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Radiant Aphrodite is an Uber Rare Cat that was added in Version 4.6 and can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during The Almighties The Majestic Zeus event. True Form added in Version 9.10 increases her health. Talents were also added in Version 9.10, and Ultra Talents were added in Version 13.2.

Cat Unit # 259
Uber Rare Cat

Radiant Aphrodite
259 1

259 2

Almighty Aphrodite
259 3


Evolves into Megaphrodite at level 10.

Evolves into Almighty Aphrodite at level 30 using Catfruit and XP.


+ Deals massive damage to Alien enemies
+ Long Distance attacks
- Huge blindspot



  • Long attack rate, animation and cooldown
Sniper & Nuker
In order to classify Cat Units, see here
Classification does not include Talents


Aphrodite specializes in hitting the backlines, a job she does really well, as she can reach up to 850 range with good damage. She can wear down most bosses or strong units easily, especially Aliens and long-ranged enemies such as Master A., Camelle, Le'boin, THE SLOTH and so on. However, her blindspot makes her extremely ineffective against pushers such as Bore. She is also generally less effective against Long Distance Enemies and wave attackers, as they can attack her from afar.

It is also possible to use her blindspot to stack her in stages that only spawn peons at the beginning. This strategy could beat Dark Souls and even be exploited on Deathhawk, making these stages and many others much easier to any player who has her.

She can also be used to snipe the enemy base. Two examples of stages where this is possible include Absolute Defence and Vulcanizer. In the case that the opening enemies are extremely weak or non-numerous, a player may try letting the peons hit the Cat Base (or a Zamboney Cat) until a decent Megaphrodite stack is created.

Since her blind spot is quite large, this unit should be supported by other attackers that can keep enemies off her blindspot and many meatshields.

True Form[]

Almighty Aphrodite brings a mere 19% health boost and nothing else. This makes her not worth the Epic Catfruit Seed needed for the evolution.


As a sniper, the basic attack boost would help a lot, but what quickly becomes a problem is that Aphrodite doesn’t have basic stat boosts. She has 4 resistances and the ability to Slow. Slowing units comes in handy, often resulting in less pressure while she is vulnerable, preparing her next attack, but it’s not even guaranteed and has rather poor uptime, making it a waste in pretty much every way.

Her resist to curse, weaken and freeze are also unnecessary, as she has enough range to avoid those all together. Wave resistance is a different kind of useless, as Aphrodite isn’t much of an anti-wave unit.

There is no reason to invest NP in her, as nothing complements her whatsoever. Only invest EXP, as it’s the only way to increase her general damage, which is her best aspect.

Ultra Talents[]

Almighty Aphrodite's Ultra Talents finally give her something she had been waiting years for - an increase to her damage output. At Level 60, both the attack boost and TBA reduction bring her from an already fantastic 6,418 DPS to 9,630, a near 50% increase. This simply makes her better at what she already did well, especially when fighting Aliens, against which she has a colossal 38,520 effective DPS. Of course, however, this comes at a hefty cost of many Dark Catseyes and 450 total NP for both Talents, only exacerbated by the sheer uselessness of her already-costly True Form at base, and one may prefer to invest those resources into a unit that improves more drastically from their Ultra Talents such as Anubis or Kuu, rather than a unit that is already very powerful. Should you be willing to get these, however, the power boost Aphrodite recieves is very noticeable and shouldn't be underestimated. If you want to focus on only one to save on NP, go for her TBA reduction, as this gives a higher boost to DPS per level for the same cost as her damage buff and leaves her with a satisfactory 8,025 base DPS.

Cat Combos

Combo Name Cats Combo Effect
Living in Love (愛に生きる者) Maiden CatRadiant Aphrodite Cat Cannon Power UP (Sm)


Switch EN/JP

Cat Unit # 259 Uber Rare Cat
Radiant Aphrodite
Uni259 f00
EN Description
Deity of beauty, pride, love and... other stuff.
Her Golden Bow always strikes true from afar.
Deals massive damage to Aliens. (Long Distance)
Uni259 c00
EN Description
Her Brilliant Bow can grant long life, or take it all
away... watch your mouth around this goddess!
Deals massive damage to Aliens. (Long Distance)
Almighty Aphrodite
Uni259 s00
EN Description
Goddess of love, beauty, and pride. Blessed by the
fruit of creation, life and death serve her pleasure.
Massive Long-Range Area damage to Aliens.
Cat Unit # 259 Uber Rare Cat
美女神アフロディーテ (Bi-Megami Afurodīte, Beauty Goddess Aphrodite)
Uni259 f00
JP Script
EN Translation
The goddess who controls love, beauty and nature.
Can't do short-distance attacks because of her sacred treasure of beauty "Bow of Gold", but has ultra-range.
Deals super damage to Aliens (Long Distance Area Attack)
メガロディーテ (Megarodīte, Megalodite)
Uni259 c00
JP Script
EN Translation
The goddess who controls love, beauty and nature.
The sacred treasure of ultimate beauty "Godly Bow of Gold" brings destruction and revival.
Deals super damage to Aliens (Long Distance Area Attack)
Gメガロディーテ (G Megarodīte, Megalodite G)
Uni259 s00
JP Script
EN Translation
The goddess who controls love, beauty and nature.
With the fruit of creation in her heart, she can freely manipulate the cycle of life and death.
Deals super damage to Aliens (Long Distance Area Attack)


  • Chapter 1: 3,000¢
  • Chapter 2: 4,500¢
  • Chapter 3: 6,000¢

Upgrade Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Total XP Cost 19,488,000
  • Level 30-59 upgrades cost Catseyes: 30-44 and 50-54 = 1 Catseye, 45-49 and 55-59 = 2 Catseyes


Radiant Aphrodite
Health Attack Power Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
1,950 HP 1,800 damage
(150.42 DPS)
600 359f 11.97 seconds 7 4 times 122f 4.07s
(69f 2.3s backswing)
140 ~ 131.2 seconds
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
33,150 HP 30,600 damage
(2,557.1 DPS)
Area Attack Long Distance (Effective range: 450~850)

Deals massive damage to Alien enemies

Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
44,200 HP 40,800 damage
(3,409.47 DPS)
600 359f 11.97 seconds 7 4 times 122f 4.07s
(69f 2.3s backswing)
140 ~ 131.2 seconds
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Long Distance (Effective range: 450~850)

Deals massive damage to Alien enemies

Almighty Aphrodite
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
52,700 HP 40,800 damage
(3,409.47 DPS)
600 359f 11.97 seconds 7 4 times 122f 4.07s
(69f 2.3s backswing)
140 ~ 131.2 seconds
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.60+70 Area Attack Long Distance (Effective range: 450~850)

Deals massive damage to Alien enemies

*First stats are 1st form's initial; other stats include 300% Empire of Cats Treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time from the attack's execution to the start of the next attack (includes backswing).
*For units with multi-hit attacks, attack animation is the part of the animation leading up to the first hit.
*Fruit Treasures not included.
*See this section to calculate Radiant Aphrodite's stats.

  • HP = Health ; AP = Attack Power ; DPS = Damage Per Second ; 2 Movement Speed = 1 Range/f
  • f = frame ; 30f = 1 second ; Attack Animation = Idle + Foreswing + Backswing (f)
  • Catseye, User Rank and game progress are essential to achieving max level, see here for details.
  • See here to understand Treasure effects.

Catfruit Evolution[]

BlueFruit x5 RainbowSeed x1
Blank Blank
Blank XP1,000,000
True Form evolution gains improved defense!


  • Slow: Adds a 40% chance to slow for 39f 1.3s, improves by 9f 0.3s per level up to 120f 4s (Total Cost: 235 NP)
  • Resist Curse: Reduces curse duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70% (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Resist Wave: Reduces wave damage by 5% per level up to 50% (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Resist Freeze: Reduces freeze duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70% (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Resist Weaken: Reduces weaken duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70% (Total Cost: 175 NP)

Ultra Talents[]

  • Attack Frequency Up: Decreases time between attacks by 29f 0.97s per level up to 72f 2.4s (Total Cost: 225 NP)
  • Attack Buff: Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20% (Total Cost: 225 NP)


  • Normal Form: A young maiden with long, flowing hair. She wears a detailed, long-sleeved dress lined with gold rims and roses. She wears a headdress, consisting of a crown, miscellaneous roses and what seem to be leaves. An enormous gold rose, used as an arrow, is held in her right hand, and a stuffed cat in her left. Behind her floats a giant gold bow with a lady entwined in it. Every time she attacks, the stuffed cat appears to dance.
  • Evolved Form: Now her hair is much longer, curlier, golden and has more flowers in it. Her dress has a different design and has more gold parts. The elements of her headdress have grown larger, including a bigger crown (even on her teddy). Her gold rose has opened more, seeming more big and lively. The woman on her bow is now in a different pose and has a different headwear and hairstyle, slightly resembling Valkyrie Cat. The stuffed cat also appears to dance and jump around.
  • True Form: Still the same, but now she's accompanied by a white fairy with gold wings and a wand. Also, above her there is a flat circle surrounded by butterflies with a golden flower and cherry in its center.

Existence Elsewhere[]

Princess Punt Sweets[]

Megaphrodite appears as a scissor-attribute member that's available via the Gacha feature in the 2017 collaboration. Her dress is available for the princess and obtainable via one of the first '6-star & 8-star' dress recipe in this game, or can alternatively be obtained by rolling in the collab gacha. Her bow appears as both a weapon that can be equipped by the Archer in this game, and as a fancy goods item.

Usage description:

Aphrodite Member Static
Aphrodite Weapon Static
Aphrodite Dress Static
Megaphrodite as a member Weapon when equipped Dress when equipped

Merc Storia[]

Aphrodite appears in Merc Storia as a 4★ unit introduced in the third collaboration between the two games. It can be obtained through the collaboration gacha during the event.

「愛を司る女神」アフロディテ ("Ai o Tsukasadoru Megami" Afurodīte, "Goddess of Love" Aphrodite)
Aphrodite full illust
Stats at Level 135
Element Light
Weapon Bow
Rarity 4★
Affiliation Cat Country
Gender Female
Age ?
Growth Rate Average
HP 4,680
ATK 5,480
Target(s) 5
Hit(s) 1
Movement Speed 44
Attack Speed 2.88
Single DPS 2,288.2
Total DPS 11,441
Reach 170
Toughness 30
Description Translation

Crash Fever[]

Radiant Aphrodite and her evolution appears in Crash Fever as a Red unit introduced in the first collaboration between the two games. She appears in collaboration gacha during the event duration.

Radiant Aphrodite Megaphrodite
CF Radiant Aphrodite
CF Megaphrodite
Rarity 5★ 6★
Color Red
Icon 1541 1542
Tribe Diety • Unidentified
Type Technical
Stats at Level 80 Stats at Level 99
HP 5,223 7,312
ATK 3,219 4,507
REC 1,934 2,780
Skill Convert random panel to up to 1 SCP, Blue to CP, Heart to Red Bomb + For 1 turn, extra tap for Red/Blue units. Convert panel to max 1 SCP, Blue to CP, Heart to Red Bomb + 2 turns, extra tap to Red/Blue units, high ATK boost.


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Uni259 f00
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Uni259 f00



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