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This article lists all known differences between the Japanese, English, Taiwanese and Korean versions of The Battle Cats, from cosmetic changes to exclusive content.

This list may be incomplete; if you know of any more differences, add them to the articles.


  • Each version has its own server and runs on a different schedule. While the schedules of the English, Taiwanese and Korean versions are practically the same, the Japanese version is completely different, most notably in how it receives major updates 3-5 weeks ahead of other versions and new Event Stages anywhere from a few days to months before they're localized. Anniversary events in particular can take years to appear in other versions, as the Japanese version is the oldest and the farthest ahead.
  • Names and descriptions can range from slightly to drastically different between languages, usually due to cultural differences, character limits or puns, wordplays or references that don't translate well.
  • Ms. Sign, Angel Fanboy and Aku Researcher's signs as well as Kyubey's dialogue are always translated to the appropriate language. However, this is not the case for text on Evil Aku Researcher's sign, Aku Cyclone's ring, the World of Darkness Meow Medal, etc., which is rendered in upside-down katakana regardless of version.

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