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All capsule events during this period feature limited-edition Super Rare bonus characters - complete your collection and get 'em all!

Neneko and Gang

  • Neneko: Moneko's little sister - now more kawaii!
  • Gold Cat: Good as a cheap recruit or a source of sweet sweet XP!
  • Cat Base Mini: A laser-firing decoy to distract enemies from the REAL base!
  • Metal Cat: The basic cat, reborn shiny and chrome! Takes the hits like a champ and keeps on going!


  • Sniper the Recruit: An uber-ranged attacker to keep enemies far, far away from the base!
  • Rich Cat III: A penny-pinching scrooge that levels up the Worker Cat and earns more money on kills!
  • Freshman Cat Jobs: A highly intelligent professor that can score XP and prevent enemies from doing any harm!



  • Cat Base Mini was given his True Form in the same update as the Reinforcements, 9.9, despite being part of a separate group.
  • The Reinforcements' Evolved Forms were the first units to have single-slot Combos. Prof. Cat Jobs has Good Jobs!, Rich Cat Sr. has Itchy Ritches and Sniper the Heavy has Thirteen.
  • Each Reinforcement's Evolved Form is based on a different anime or manga character:
    • Prof. Cat Jobs is a reference to Hiroshi Ochanomizu from Astro Boy. His Japanese name is Dr. Okamenomizu, and he shares the same curly white hair and four-buttoned suit as Ochanomizu.
    • Rich Cat Sr. is a reference to Bakabon's Papa from Tensai Bakabon. In addition to wearing the same headband and bellyband that Bakabon's Papa is known for, his Japanese name is Nekobon's Papa, and his Japanese description states that he is an unemployed father who is a living example of what not to do.
      • Rich Cat Sr.'s knockback sprite resembles Iyami's "sheeh!" pose from Osomatsu-kun, making him the only Reinforcement to reference more than one character.
    • Sniper the Heavy is a reference to Golgo 13 from the manga of the same name. His Japanese name is Negolgo, he is described as "a grim assassin who never fails a contract," and his Cat Combo is named Thirteen.
  • Prior to version 11.2, Driller Cat, Piledriver Cat, Cutter Cat, Backhoe Cat and Miter Saw Cat were part of their own set called Grandon Mining Corps.