Order Maiden (Expert) is the first stage in Maiden Awakes!. When clearing stage, you have a chance to unlock Maiden Cat's true form, Wrestling Cat.


Before the boss

2 Sir Seals will be sent out a short time after the stage is begun. B.B.Bunnies will come as support later on. 1 Mooth will come out a short while after. Once Celeboodle is sent, all enemies are sent at a moderate rate.

Boss Shockwave

Once the enemy base is hit, Olympienne Cat will appear. Enemies do not spawn as frequently from now on.


Strategy 1

  • With Cats like these, the stage must be tough, right? No! Truth be told, this is one of the easiest awakening stages.
  • At the start, spam Crazed Wall and upgrade the Worker Cat. Once your Worker Cat is at level 3, start spamming Eraser and Paris. This is all you need to do, aside from upgrading the Worker Cat that is. Bring in your heavy, expensive units when you can afford to do so, and bring in Crazed Sexy Legs Cat and Macho Legs Cat for support.
  • When the boss appears, spam Mohawk and Crazed Macho/Manic Mohawk. Your heavy hitters should be able to subdue Wrestling Cat easily.

Strategy 2

  • Simply get your Worker level up to a good amount while stalling with Eraser, Brave, and Captain, and when Olympienne Cat comes out, spam everything, focusing on Eraser and Brave for meatshields and Paris for power. She goes down surprisingly fast if you clear out everything else, considering how much health she has.

Strategy 3

  • Awakened Bahamut can destroy this stage if proper meat shielding is used, due to Olympienne Cat's single target attack and slow attack rate. Simply summon a cheap damage dealer like Paris Cat to deal with the Sir Seals at the beginning and spawn Butterfly Cat to take out the Mooths, giving you enough money to summon Awakened Bahamut and 2 meatshields (Preferably Crazed Wall and Eraser) and easily take out Olympienne in less than 5 minutes.

Strategy 4 (no crazed, true form or ubers)

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: this strategy is luck in the beginning if you are about to lose force close the game and retry.
  • When the level starts wait for the sir seals and then meatshield (and if possible place quck little valkyrie) and if you manage to kill the sir seals place crazed bahamut and go all out with the line up you have.
  • Suddenly boss wave don't change much, spam attackers (and at a minimum 2 bahamut cats) you should beat it if you don't you did something terribly wrong (like as i said NOT getting 2 bahamuts, your bahamut(s) die or something of that sort.) Oh and if you have crazed cats and cant beat this i don't understand why just try something else like i did (jk i did it first try but still.)

Strategy 5 (Cheese)

  • Power Ups: Sniper Cat
  • Start off by sending everything that can deal with the peons. Save up for Warlock and Pierre, then send them out. Olympienne Cat should be out. Sniper Cat pushes her back while it is your priority to protect Warlock and Pierre using meatshields. They should be close enough to the base that Warlock and Pierre should be attacking the base.


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