These special stages introduce the third form of Reindeer Fish Cat - Xmas Pudding Cat.

List of Levels


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  • December 24th (11:00AM) - ?

Strategy (Move to Reindeer Road Stages)

The Reindeer Fish Awakens! stages give out the Reindeer Fish Cat's true form if you're lucky enough.

Its True Form has area attack unlike its Normal and Evolved forms

Xmas Pudding Cat
And it is worth getting if you need

It's a fast area attacker in its Insane stage, so expect a challenge.

Cats you should use:

Crazed Mohawk Cat

Eraser Cat

Crazed Eraser Cat

Macho Legs Cat

King Dragon Cat and Crazed King Dragon Cat

Crazed Bahamut and Ururun Cat


Reindeer Road (insane) use the Crazed Mohawk and Eraser Cats

For stalling, use Macho Legs, King Dragon Cat and Crazed King Dragon Cat for support

and the rest for powerful damage.

Xmas Pudding Stats