All capsule events during this period feature limited-edition Super Rare bonus characters - complete your collection and get 'em all!

Neneko and Gang

  • Neneko: Moneko's little sister - now more kawaii!
  • Gold Cat: Good as a cheap recruit or a source of sweet sweet XP!
  • Cat Base Mini: A laser-firing decoy to distract enemies from the REAL base!
  • Metal Cat: The basic cat, reborn shiny and chrome! Takes the hits like a champ and keeps on going!


  • Sniper the Recruit: An uber-ranged attacker to keep enemies far, far away from the base!
  • Rich Cat III: A penny-pinching scrooge that levels up the Worker Cat and earns more money on kills!
  • Freshman Cat Jobs: A highly intelligent prof that can score XP and prevent enemies from doing any harm!


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