Refusal Type (Hard) is the first stage in The 10th Angel Strikes!.


The only enemy, Zeruel, spawns 16.7 seconds into the battle.


Use Crazed Giraffe Cat. Timing is of the utmost importance to stall Zeruel. Add quick cats such as Awakened Bahamut, Wargod or Immortal Yukimura to deliver more damage. It will take a while to finish this stage though. Bring Sniper the Cat to keep him away from your Cat Base.

If you don't have A.Bahamut, try to stall it by using Giraffe Cat, Power Cutter (can boost a little bit because of its strengthen), Mr. work too and your timing skill

If you have both Kaworu & Cat and Shinji & Cat this stage is a cakewalk. Activate their combo and spam them, maybe spawning some fast units to help stall. This stage is even easier if you have a powerful unit with Eva Angel Killer.


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