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Power Pro Baseball (Japanese: 実況パワフルプロ野球 Hepburn: Jikkyō Pawafuru Puro Yakyū, lit. "Live Powerful Pro Baseball"), also known simply as Power Pro or Pawapuro to non-Japanese speakers, is a traditionally Japan-only baseball video game series created by Konami.

Collaboration started January 18th, 2017, up to February 1st, 2017.

During the collab, GAMATOTO acquires a new assistant called Gunder, a dog from Power Pro, who doubles the number of items earned during an expedition (except for Cat Food).
When the collab event ends, so does Gunder's assistance.


  • Collaboration Daily Stamp
  1. XP +5000
  2. Speed Up +1
  3. Rich Cat +1
  4. XP +10,000
  5. Treasure Radar +1
  6. Cat CPU +1
  7. XP +15,000
  8. Sniper the Cat +1
  9. Rare Cat Ticket +1
  10. XP +20,000
  11. Cat CPU +1
  12. Treasure Radar +1
  13. Cat Ticket +1
  14. Cat Jobs +1
  • Unit List
Rarity Character's Name
Rare Akio Yabe
Rare Karin Nekozuka
Rare Misaki Konno
Rare Sairi Nijitani
Rare Ren Katagiri
Super Rare Aoi Kayakawa
Super Rare Mizuki Tachibana
Super Rare Hijiri Rokudo
Uber Rare Saki Nijima
Uber Rare Subaru Hoshi
Uber Rare Miyabi Oyama

List of Levels

Sophomore Summer


English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 First Round Match (Easy) 一回戦 初級
Stage 2 Second Round Match (Normal) 二回戦 中級
Stage 3 Final Round (Hard) 決勝戦 上級

Prof. Wild's Challenge


English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 Willing Sacrifice (Veteran) 犠牲ハツキモノデース 超上級
Stage 2 Willing Sacrifice (Deadly) 犠牲ハツキモノデース 極ムズ

Date Chance: Karin

デートステージ 猫塚かりん

English Translation Japanese Version
Stage 1 Iron Will (Easy) 一心同体にょろ! 初級
Stage 2 Iron Will (Expert) 一心同体にょろ! 激ムズ

Date Chance: Misaki

デートステージ 紺野美崎

English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 Warm Smile (Easy) 明るい笑顔 初級
Stage 2 Warm Smile (Expert) 明るい笑顔 激ムズ

Date Chance: Sairi

デートステージ 虹谷彩里

English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 No.1 Angel (Easy) エンジェルNo.1 初級
Stage 2 No.1 Angel (Expert) エンジェルNo.1 激ムズ

Date Chance: Ren

デートステージ 片桐恋

English Version Japanese Version
Stage 1 Burning Love (Easy) 重い愛 初級
Stage 2 Burning Love (Expert) 重い愛 激ムズ


Japanese Version

  • January 18th, 2018 to February 1st, 2018

English Version

  • February 15th, 2018 to March 1st, 2018


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