Oncoming Storm (Insane) (緊急爆風警報, Emergency Blast Wave Warning) is the 7th Cyclone stage. Upon completion, players have a 40% chance to unlock Catornado.


The battle begins with a few Those Guys. After ~30 seconds, The Perfect Cyclone will spawn. After that, Trolly Bloggers will start spawning, mainly to push your cats out of the boss's blind spot and interfere with your attack.

After the Trolly Bloggers stop spawning, Doge Darks will appear as peons.

No Continues are allowed for this stage.


If the player has Kotatsu Cat and it is level 25 or higher, that’s enough for a guaranteed victory over the Perfect Cyclone.

Balaluga(especially in TF) works amazingly on this stage. he can freeze the boss allowing more time for cats to get in it's blind spot, and the 6 second weaken means its a lot easier for cats to get in, even crazed tank can manage to squeeze it's way in at that point.

Strategy 1 (ft. Kotatsu Cat)

  • Line Up: Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, Eraser, Sadako, Crazed Giraffe and a hard hitter to destroy the base.
  • Kotatsu cat is surprisingly effective against this cyclone if spammed or stacked. When the Cyclone is weakened, spawn in Crazed Giraffes or an Awakened Bahamut Cat.
  • If you don't have Sadako, bring Eye of the Storm cat combo in first row with Crazed Giraffe, Crazed Titan, and Jamiera. The Eye of the Storm combo will increase the health of your units. If Crazed Titan is strong enough, he will be able to endlessly attack Perfect Cyclone. The only annoying part is the Trolly BloggersC: They knock Crazed Titan back; allowing him to be damaged. As long as you only have one Crazed Titan at a time, you should eventually win.
  • Another, easier (albeit later game) strategy is to use Sadako and Crazed M. Titan cat, and some heavy damage dealers (optional)
  • When the level starts, spam Sadako. When Perfect Cyclone comes out, throw in Crazed M. Titan Cat. Continue to spam both of them. Trolly bloggers will constantly be killing them, but once the cyclone is dead, spam everything and you will win.

Strategy 2 (cheese, without Kotatsu Cat)

  • Power-ups: Rich Cat. Optionally Sniper the Cat.
  • Line Up: Eye of Storm or Team of Two combo, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat, Crazed Giraffe Cat, level 20+ Crazed M. Titan Cat and maxed Awakened Bahamut.
  • The main goal of the strategy is to take the advantage of a feature of the game: The Perfect Cyclone is a boss, bosses can't be knocked back behind enemy base. So player needs to keep The Perfect Cyclone as close to enemy base as possible.
  • To do so, player needs to send a Crazed Gross at the start, followed by Crazed Titan.
  • Remember to save Cat Cannon until the Perfect Cyclone is close enough to the Enemy Base. Then try to spawn Awakened Bahamut and Cat Cannon at similar times. Bahamut should be around half-way across the field (tried and tested).
  • This step involves some timing skills. Anyway, if player has succeeded, A. Bahamut will stay in range of Perfect Cyclone and kill it before Trolly blogger appears.

Strategy 3

  • Line Up row 1: Unit Defense up combos, such as Eye of the Storm, to make the success chance higher.
  • Line Up row 2: Crazed M. Titan Cat or Manic Jamiera Cat (30); any fast movement Cats that can clear out stray peon, such as Express Cat.
  • Jamiera Cat shouldn't be used here, as his knockback ability will make Manic Jamiera Cats in the effective range of the Perfect Cyclone.
  • The main goal is to let Manic Jamiera Cat advances to the Perfect Cyclone until he's out of the Cyclone's effective range (<250), stack Manic Jamiera and some fast movement Cats if possible, the Perfect Cyclone will die after a few minutes.

Strategy 4

  • Make sure that you use Speed Up M or 2 Sm CatCombo and Lv.20 Crazed Titan (Jamiera Cat could also help, don't use Mythical Titan since it has lower health and cannot survive The Perfect Cyclone attack)
  • PowerUp : Rich Cat, Sniper Cat (Optional)
  • Straight when you start the level, save up money to immediately deploy Crazed Titan and Jamiera, and keep spam them until the cyclone is dead
  • Trolly Blogger's knockback can also ruin this strategy by knockback jamiera and crazed titan, luck needed in this situation, but you can use cat cannon to clear all Trolly Blogger that keep knockback the titans

Strategy 5 (no crazed, ubers or awakened bahamut)

  • If your sadako/kotatsu is lvl 19 (or less) you MUST need a "Unit Defense UP (M) but if sadako/kotatsu are lvl 20 or higher that means you only need 4 cats (which means you can use short ranged ubers if they're tank enough or move fast.
  • line-up is sadako, jamiera, a meatshield (for emergency, talk about that in a bit), and something that can deal with doge darks (again for emergency). What is this emergency? That's when doge darks come out before cyclone dead (or more likely not knocked back) if cyclones almost dead it's ok for doge darks to come but if not then that's why you need the emergency cats.
  • Trolly blogger's will be your main enemy while you spam sadako and jamiera and boom you complete the perfect cyclone. (and also facing danger but its an easy deadly stage anyway).

Strategy 6 (ft. MKIII)

This strategy involves some skill and 2 ubers, one of them in their true form.

Line 1: Wheel Cat, Evil Cat, Vengeful Cat, Grudge Cat, Rich Cat. Cat combos: Paranormal Activities, Curses!!!, Itchy Riches.

Line 2: Eraser cat, crazed lion cat, hacker cat, cat machine mk3, balalan palasan.

DO NOT USE THE FIRST LINE. Start off with one crazed lion to damage the base and kill those guys for money, then when the cyclone comes out you wait until it is about three quarters of the way to your base and send out the ubers. IMPORTANT: Wait until there is a those guys fairly far in front of the cyclone before sending out cat machine and don't send out a lion before he has started his attack. As soon as you can, send out hacker. His long range ability lets him damage those god-forsaken trolley bloggers from behind the cyclone. If cat machine dies, keep spawning crazed lions at the time that the cyclone is frozen by balalan palasan until he has recharged. You should be able to win with a high levelled enough cat machine mk3

Strategy 7 (ft. Sadako Cat)

This is another cheese strategy. You only need some CatCombos, no need for power ups (except the Treasure Radar for 100% chance to get Catornado). But before you try this strategy, please note that you have been cleared Into the Future Chapter 2, because these CatCombos can be unlocked after clearing that stage.

  • CatCombo 1: Dark Cat and Dark Lazer (Power of Darkness combo). This combo increase your weaken effect duration +20%.
  • CatCombo 2: Zombie Cat, Vengeful Cat, Sadako Cat (Horror Movies Combo). This combo increase your resistant effect for 20%.
  • You can fill your second row with some cheap meatshields such as Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall (if you don't have these crazed versions, you can use Samba Cat and another cheap meatshield), and an anti black cat. I am using  Kasa Jizo for this requirement, but if you don't have him, you can still use your Dark Lazer instead.
  • Another advantage of this strategy is you can still use this strategy even if your cats level up is not so high. I beat this level when my cats are around level 15-20.
  • Start this stage by spamming Sadako with all your meatshields. With those combos, Sadako can weaken and deals some damage to The Perfect Cyclone and your meatshields can stand longer in the battlefield.Trolley Blogger is your main threat because they will knocked back your Sadako. That's why you need resistant combo to make Sadako can stand long in the battle. Don't use your another cats. You only need to spam meatshields and Sadako. Use your anti black cat if the Black Doge is coming out of enemy base (which is so rare). After you beat the cyclone, spam all of your cats for destroy the enemy base.

Strategy 8 (ft. Divine Kai)

Generally, the point of this is to get Kai into the eye of the Cyclone and kill it from in there. This only works with Kai's tf, because Kai resists the Trolly Blogger knock back effect.

Other recommended cats are Jamiera Cat/Maximum The Fighter to kill the peons and at least 2 meatshields.

Start by saving to get Kai, and send her out ASAP. The Cyclone can't move forward if there is anything in its eye. The rest is spamming until you win, which is in roughly 6-8 attacks from Kai, depending on who you use. Rich cat/speed up is recommended, but not necessary.

Strategy 9 (ft. Lufulan pasalan)

This strategy require the Eyes of the storm cat combo and a level 20 Crazed Titan cat with a lv30~40 Lufulan, a backup level +20 Jamiera cat if you got your crazed titan killed, the rest replace with Crazed Gross Cat and Crazed Cow Cat.

  • In game :

First spawn 1 Crazed Cow Cat and 1 Crazed Gross at, upgrade money to lv3 then spawn 1 titan, once the cyclone is out make sure he is in a clear sign with no “thoseguys” on the field, spawn a lufulan to counter attack him while the titan is below it range, the cyclone will not move forward if the titan is in its range or below it, your tesalan pasalan should kill him before doge dark spawns, make sure save the canon when trolly blogger came out because he is gonna mess your line up and cause trouble.

  • Remember Tesalan pasalan tf (lufulan) is very good here because he outranges the cyclone, you will kill him in 3~5 hit from tesalan pasalan

Strategy 10 (Credits to Lucas IV)

This strategy is so EASY you dont need to have master timing skills.

First, you have to have all superior treasures from Alaska EoC and The Great Abyss ItF, Maxed Cat Cannon Recharge Upgrades, and Maxed or Near-Maxed Worker Cat Rate Upgrades, and also lvl 30 Awakened Bahamut. Then, you need to have Cat Cannon Start Level UP (M) or Cat Cannon Recharge Up (M) + Cat Cannon Start Level Up (Sm) Cat Combos. Then, equip any cat that can kill the peons (i prefer Crazed Girrafe, but you can use even the normal girrafe and mr).

At the start of the battle, upgrade worker cat once and spawn the peon killer, then spawn Awakened Bahamut as soon as the money is enough (Bahamut will already have to be at the enemy base before the boss appears), and when the boss shockwave appears, IMMEDIATELY press the "Fire!!" button, and just wait till the boss dies.

Strategy 11

Cats needed: 3 speed up combos(Sm), Awakened Bahamut, manic lion

At the start put a single manic lion and wait until you can put A. Bahamut. Keep sending out manic lions and win the stage.

Strategy 12 (Sadako & Hacker Cat)

Row 1: Cats for “Spinners” and “Enter the Ninja”, Crazed Mythical Titan Cat (20)

Row 2: Manic Mohawk (20), Manic Eraser (20), Sadako (20+), A. Bahamut (30), Hacker Cat (25+)

This strategy depends on Sadako weakening Perfect Cyclone’s attack at least a few times throughout the battle. The power is in getting Crazed M Titan and a couple Sadakos into the blindspot.

At the start, when Those Guys get halfway to your base, spawn 1 Manic Mohawk and upgrade your wallet one time. When the boss spawns and moves far enough so that you can see the edge of the enemy base, start spamming Mohawk, Eraser and Sadako. You’re going to have to keep up the spam for the whole fight. Spawn Hacker Cat to deal with Those Guys & Trolly Blogger, and save for Crazed M. Titan. Don’t ever use the cats for the combos unless the cyclone has been killed.

Only spawn Awakened Bahamut when the cyclone has weakened attack and there are NO peons anywhere. When Perfect Cyclone has weakened attack, level 30 A Bahamut, with his 5 knockbacks, can manage to sneak into the Cyclone’s blindspot. It’s a good thing for the cyclone to slightly advance sometimes so the Hacker can kill Trolly Blogger, so don’t panic if it does! Basically, always try to have at least one Crazed M. Titan inside Perfect Cyclone’s blindspot. Be careful when firing the cat cannon, only use it if everything is dead except meatshields and Hacker. Don’t let Perfect Cyclone get too close. If you do as I explained and used a treasure radar, enjoy your new cat!

Strategy 13 (No Sadako, High leveled Jameira, Awakened Bahamut, Manics, or all EOC/ITF Treasures)

Lineup: Eye of the Storm Combo (Unit Defense UP M), Crazed Wall (20), Eraser (around 20+20, I did with +22), Fishman Cat, Crazed Mythical Titan (20), Balalan Pasalan | Items: Sniper Cat, Rich Cat

Spawn 4 Crazed Wall cats and 4 Eraser cats immediately at the start of the level. When the Perfect Cyclone spawns, spawn Balalan Pasalan. Then, you can either wait a second (like a literal second) to spawn in Fishman and Crazed Mythical Titan, or spawn them in immediately after. There is a chance that, after waiting a second to spawn them in, you could knock the Perfect Cyclone back to its base and start hitting the base.  Make sure to not stop spamming Crazed Walls and Erasers during the battle. You should be able to make a ton of money throughout the battle, so spawn in Crazed Mythical Titan or Fishman when they are off cooldown or when you think you should. Also, whenever the Cat Cannon is ready, you should fire it. Balalan should be able to freeze the cyclone, and if it dies, just try to stall until you can get another. Crazed Mythical Titan should be able to survive until in gets into the eye of the cyclone, but only until then, so make sure to spawn him at the times when there aren't many peons in the cyclone.


Emergency Blast Wave Warning made easy

Emergency Blast Wave Warning made easy


  • Oncoming Storm is the first level that does not allow continues for 30 Cat Food.
  • "Red Sky at Morning" is the first line of a well-known ancient rhyme that predicts the weather: Red sky at morning, shepherd's/sailor's warning. Red sky at night, shepherd's/sailor's delight.
  • Another suitable reference (in agreement with The Battle Cats universe) would be the chapter 303 of Gantz, where the main protagonist Kei Kurono wakes up, seeing a red sky as a sign of the oncoming apocalypse.


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