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The Platinum Capsule is a special type of Cat Capsule with a 100% chance for any Uber Rare, with the exceptions of seasonals, collab units, Li'l Valkyrie, Li'l Valkyrie Dark, Evangelist Cat and the Girls & Monsters Uber Rares.

Despite appearing in the same menu, Platinum Capsules are their own gacha that is completely unconnected to other Rare Capsule events that may also be ongoing. Ergo, if you draw a Platinum Capsule while Uberfest is active, your odds of obtaining Baby Gao or other such exclusive units will not be any different from if you did the same during The Dynamites.

To enter this Gacha, the player requires a Platinum Ticket, which can be obtained by buying it with real currency via a special sale for $7.99 USD or more, exchanging 10 Platinum Shards or through various other methods that are listed below.

Platinum Ticket and Shard sources

Source Amount Repeatable?
Real money 1 Platinum Ticket Yes
Clearing Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3 1 Platinum Ticket No
Clearing all 2-Crown Stories of Legend stages 1 Platinum Ticket No
Clearing all 3-Crown Stories of Legend stages 1 Platinum Ticket No
Clearing all The Aku Realms' stages 1 Platinum Ticket No
Clearing Aku Altar's Seal for the first time 3 Platinum Shards No
Clearing the 5th stage of a Monthly Gauntlet 1 Platinum Shard Yes (rewards are one-time only but reset every year)
11-capsule draws during certain events 1 Platinum Shard Yes
User Rank 10000 reward 1 Platinum Ticket No
User Rank 15000 reward 1 Platinum Ticket No
User Rank 15100 reward 1 Platinum Shard No
User Rank 20000 reward 1 Platinum Ticket No
Anniversary Catnip Challenges 1 Platinum Ticket No
Stamp Rewards during certain events Varies No


Players have a chance to get the following Uber Rare characters:

▼Uber Rare (Limited)
Baby Gao Miko Mitama D'artanyan Kasli the Scourge Baby Garu
Baby Gao, Miko Mitama, D'artanyan, Kasli the Scourge, Baby Garu
Shadow Gao Dark Mitama D'arktanyan Kasli the Bane Baby Garu
Shadow Gao, Dark Mitama, D'arktanyan, Kasli the Bane, Dark Aegis Garu
Red Busters
Air Busters
Strike Unit R.E.I.
Strike Unit R.E.I.
Metal Busters
Sakura Sonic
Sakura Sonic
Wave Busters
Hell Warden Emma
Hell Warden Emma
Princess Cat
Princess Cat
▼Uber Rare
Tales of the Nekoluga
Nekoluga Asiluga Kubiluga Tecoluga Balaluga Togeluga Nobiluga Papaluga Furiluga
Nekoluga, Asiluga, Kubiluga, Tecoluga, Balaluga, Togeluga, Nobiluga, Papaluga, Furiluga
The Dynamites
Ice Cat Cat Machine Lesser Demon Cat Marauder Cat Baby Cat Nurse Cat Cat Clan Heroes Lasvoss Summoner Satoru
Ice Cat, Cat Machine, Lesser Demon Cat, Marauder Cat, Baby Cat, Nurse Cat, Cat Clan Heroes, Lasvoss, Summoner Satoru
Sengoku Wargods Vajiras
Sanada Yukimura Maeda Keiji Oda Nobunaga Date Masamune Takeda Shingen Uesugi Kenshin Imagawa Yoshimoto Narita Kaihime Shiro Amakusa
Sanada Yukimura, Maeda Keiji, Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune, Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin, Imagawa Yoshimoto, Narita Kaihime, Shiro Amakusa
Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals
Windy Thundia Kuu Kai Coppermine Kalisa Twinstars Myrcia Lilin
Windy, Thundia, Kuu, Kai, Coppermine, Kalisa, Twinstars, Myrcia, Lilin
Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors
Sodom Megidora Vars Kamukura Raiden Dioramos Ganglion Relentless Gladios Hevijak the Wicked
Sodom, Megidora, Vars, Kamukura, Raiden, Dioramos, Ganglion, Relentless Gladios, Hevijak the Wicked
Ancient Heroes: Ultra Souls
Urashima Taro The Grateful Crane Momotaro Kasa Jizo Princess Kaguya Kachi-Kachi Sarukani Kintaro Shitakiri Sparrow
Urashima Taro, The Grateful Crane, Momotaro, Kasa Jizo, Princess Kaguya, Kachi-Kachi, Sarukani, Kintaro, Shitakiri Sparrow
Dark Heroes
Akira Mekako Saionji Catman The White Rabbit Warlock and Pierre Hayabusa Detective Vigler Sharpshooter SakiWhite Knight Cyclops
Akira, Mekako Saionji, Catman, The White Rabbit, Warlock and Pierre, Hayabusa, Detective Vigler, Sharpshooter Saki, White Knight Cyclops
The Almighties: The Majestic Zeus
Thunder God Zeus Anubis the Protector Radiant Aphrodite Shining Amaterasu Splendid Ganesha Wrathful Poseidon Empress Chronos Hades the Punisher
Thunder God Zeus, Anubis the Protector, Radiant Aphrodite, Shining Amaterasu, Splendid Ganesha, Wrathful Poseidon, Empress Chronos, Hades the Punisher
Frontline Assault Iron Legion
Mighty Kat-A-Pult Mighty Drednot Mighty Bomburr Mighty Rekon Korps Mighty Thermae D-Lux Mighty Aethur Ltd. Mighty Deth-Troy-R
Mighty Kat-A-Pult, Mighty Drednot, Mighty Bomburr, Mighty Rekon Korps, Mighty Thermae D-Lux, Mighty Aethur Ltd., Mighty Deth-Troy-R
Nature's Guardians Elemental Pixies
Bora Mizli Aer Voli Gravi Yamii
Bora, Mizli, Aer, Voli, Gravi, Yamii



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