that looks like a tree
A green variant of Sir Seal
A dessert variant of Teacher Bear
A combination between Assassin Bear and Cadaver Bear
A silver variant of Sir Seal wearing a helmet
A winter variant of Kory
A winter variant of Teacher Bear
A winter variant of Sir Seal
A Relic variant of Sir Seal
A flaming variant of Sir Seal
A flaming variant of Teacher Bun Bun
A purple variant of Dark Emperor Nyandam
A Relic variant of Dark Emperor Nyandam

Currency and Items

  • Nyanko Defence Force had an in-game currency system to unlock new support units, upgrade your captain's ship and buy new ships. There were also items to allow you to boost further in your battle, collect medals easier or make your ship stronger.

A medal would give 1 medal.
A purple gem would give 10 medals.
A red gem would give 20 medals
A blue gem would give 40 medals.
A blue trophy would give 1 trophy.
A bronze trophy would give 10 trophies.
A rainbow trophy would give 20 trophies.

Fuel Tank: Would boost the captains ship for a certain period before stopping back to normal speed.
Magnet: Attracted nearby currency or items towards the ship to allow for easy collection.
Catamin A: Shot double the projectiles, allowing the ship to clear out enemies more efficiently.
Taiyaki: Would power up your ship by one, allowing higher damage output.
Hourglass: When selected, the enemies and your bullets would slow down, allowing you to reposition yourself at normal speed.
Lollipop: When selected, a beam would replace the bullets shot for a short period of time.



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