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Pursuit of Understanding is the first stage in Demon of Deciliter Bay.


  • Infinite Devil Wives spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 30~36.67 seconds900f~1,100f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 5.33 seconds160f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 10 Condemned Pengs spawn after 26.67 seconds800f, delay 33.33~40 seconds1,000f~1,200f.
  • 1 Medu-san spawns as the boss after 33.33 seconds1,000f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 56.67 seconds1,700f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 2 Medu-sans spawn after 53.33 seconds1,600f, delay 66.67 seconds2,000f.
  • 2 Mini Angel Cyclones spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 66.67 seconds2,000f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 83.33 seconds2,500f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 110 seconds3,300f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 136.67 seconds4,100f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 163.33 seconds4,900f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 190 seconds5,700f, delay 1 second30f.
  • 4 Sinner Snaches spawn after 216.67 seconds6,500f, delay 1 second30f.


This stage has a ton of enemies with Surge Attacks, making it very important to bring cats with Surge Immunity. Cat Cactus is a must have for this stage because of its immunity to Surge and its Strong against Aku Enemies, but beware of it getting shredded by Mini Angel Cyclone, who you should be bringing units to constantly knockback as well.

If one is lucky enough to own Oba Nobunaga's Ultra Form, this stage becomes a cakewalk as the stage was likely designed with his Ultra Form in mind.

Strategy 1 (Talented LKD)[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Itchy Riches, Bony Bone, Offshore Accounts, Gato Amigo (Surge Immunity), Cat Cactus 41, Gridiron Cat 41, Li'l King Dragon Cat (Survive 5, Surge Immunity, Health and Attack MAX) 50+7, Awakened Naala 48, Ape Lord Luza 48

Notes: If you have Kunio-kun, you should replace Richest Cat for it.

Wait for the first Devil Wife to come near your base and kill it with LKD and Gridiron while spamming your meatshields. After the first Medu-san spawns in the Devil Wife should be dead and you can spawn in Naala, but after you should save for Luza. After Luza is on the field, keep on spamming LKD, they will be your back-up for the Mini Angel Cyclone while taking down Medu-san faster. After you kill the first Medu-san, Naala should be dead after having been berated by the Mini Angel Cyclone, so make sure to kill the second Medu-san as fast as possible as their is another Medu-san and Mini Angel Cyclone waiting. When the second Medu-san is dead your LKD stack should over-power the Mini Angel Cyclone with the help of Gridiron and kill the last Medu-san, finishing the level.

Strategy 2 (4 Crown Restrictions/No Talented LKD)

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Gato Amigo, Cat Cactus 50, Cat Egg Pod 50, Awakened Doron 50, Esoteric Uril 50, Awakened Naala 50, Ape Lord Luza 50


  • This strategy only exists because the person who made this strategy refuses to invest into Li'l King Dragon Cat outside of Surge Immunity.
  • Gato Amigo has the Surge Immune talent.

This is a very easy stage with Esoteric Uril. Simply send Esoteric Uril out, play normally, and you essentially win.