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にゃんこ大泥棒 (lit. Nyanko Gret Burglar) is a "Sequel" of Nyanko Daisensou. Developed by PONOS.


"Nyanko Great Burglar" is a strategy game developed by popular characters from the "The Battle Cats".
The Cats break into mansions avoid traps while locating gems, coins and treasure chests once a treasure chest has been found the cat will have to quickly make its escape.
This game is exclusively for smartphones and cannot be played on a PC.
This game is completely free to play, but be aware that there are in app purchases.
In this game, you play as many different variations of Cat avoiding traps and many recognisable enemies.


Known Initially

There are 9 new features:

  • Cat Store 「ネコ商店」: A store where you are able to purchase treasure chests, catfood, coins, new gear and traps. Treasure chests and coins will cost catfood, catfood will cost real life currency and new traps and gear will cost coins or be free to collect.
  • Cat Hunter 「ネコハンタ」: A Gross Cat wearing a orange cap with the label "HUNTER", this option allows you to obtain new cats that you are able to use during Thief Battles.
  • Lend 「レンド」: An option where you are able to send and receive friend requests via a ID that the game has set for you.
  • Cat Replacement 「ネコ入替」: An option that allows you to switch between cats allowing you to choose the best cat and gear for the job.
  • Mission 「ミッション」: Completing missions allow you to obtain rewards such as:
    • Rare Tickets.
    • Catfood.
    • Silver Tickets.
    • Treasure Chests.
    • Keys.
    • Coins.
  • Thief Battle 「泥棒バトル」: The main option the player will use, two options are shown, Great Thief Battle 「大泥棒バトル」 and Nyan Kike Battle 「にゃんキケバトル」.
    • Great Thief Battle 「大泥棒バトル」: The player will set off to another players palace and try to steal the treasure chest that they have stored in a hidden door, if successful an alarm will trigger and 3/4 of the escape routes will be closed so the player must locate to one of the open exits before they get caught or their energy runs out. Optionally the player is able to collect up to a total of 3 gems from Cat God before stealing a treasure chest, if the player attempts to collect gems after stealing a treasure chest Cat God will wake up and shake its head at the player.
    • Nyan Kike Battle 「にゃんキケバトル」: Using ingame currency that ranges from burgers, fries or drinks, the player is able to gain a treasure chest from completing the burglary. Depending on how many gems the player collects any of God Cat it will upgrade the treasure chest and reward the player with Silver Tickets.
    • Collecting 0 gems will keep the treasure chest the same.
    • Collecting 1 gem will upgrade it to silver.
    • Collecting 2 gems will upgrade it to gold.
    • Collecting 3 gems will upgrade it to platinum.
  • Layout: This allows the player to design their palace with traps to stop other players from stealing their treasure chests as well as move the producers.
  • Prayer 「お祈り」: During the Great Thief Battle you are able to collect gems from God Cat allowing the player to upgrade their unit stats, storage and coins stolen. The gems rarity and colors can range from:
    • Red.
    • Blue.
    • Orange.
    • Rainbow.
    • 1 Star.
    • 2 Star.
    • 3 Star.
    • 4 Star.
  • Treasure: This where the player will store their stolen treasure chests and unlock them, the player can either use keys to unlock the chests quicker, allow the Tank Cat to manually open them over time, or use Catfood to automatically unlock them. The rewards range from traps or gear.

Traps and Enemies

All units listed below are the traps as seen ingame.
Fake Coins.
Empty Catfood Tins.
Tree that will drop an apple.
Fake Treasure Doors.
Banana Peel.
Spiked Floor.
Electric Barriers.

Many variations of Doge.
Dark Emperor Nyandam as a security officer.
A fortune teller Otta-smack-u.


  • In Nyanko Great Burglar there is an ingame currency system to upgrade your traps, producers and gear. There are also catfood and tickets that allow you to obtain new units.
    • Coins.
    • Catfood.
    • Keys.
    • Burgers.
    • Fries.
    • Drinks.


  • Promotional Art
  • Game icon
  • Trap customisation screen
  • One of the Nyanko Burglars stealing a chest
  • Burglar customisation screen


  • Originally when the game first released, it had English dialogue included.
    • However this was fixed in future updates.

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