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The Battle Cats contains a massive amount of pop culture references. This article and its subpages aim to compile them all.


Due to the sheer amount of references, the list is split into 16 subpages, each focused on a different category.

The acronym "JP" used in these pages stand for "Japanese", as most units and stages are named differently in the Japanese Version. Collab content is not listed unless it references something unrelated to the collab in question, like Catorpedo and Because I'm Human.

Vice Versa[]



  • The Bears Be Back have the most references of all characters, with six total.
    • J.K Bun Bun holds the record for second-most references, with five across the English, Japanese and Korean versions of the game.
  • Excluding mythologies and religions, the most referenced work or franchise in the game is Monster Hunter with 27 known references, most of them being related to the Behemoth type as seen here.

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