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This article lists all known references to theatre in The Battle Cats.

Feature References Reasoning
Paris Cat Takarasienne/Sienne (nickname for members of Takarazuka Revue) JP name (ジェンヌ can be read as "Sienne"), JP description (a fan gave her the nickname), design
Madam the Savannah Japanese The Lion King musical Design, in Lion King
Juliet Cat Juliet (Romeo and Juliet) Name, description
Harbinger Cat "Shinigami" (rakugo story) JP description
Hannya Hannya (Noh theater mask used to represent a jealous female demon) Name, design
Black Okame Okame (Kyōgen theater mask used to represent a female positive and good-luck bringer being) Name, design
Hyōgo Prefecture (EoC stage 17 in BCJP) Takarazuka Revue (theatre troupe) Base
Caliban's Keeper Caliban (The Tempest) Name