Proletarian Box (プロレタリアの箱) is the first stage in Drunken Foundry.


  • Infinite Sir Rel spawn at 6.66 seconds200f, with a delay of 8 seconds240f.
  • On base hit Sir Rel will spawn with:
    • Infinite Sir Rel, with a delay of 4~8 seconds120f~240f.
    • 20 Relic Doge, with a delay of 6.66~13.33seconds200f~400f.
    • 30 Sir Rel, with a delay of 10~12 seconds300f~360f.
    • 30 Sir Rel, with a delay of 8~10 seconds240f~300f.
    • 40 Sir Rel, with a delay of 6~8 seconds180f~240f.
    • 40 Sir Rel, with a delay of 1~6 seconds60f~180f.
    • 25 Sir Rel, with a delay of 0.33~2 seconds10f~60f.
    • 2 Project A, with a delay of 13.33 seconds400f.


Strategy 1 (Uberless)


In the featured attempt Slime Cat missed all attacks, use an LD uber instead.

This strategy will work for most other LD units, especially the ubers Aphrodite and Saki, while Slime Cat and Cat Jobs can be replaced by anything you want.

Anv prole battle.jpg

Battle: Start by having a small amount of Erasers (only regular) and a single Slapstick take care of the first few enemies, then stop spamming Erasers when Slapstick starts to advance, this way the enemies will be able to push back and you can get more worker levels. Next, you should hit the base, when you go for it, keep using only the aforementioned 2 units, but add Manic Legs and do not stop spamming; Manic Eraser can be added from the moment you hit the base. Once that happens, wait for the 2 armies to stop at a certain place before summoning Mina, as summoning her too early could cause her to get overwhelmed. From now on, it's just "spam to win". You can add Ramen to the spam when you have excessive money to make things a bit easier, but he may push too hard and cause Mina problems if his level is to high, so you may want to use Artist instead.


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