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Ranking Dojo (ネコ道場にてランキングの間, Neko Dōjō nite Rankingu no Ma, During the ranking at Cat Dojo) is an event that first appeared from July 31st to August 7th, 2017. This event was officially added in the Version 6.3 Update. The Ranking Dojo is accessed from the Catclaw Dojo menu, so the player needs to unlock the Catclaw Dojo feature in order to participate by completing Chapter 1 of Empire of Cats.

About Ranking Dojo

During this event, the cat on the front door is replaced with the ranking as shown below. A new, blue-colored Dojo area called the Arena of Honor is available aside Hall of Initiates. On the right from top to bottom are the Rewards List button, the Ranking Chart and personal statistics including personal high score, personal ranking in percentage and personal title:

Initial ranking

About Ranking Dojo Battles

The player has 3 instead of the usual 5 minutes limit during a Ranking Dojo stage (ランキングステージ, Ranking Stage). These stages require 1 Cat Food or 30 Energy to play. If the player exits the game during the battle, Cat Food won't be refunded. Other than that, stage's gimmick is same as regular Dojo Stages:

  • The player has an unlimited supply of Speed Ups and Cat CPUs, other items are disabled.
  • The player's score increases as their cats defeat enemies.
  • Defeating enemies won't give money.
  • After 3 minutes, remaining enemies on screen are not wiped, nothing happens even if they knockout the Cat Base.
  • The enemy base is an indestructible Scarecrow.
  • Score per enemy kill = Enemy's Cash Drop [unaffected by treasures or abilities] + Enemy's Dojo Bounty Score [Refer to the respective dojo's schematics] * (1 + Current Dojo Time Left[seconds] / Total Dojo Time[seconds])
Inside a ranking dojo stage.jpg

After clearing a Ranking Stage, the player will be given a title depend on the score, this requires Internet connection to update the ranking.

Ranking Dojo example.jpg

List of Ranking Dojo Stages



Each anniversary dojo plays out the exact same as Wanderer's Trial. However Squire Rel is replaced by Firework Guys.

Collaboration Event

Rewards List

Depends on personal ranking in percentage, the player will be given a title and receive rewards sent to their mailbox found in the Main Menu.

Ranking Title Rewards
1~10% Grandmaster (伝説, Legend) 100 Cat Food/ 1 Treasure Radar
11~20% Master (免許皆伝) 80 Cat Food/ 1 Cat Jobs
21~30% Expert (道場主, Dojo Lord) 60 Cat Food/ 1 Sniper Cat
31~40% Adept (師範, Shihan, Expert) 50 Cat Food/ 1 Rich Cat
41~50% Disciple (黒帯, Black Belt) 40 Cat Food/ 1 Cat CPU
51~75% Initiate (白帯, White Belt) 30 Cat Food/ 1 Speed UP
~100% Trainee (入門者, Beginner) 20 Cat Food/ XP +5000
When the Ranking Dojo was first released, all rankings gave the player 20 Cat Food. This was later changed to compensate the players' effort in the rankings.

Notes During Ranking Dojo

There are more cautions besides Internet connection during this event:



※Some time after the event, the result announcements and rewards will take place, although it may take a bit of time to apply them
※Illegitimate activities such as modifying data will result in disqualification; the account may be banned under certain circumstances
※Ranking Dojo will be accessible as soon as you have cleared EoC Chapter 1



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