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PONOS Corporation is a video game company responsible for The Battle Cats, and many more. They have also made many Battle Cats spin offs.


Their current logo.

  • December 1990

Establishment of PONOS in Osaka City as image processing technology company

  • February 1994

Signed license agreement in SFC development with Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  • September 1995

Signed license agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation development

  • February 1999

Release of the PlayStation game "Marby Baby Story"

  • November 2000

Release of "Dioramos" game for Playstation

  • November 2001

License agreement concluded with NTT DoCoMo for official content distribution

  • January 2002

Offered i-mode official content service "One Battle Fighter"

  • March 2007

Head office relocated to Kyoto city

  • December 2008
  1. Signed license agreement with SOFTBANK MOBILE for official content distribution
  2. Application provision for iOS started

Company Information

Name: Ponos Corporation, Limited

CEO: Tsujiko Yuta

Founded: 1990


Business content: "Thinking that game development for smart devices is the core of the growth strategy in the game business, we distribute original games planned and developed by our own company not only for Japan but also for overseas markets through the App Store, Google Play and other markets."

Employees: 100 people

Headquarters: Kyoto府 > Kyoto市 > Shimogyo-ku > Tachiuri Higashimachi > Kyoto Shijyo Tsuusan Building

Main Clients: Apple, Inc., Google, Inc., NTT Docomo Corporation SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., KDDI CORPORATION