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Event Information[]

We’ve delivered a lot of weird cats to you guys over the last few months, and rest assured that we have a few more surprises in store for 2015!

We want to know: What Cat do you dream of seeing under your tree on the 25th? Draw, design, or snap your idea and send it in to us for a chance to win!

We will select dozens of lucky artists between 12/13 and 12/24 to get great prizes after Christmas, and we will repost the best fan art (with artist credit) on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

3rd Place Prizes (30): 100 Cat Food Cans

2nd Place Prizes (15): 150 Cat Food Cans

GRAND PRIZE (3): Your choice of an official Cat or Tank Cat plushie!

Contest Rules:
-Submit your image as a comment on this post. Artwork need not to be related to Christmas, although holiday-themed art is welcome!
-Prizes will be given by serial code to selected winners beginning on Christmas day. Plushies will be sent by mail from Japan and may take several weeks to arrive.
-Artwork submitted by Facebook message or to the PONOS support e-mail will not be considered for entry.
-Multiple entries will be accepted, but only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant.

-This event is solely intended to reward the creativity of the Battle Cats community. PONOS makes no guarantee that any works entered into this contest will appear as future characters in The Battle Cats.

Three more days until we choose the winners of the 12 Days of Catsmas contest!

Submit your artwork as a comment on this post or the official contest announcement for a chance to win a Battle Cats plushie or free Cat Food!

Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM (Pacific Standard Time) on 12/24. Time's running out, so show us your masterpiece of a Cat and win!

✧✧A very merry Christmas from PONOS!✧✧

You've been especially good this year (or at least good at hiding your badness (ΦзΦ)), so Santa Cat's giving you two Rare Tickets: one on Christmas Eve (12/24), and one on Christmas (12/25)!

You must log in to The Battle Cats at least once each day to receive your present, so don't forget! Stay warm, and happy holidays! (●ↀωↀ●)

And here are our Grand Prize winners of the 12 Days of Catsmas, who will be getting their choice of a Cat or Tank Cat plushie!
✧James Salenga, "Burger Cat / Value Meal Cat"
✧Amy Chen, "Snowball / Snowman Cat" and "Mummy / Sphinx Cat"
✧Ty Ning, "Elf / Santa Cat"
If you see your name on this list, send us a message on Facebook as soon as possible and we'll arrange your prize!
It was a tough race, but these three pieces were able to win over our designers and secure the top prize! There are some amazing talents out there in the world of Battle Cats lovers, and we saw so many works that blew us away with their creativity, cuteness, and weirdo humor. You guys do get us!!!

Congratulations to all our winners, and Happy Holidays to all our players worldwide!


English Version[]

  • December 13th, 2014 to December 25th, 2014

Japanese Version[]

  • December 24th, 2014 to December 25th, 2014



  • Unlike the English version of the campaign, the Japanese version did not hold a fan art contest, but instead gave two Rare Tickets.