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Path to +50 is the second stage in Li'l Cat's Trial. When clearing this stage, the player unlocks the ability to increase Li'l Cat Units + level to 50. This is a No Continues stage.


Rarity: Only Special and Rare



Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Biohazard + Bony Bone, any two slot Cat Combo (defense up is recommended, preferably Little Warriors), Ramen Cat (high level needed), Teacher BearCat, Courier Cat, Jelly Cat.

Cat Cannon: Breakerblast (recommended)

Notes: If you have access to better research combos like Bad Guys and Cheating Heart?, it would be preferable to use them. If you have trouble with Li'l Lion Cats, you can use an Attack Up Combo. In addition, a low range attacker like Cameraman Cat or a high level Li'l Flying Cat can replace Teacher BearCat. If obtained, the last slot can be filled with Supercar Cat or Mushroom Cat to make the stage easier.

Keep spamming Ramen Cat. When Li'l Lion Cats come out, deploy Teacher Bearcat to heavily damage it. You can use Courier Cat to counter Chibinel and Jelly Cat to chip Li'l Flying Cat, always try to breakerblast Li'l Flying Cat when possible (preferably when there are no peons).

If you manage to stall long enough and kill the final Li'l Lion Cat (which comes out at 5 minutes), you should be able to chip down Li'l Flying Cat with Courier Cat and win the stage easily.