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Path to +60 is the fourth and final stage in Li'l Cat's Trial. When clearing this stage, the player unlocks the ability to increase Li'l Cat Units + level to 60. This is a No Continues stage.


Rarity: Only Special and Rare


  • 1 Li'l Eraser Cat spawns as the boss after 2 seconds60f.
  • 2 B.B.Bunnies spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 6.67 seconds200f.
  • 4 B.B.Bunnies spawn after 2 seconds60f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 2 One Horns spawn after 2 seconds60f, delay 10 seconds300f.
  • 20 B.B.Bunnies spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • Infinite B.B.Bunnies spawn after 26.67 seconds800f, delay 13.33~26.67 seconds400f~800f.
  • 1 One Horn spawns after 66.67 seconds2,000f.
  • 8 Li'l Bun Buns spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 46.67~50 seconds1,400f~1,500f.
  • 1 Li'l Dark Cat spawns after 116.67 seconds3,500f.
  • 2 Owlbrows spawn after 133.33 seconds4,000f, delay 66.67 seconds2,000f.
  • 1 Owlbrow spawns after 266.67 seconds8,000f.


Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Awakened Ururun 40, Urs & Minka 40, Gato Amigo (Immune to Surge) 45, Courier Cat 50, Awakened Mina 40, Masked Grandmaster Cat 40, Tourist Cat 45, Li'l Eraser Cat 50+40, Ramen Cat (Defense Buff 10, Attack Buff 10) 50+11, Cameraman Cat (Survives 9) 50+15

Cannon: Breakerblast 20

Items: Speed Up, Rich Cat, Cat CPU, Sniper the Cat

Notes: I'm not sure if the talents are strictly speaking necessary, but I'm including them since I know the strategy works with this setup :-p

Kill the two One Horns in the beginning, turn on the CPU and let it go, but there is a chance that you'll struggle with money at one point so if that happens just keep spamming meatshields and summon any legend you can as soon as possible.