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This feature is exclusive to the English version of The Battle Cats but it may also appear in other versions such as BCTW and BCKR!

Event Information[]

✧+✧+✧ 2015 Cat Parade! ✧+✧+✧
✧+✧+✧ January 21st - 27th ✧+✧+✧

It's a new year, and we want to see the strongest, coolest, or just plain weirdest Cat you've got in your Battle Cats army!

Post the name and a battle screenshot of your favorite character as a comment on this post for everyone to see. See our sample images in the comments!

On January 28th, we'll choose 100 lucky players at random from the entrants to each receive a serial code good for 150 Cat Food! (Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PST on 1/27)

Show us what you've got! Good luck! d(=^・ω・^=)b


*One prize per selected user.

**Screenshots sent by direct message will not be considered for entry.

***iPhone/iPad users can take a screenshot by pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake button at the same time.
For instructions on how to take screenshots using your Android device, please consult the manual or search the web.

****New Users: Download "The Battle Cats" app for free****

✧+✧+✧ 2015 Cat Parade! ✧+✧+✧
✧+✧+✧ January 21st - 27th ✧+✧+✧

Almost 1000 people have entered our contest so far... and good gravy, you guys have managed an impressive collection of Cats! Titans, samurai, space idols, and creepy non-cats galore!

We've got a few more days until we pick the winners to get 150 Cat Food, good for special items, extra energy, or to get one of the Rare Cats you've seen here! Lots of time to send in a screenshot of your favorite cat if you haven't already!

Good luck, and have an awesome weekend!

****New Users: Download "The Battle Cats" app for free****

✧+✧+✧ 2015 Cat Parade! ✧+✧+✧
✧+✧+✧ January 21st - 27th ✧+✧+✧

Here's PONOS' own submission for the Cat Parade! A sneak preview of what February has to offer... and that's just a small part of the excitement in store next month! ٩(ↀДↀ)۶ Get psyched!!! ٩(ↀДↀ)۶

A few more days to submit a screenshot of your favorite Cat to the contest post and enter a drawing for 150 Cat Food! Gogogo!

Only a few hours left to join in on the Cat Parade before we draw our 100 winners of 150 Cat Food!
Comment with a screen shot and the name of your favorite Cat unit to enter before 11:59PM PST on 1/27 (today)!

Here's one last one from us: the Wargods Yukimura, Nobunaga and Keiji about to put the hurt on Those Guys and a Hippoe!

Why not use your 150 Cat Food prize to try for a Vajiras of your own at the Rare Capsule machine?! Enter today! (ↀДↀ)✧

And with that, Cat Parade 2015 reaches it's grand finale - and we have our 100 winners! Thanks to everyone who participated, it's a great feeling when our hard work and creativity gets some love in return!

We expected the Vajiras, Nekolugas and Galaxy Gals, but it seems like a lot of you have a special place in your hearts for the Gentleman, Delinquent and Adult cats as well... (●ↀДↀ●) <(Oh myyyyy...)

Over 1500 of you entered, and while only 100 won today, we promise that we won't leave the rest of you out in the cold for long - who knows what rewards February might bring to our loyal users when it rolls around?! (=ↀωↀ=)✧

If you see your name here, send a direct message to the PONOS official Facebook account and we will send you a serial code for 150 Cat Food in the next day or two!

Andrew Allen
Uberbot How
Nicholas Kong
Kimmie Serenity Soma
Killian Hunt
Jesse Brewer
En Yu Sim
Jordon Cranford
Beverley Cain Pierson
Glenn Aguilera Dela Peña
Melissa Furber
Sofi Alonso
Zachary Juenemann
Timmy Miles
Edward Liu
Natalie Mogaburo Kessler
Latifa Sea
Maze Mason
Orion Tryon
Koh Junjie
Khai Chiuan Wong
Jake Takezo
Blue Bell
Micah Elliott
Mohd Hafifarhan
Wendy 歐陽婧雨
Ellen Hemington
Jeffrey Cabrera
Melissa Jolly
Joseph Catalano
Colby Widdison
Donn Ong Kit
Victor Aviña
Eric Muscleman Maki
Sarah Ganbat
Gavin Sun
Aaron Kyle Veneracion Manangu
Wesley Brimstein
โซ' ซิตี้
Darria L Streeter
Carlos Lugo Torres
Aleksandr Tsikhotskiy
Henry R Dizon
Franco del Risco
Tiffany Nguyen
Novak Marina
Jeff Adriaanse
Rd AlFred Alkz
Patrick Householder
Hayden Shaggy Monfette
Melissa Bontekoe
Eddie Sardiñas
Seng Lee Rocker
Muhammad Ammar Syahmi
Naleac Noswal
Jason Overlord Bell
Wuttipong Adsawakosol
Chang Wei Ting
Daniel Alexander Szymanowicz
Miko Nyan
Crystal Allen
Jymmi Ford
Orin Cole
Crystal Lee
Micah Elliott
Zane Khan
Jasveen Singh Dhanjal
Ma Gouveia
Andrew Collazo
Logan Griff
Pablo Muñoz
Gelo DyeLo JheLo
Bobby Yacuzzo
Eduardo Loza
Cassandra Twiss
Matevž Zakrajšek
Clarenz Clark Deoso
アードニ カイル
Radenmas Tambunan
Soon Yong Tee
Kutai Sri-Amnuay
Габриел Георгиев
Jaehoon Smith
Ilya Mitrofanov
Thunder P. Sitapong
Chase Jackson
Joel Yong
Osv Vela
Peeranut Monevf Srijuntuek
Paul Sanchez
Paulina A Quezada
Fajar Adi Nugroho
Mike Giovinsci
Ian Uy
Trevor D. Jones
Maria Del Carmen De Rivera Vega
Cat Tuong Le
Kaden Duffy

✧✧Thanks again! We'll be back soon with more weirdness!✧✧


  • January 21st, 2015 to January 27th, 2015