Resident Feline is a special stage available on the 27th of every month if the player has previously completed all Crazed Cat stages. Completing this stage unlocks the True form of Crazed Titan Cat. Using Cat Food to continue the battle is not allowed in this stage.



For a no super rare/Uber rare strategy, click here-

Strategy 1 (Manics vs. Manic)

  • Cat Line Up: Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Manic Mohawk Cat, Macho Legs Cat, Manic Macho Legs Cat, King Dragon Cat, Manic King Dragon Cat, Holy Valkyrie Cat , Ururun Cat, Manic Lion Cat (Shishilan Pasalan also can be used. )
  • Stack up a large amount of ranged units for insane damage. When the boss comes out, use Manic Mohawk Cat as your only defense, as he will die/get knocked back by peons, and make the boss miss. Use Manic Lion Cat to recover ground after a shockwave. Holy Valkyrie Cat and Ururun Cat will help with occasional status effects.
  • This stage becomes incredibly easy if you have the true form of Cat Machine (Cat Machine MK3) whose newly obtained ability is not only to be resistant to, but also protect any cat behind it from Manic Jamiera's deadly shockwaves. This could possibly even be an incoming Cat spam, meaning you can actually spam Cats against shockwave enemies because only the very frontline will die, like with area damage enemies. That exact same strategy works for Crazed Titan too, and probably even for Crazed Gross and Manic Macho Legs although for Crazed Gross, it's easier just equipping Rich Cat and spamming Paris Cat lvl 30+.

Strategy 2 (ft. Ubers)

  • Cat Line up: Moby Dick CatCombo (Fisherman Cat, Whale Cat (Can use Manic Island if you have it), Crazed Whale Cat (Use Island)), Pointy Bits combo (King Dragon Cat, Togelan Pasalan (Shishilan Pasalan is required)), Level 40 Manic Eraser Cat, Jiangshi Cat, 3 high health attackers of your choice (Personal pick: God Emperor Megidora, Midsummer Cat, Awakened Bahamut Cat)
  • At the start, use Manic Eraser, Whale, Crazed Whale, and King Dragon to take out the oncoming Gory Blacks to defeat the enemies in the beginning. Be saving the money you earn from them. Once there is enough for Shishilan, send them out. Once the base is hit, this is where their usefulness shows.
  • When the base is hit, Manic Jamiera will show its face. With the Moby Dick CatCombo, a level 40 Manic Eraser has just enough health to survive a shockwave from Jamiera. Jiangshi will survive with it's ability. With the Pointy Bits CatCombo, it increases the already high damage increase Shishilan will have. Shishilan is your main damage dealer to Jamiera, as one hit can majorly increase damage output, and resists the shockwaves Jamiera sends out. Jamiera, along with some guards to help out with the Gorys, can whiddle away at Jamiera until he's eventually taken out. Other shockwave resisting Ubers can majorly help out in this level.

Strategy 3 (spam to win)

  • Cat Line Up: Crazed Wall Cat, Jiangshi Cat, Macho Legs Cat, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat, Paris Cat, King Dragon Cat and Crazed Dragon Cat.
  • Power ups: Sniper the Cat, Rich Cat (optional)
  • Cat Level: Normal Cats: >20+50; Jiangshi Cat 30; Paris Cat: 40++; Crazed Cats: 30~40; Special Cats: 30.
  • This strategy is about spamming Jiangshi Cat and Crazed Wall to block Manic Jamiera and Paris as the main attack force. Spawn Crazed Sexy Legs whenever he is available and some Dragon Cats when the player has a lot of money.
  • Crazed Lion can be spawned after a shockwave of Manic Jamiera as temporary meatshield, even though he can't take that many hits; Awakened Bahamut and Holy Valkyrie can be spawned at any time, if enough money, or just used to destroy the Enemy Base faster.

Strategy 4 (Regit)

  • Powerups : Cat CPU, Sniper Cat.

Strategy 5 (ft. Octopus Cat)

  • Power Ups: Rich Cat(optional), Sniper Cat (CPU?)
  • Just spam both erasers and Kotatsu while stacking up long range attackers. Save some money, so you have enough when enemies get to near your base.
  • Octopus cat (kotatsu cat tf) can’t take hits from even the peons if it is low leveled so make sure to hypermax it. Use a crazed mohawk or at least a crazed macho cat to provide the shockwave “misses”. This strategy works along with the sniper cat and cat cpu. Be warned that you should try to spam kotatsu cat as much as possible due to any possibility of a shockwave. With just Sniper Cat and low leveled cats (level 20+25-35 normal cats, level 20 crazed cats ) but level 43 Octopus cat, 40 Jizo and TF of manic Legs I beat this level.

Strategy 6 (Modified Video Strategy)

  • Power Ups: none (feel free to use Rich Cat if needed)

Basically you start by earning some money while taking care of the squire-rels and those guys using Macho Legs Cat and Crazed Sexy Legs then Dragon cats while drastically upgrading the cat wallet. You'll be hindered by Black Gory and Black Doge when you reach midpoint, let the first wave of attackers die and lure the enemies (maybe around 1/4th~1/5th length of map) near the base then, send out the Legs and Dragon Cats can be with Musashi*, from this point, spam Manic Mohawk as well (you need it in the frontline) especially when the base is hit. Then you can spam all the attackers along with Holy Valkyrie Cat and Awakened Bahamut.

If Manic Jameira is giving problems with shockwaves you may send out Hyper Mr. as well albeit it is optional. Once Manic Jameira goes down, you're gonna win easily. This may take around 7-10 mins depending on how well the Stop effect happens vs Manic Jameira.

Strategy 7 (ft. Cat Machine MK3 & Shishilan Pasalan)

  • Line-up: Mohawk Cat, Crazed Macho Cat/Manic Mohawk Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Shishilan Pasalan, King Dragon Cat, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat/Manic Macho Legs Cat, Crazed Dragon Cat, Cat Machine MK3, Awakened Bahamut Cat, Balalan Pasalan
  • You have to keep Shishilan and King Dragon Cat in the 1st row, because you need the Catcombo "Pointy Bits" which will improve Shishilan's strenghten ability
  • In this strategy Shishilan will act as the main attacker, backed up by a stack of Crazed Dragon Cats. Bahamut will be kind of a one-use cat, just used to deal some damage if you have enough money. Balalan is not super important, but he can help a lot by keeping Cat Machine alive for a longer time. Cat Machine is basically the MVP here, because of his ability to nullify the shockwave as well as his amazing health pool. Because of the latter, he often survives long enough for a 2nd Cat machine to replace him before he dies
  • So this strategy basically revolves around Shishilan and the Dragons damaging Manic Jamiera while he's pinned down by Cat Machine, not much else to say, it worked on my 1st try

Strategy 8 (ft. True Form Megidora and Vars)

  • It also requires a lot of luck, so do not use this strategy unless you are feeling lucky.
  • Start by turning off Cat CPU and stall the Squire Rel with Crazed Tank and Eraser Cat. Once the first Gory Black arrives, send out a Dark Laser and Manic Macho Legs Cat to knock everything back and kill them. Once you finish them off, you should have enough for Vars and possibly Megidora. Send in Vars but do no t send in Megidora until the shockwave from Manic Jamiera Cat occurs. Keep spamming until the boss comes out.
  • Once the boss comes out, send in everything you have. This will be an annoying part so be prepared. You may also turn on Cat CPU ONLY if all the expensive things (>$3000) have been sent and you have sufficient money.
  • Once you kill the Shadow Boxer K, turn on Cat CPU (if you have not) and let it do its thing. You may need to turn the CPU off every once in a while to restock on money. Make sure you are constantly meat-shielding and occasionally sending out high powered attackers to kill the peons. When you have sufficient money (somewhere around $6000), turn the CPU back on. This should work by now.
  • Note that Manic Jamiera Cat can send out shockwaves at any time and all you can do is hope that Octopus Cat comes out at the right time and stops the shockwave in time. If not, do not panic and continue as normal. Usually 2-3 full shockwaves blasts need to occur in order for enemies to reach your base. As previously said, this will take a couple of times, requiring a lot of patience, but eventually you will get lucky and conquer the level.
  • I may add a video in, I will have to see if I want to :)

"Strategy" 9 (ft. Diabolic Gao and Megaphrodite / Long Range Uber)

  • This strategy does build off of strategy 5 in that you need Octopus Cat--but it honestly isn't essential.
  • Line-up: Macho Cat (20+20), Crazed Wall (20), Eraser (20+19), Octopus Cat (28+3), Cyborg (40+4), Ring Girl (30), King Dragon (20+22), Awakened Bahamut (30), Megaphrodite (or another long range uber)(Lv 30+2) and Diabolic Gao (30)
  • Cat Levels: These aren't the minimum. They're just what I had. My suggestion is that, at least, have Gao, Bahamut and Aphrodite / your subbed long range uber at 30. Paris probably doesn't have to be hyper maxed. Octopus would be far more helpful if s/he was hypermaxed.
  • Power Ups: Rich Cat (Mandatory) and Sniper (Optional)

It's pretty obvious if you have or know about Gao that he makes almost all crazed and manic stages exponentially easier. This one he's particularly great for because he's immune to shockwaves. This strategy is less of a guide and more of a note to let you know that if you have Gao and Octopus at max level, you're practically given this manic form. How I Did It:

  • You want to start by stalling the enemy units for a bit--easily done by spamming Erasers and Crazed Tanks. You should also start sending out Paris, Ring Girl and Octopus soon as well to start stacking (Ring Girl mainly to help with the black peons to get more money). 
  • And, sooner than you expect honestly, they'll have killed something and you'll have money to send out Aphrodite. Keep sending out all of the other cats mentioned in the strat already--you're better off waiting for dragon but if money is plentiful (which it should be) feel free to send him as well. At this point, you'll start making your way to the base, fighting peons as you go. This give more money--send out Gao as soon as you can.
  • You'll get to the base, trigger manic titan. Now would be a good time to summon Awakened Bahamut--even with peons in his way initially, he'll still make it to Titan and get a hit or two in before Titan's first shockwave.
  • And at this point, it's just spam to win. Titan will send out shockwaves that will obliterate everything but Gao if you don't have Octopus hypermaxed and in the front at that point. But as long as you're spamming, you'll regain your position and start stacking again pretty easily. 
  • Money might get scarce at certain points--don't worry and just keep spamming meatshields until one of the peons dies (which should happen pretty quickly). 
  • The final step is to win and be amazed with how easy it was--because I went in expecting to get rekt.

Strategy 10 (Sniper Cat a Must!)

Cat Line Up:Manic Mohawk Cat (20), Manic Eraser Cat (20), Jiangshi Cat (31), Octopus Cat (30), Cyborg Cat (39), Kasa Jizo (32) Holy Valkyrie Cat (30), Ururun Cat (28),  Awakened Bahamut (30), God-Emperor Megidora (34)

Power Ups: Sniper Cat (Mandatory)

Before I came to realize that Sniper Cat was the key, I tried many different combinations from above, mixing and matching the popular cats and cat combos but nothing worked until I put in the Sniper Cat. Reason is because it reduces the chance of shockwave by half! For example: if the Manic Titan Cat attacked three times in a row and still hasn't set off a shockwave, the fourth will for sure set off the shockwave, but then the sniper cat will interrupt its sequence by knocking it back so it will have to 'restart' the attacks again.

Start the round by going easy, gaining money from the Gories until you reached Level 8 worker cat level. Then send off your Octopus Cat, Cyborg cat, and whichever Uber or Special you may have. I chose Holy Valkyrie and Megidora because the former can freeze while the latter has high health. You may replace the Megidora for anything that has greater than 80,000HP such as Jizo The Moving Castle, and it can withstand 3 shockwaves. Then send off the Awakened Bahamut once the coast is clear, if you get the timing right with the Cat Cannon, Bahamut can get three hits (270k dmg) out of the Manic Titan before dying off. Then send off Ururun Wolf, again I use it as a distruptor similar to the Sniper Cat until Awaken Bahamut is recharged again.


  • I put in Paris Cat because it recharges fast (2.57s)
  • Octopus Cat can only withstand two hits from Manic Titan and it gets pretty close due to its short range. Also don't expect it to cancel all shockwaves without taking any damage. Shockwaves can kill your Octopus cat and therefore allow the shockwaves to kill whatever is behind your Octopus cat as well
  • Slow and High-Range combo did not work for me. I put in a CyberPunk Cat t, Li'l Nyandam , Sniper the Heavy , Megaphodite , etc and they all got wiped out by the Titan even though I had Octopus Cat at the front line

Strategy 11 (ft. Eva-00)

Lineup: 4+ meatshields (recommended: Crazed Wall, Eraser, Mohawk, Crazed Mohawk), Crazed Bahamut (Lv30+), Eva-00 (Lv20+), any optional ubers (preferably anti-black, like shingen or vars), Paris/Cyborg Cat (Lv30+), any combo cats (although there isn't much room left, so I didn't use any)

Items: Cat CPU, Rich Cat

This stage is extremely easy with Eva-00. Stall the Squire Rels and then start stacking Paris to kill gory and gory black. Spawn eva-00 once you have enough money, then spam meatshields. Spawn crazed bahamut in the back and any ubers that have more range than eva-00. Beware of the SBKs because they have insane dps when stacked and can easily kill eva-00. Spawn something like wargod shingen to kill them, or use your stacked Parises to stall them until Bahamut can land a hit. Turn on CPU and watch as CPU tries to win.

Note: This stage is cheesable with eva-00 assuming you have a long distance uber like wargod yoshimoto. Eva-00 should block all shockwaves while your ld uber chips the base down. Works only if your ld uber can hit beyond its range and if it has more range than eva-00.

This may not work and take several tries to do it correctly.

Strategy 12 ft. TFs and Manics

Lineup Crazed Macho Cat (Manic is not neccessary) Manic Eraser Cat Macho Legs Cat Crazed Sexy Legs Cat (Manic is not necessary) Cyborg Cat King Dragon Cat Manic King Dragon Cat (Use 2nd form for more spammability) Octopus Cat A. Bahamut Cat Ururun Wolf

Items Sniper Cat (Mandatory)

Cat Levels Crazed Macho:25 Manic Eraser: 25 Macho Legs: 20+35 Crazed Sexy Legs: 22 Cyborg: 40+8 King Dragon: 20+22 Manic King Dragon: 25 A. Bahamut: 30 Ururun: 30

Strategy 1. When the Squire Rels at the beggining get close to your base, send out a Sexy Legs cat to clear them. Turn off Sniper Cat too.

2.Send out your two meatshields continously, then send out two Cyborg cats to fight off the Gory and Black Gorys.

3.Start sending out your ranged attackers (Legs, C. Legs, Dragon, C. Dragon) as the Cyborg Cats get closer to the enemy base.

4.Once your cats summon the Manic Jamiera, send out all your meatshields and long ranged attackers, not including Bahamut and Ururun (They will be only used in emergencies.) Also turn on your Sniper Cat.

5. Once the three Shadow Boxer Ks are dead, start spamming only your Crazed Macho Cat, while upgrading your Worker Cat at the same time. (Make sure to have more than 6,000 money when you upgrade your Worker Cat to prevent bankruptcy.

6. In case Manic Jamiera performs a shockwave, send out everything until your team is manageable again. (Not including Bahamut and Ururun again.)

7. When the Gorys get close to / start attcking your base, send out Ururun and Bahamut. Bahamut should be able to take the Gorys down and deal some damage to Manic Jamiera before dying.

8.Continue on doing the same thing until Jamiera dies.


•I played with this strategy 2 times and succeeded.

•Do keep in mind that Manic Jamiera has 5 knockbacks, so only release Bahamut carelessly after Jamiera's 4th knock back.

•Fire your Cat Cannon as much as possible to disrupt Jamiera's attack animation.

•When there are no Gorys left to attack your Crazed Macho Cat, stop spamming him and let Jamiera get close to your attackers.

•Never turn off your Sniper Cat once Manic Jamiera spawns, as it plays a big role in keeping the shockwaves controlled.

•You don't need professional money management in this stage because the Gorys will give you enough money to survive a wave without them.

•Only use Rich Cat if you feel uncomfortable with your money issue.

•Only stack 3 Cyborgs at a time because they don't have as much health as your other cats , and can easily die.

Strategy 13 ( Believe in RNG )

This strategy is for those who can’t win in anyway. This is for last resort. Line-up : 1 meatshield, Double Dragons, Manic Macho Legs, Crazed UFO, Holy Valkyrie, Awakened Bahamut, Lion cat, Gunslinger cat (evolved form) ( Manic Mohawk, Manic King Dragon, Lion cat, and Gunslinger’s evolved form must be in the first row for the cat combos to activate. )

Power UPS - Sniper (Must) Rich Cat (Optional)

First you need to turn off the sniper after 10 seconds have passed. Then stack your ranged attackers. Do NOT use Bahamut and Valkyrie. After you hit the base and the boss spawns, get rid of the Shadow Boxer Ks and spawn Holy Valkyrie. Use Awakened Bahamut and at the right timing, use and cat cannon and it will go through about halfway. Turn on the cat cannon at the right time about Bahamut charges it’s attack and just in time, it passes through. Please be aware that you must quickly destroy the base and defeat the support wave just before you spawn Bahamut. You have to hope that RNG will be on your side, since valkyrie has to freeze a Manic Jamiera before Bahamut gets to the spot. This is why this strategy is for last resort when you can’t clear this stage.

Note : The meatshield must be Manic Mohawk. You need the Mo’hawks cat combo and Rawhide cat combo as well. This strategy above is similar to Forest Beasts cheese strategy.

Strategy 14 (Power Driller)

This strategy is to use the Power Driller's 100% LD weaken ability to reduce Crazed Jameira's attack by 90%. This makes its attack much more bearable, even my octopus cat can withstand a few hits, effectively blocking the shockwaves. Then use weak cats as meat shields so hoping the shockwaves don't even get triggered. However, do have some cheap attackers to fight the black enemies. I did use Shishilan Pasalan(TF) but any long distance attacker should work, even stacked dragons, just will take longer. Anubis is there because he is unharmed by wave attack, again not necessary.

Line up: Crazed Macho, Mohawk, Lil Macho, Wall, Cyborg(Paris should be fine too), Octopus, Power Driller, Anubis(Lv. 19), A. Bahamut, Shishilan Pasalan(TF).

Power Ups: MAX + Sniper

Strategy 15 (Octopus, Ring Girl and Kenshin)

Cats: 3 Meatshield (Mohawk or Crazed Macho, Eraser and Crazed Wall), Manic Macho Legs (Also easily beaten with the power of Octopus Cat), Octopus Cat, Ring Girl Cat (Pizza Cat and Jizo is better), King Dragon Cat, Crazed Dragon Cat, Ururun Cat and Immortal Kenshin (To deal with Black Enemy Spam)

No Powerups needed.

Firstly, save up cash by killing Gories and maxxing out Wallet. Start to already prepare the Octopus Cats before the Manic Jamiera comes into the fight. When one finishes recharging, send another immediately. And when it does, send in Ururun or Kenshin one at a time as damage dealers against Manic Jamiera and the Black Peons. Black Enemies are very high money fillers, so worrying about losing money is no problem. Keep spamming the other backup cats as well, with Octopus, Ururun and Kenshin at top priority, and then Manic Jamiera is no problem.

Strategy 16 ("Cheese")

Cats: 4 Meatshields, Something to kill the gories (I used Ring girl 40+5), Lone cat and kitten (40), you can put heavy hitters for the rest of the slots.

When the game starts, send out meatshields and ring girl to kill the gories, all this time you should be sending out Lone cat and kitten. When you reach the base, you should have a stack of lone cat and kittens.They should be able to perma-freeze/knockback the manic Jameria and you will unlock the new true form!

Strategy 17 (NO MANICS REQUIRED, but need octopus and cyberpunk)

This is a guide for players with lower level cats (30-40). (No crazed cat true forms required)

The strategy I used was 2 research ups (S) (Bony Bone and Biohazard), Cyberpunk Cat 40+5 (With 9 levels in the Slow talent), Crazed Wall Cat 20, Eraser Cat 20+13, Cyborg Cat 40+5, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat 20, Macho Leg Cat 20+13 (optional), and Octopus Cat 37+1. Macho Leg Cat is optional, I didn't use him much so you can replace him with any good ranged attacker that isn't too expensive. Whatever cannon also works, but I personally used Shock Cannon Lv.4 for this level. 

First, save money by using Cyborg and Eraser/Crazed Wall Cats (Make sure that you don't spawn the boss until your money is full). During this time, feel free to begin to stack Cyberpunks. With +9 levels in the slow talent, you only need 2 to set up a perma slow. However, feel free to stack as many as you want, it's not too hard to stall using Cyborg and Wall Cats. Make sure to get at least one Cyberpunk out before triggering the boss though. 

Once you are full on money, begin spamming Cyborg Cats along with both Eraser and Crazed Wall Cats. Make sure to also send out Octopus Cats as soon as they come out, they are necessary for this strategy to work. You can also send out Crazed Sexy Legs and whatever other ranged attackers you have when they come up to get more damage in.  

Once the boss comes out, continue spamming everything listed above until the Shadow Boxers are dead. Once the Shadow Boxers are dead, stop sending out Eraser Cats, they will only make Manic Jameira proc his shockwave more. From here on, just continue deploying all the cats listed above except Eraser. 

If you ever find yourself in a tight situation with money, make sure you always send out Octopus and Crazed Eraser Cat over other cats, in order to have a decent wall for your Cyberpunk and to prevent shockwaves from killing literally everything. If your cyberpunks ever die because of an unfortunate shockwave and you have him ready to deploy again, don't prioritize deploying him unless you have a good amount of money. 

And that's the strat! Just spam everything after the boss appears and pray for decent luck with shockwaves. Using this strat, I was able to complete the level in one try. It may take you multiple tries if you have terrible luck with his shockwaves. 

Watch second video in the video section of the page for a video guide about how to use this strategy below  


Strategy #18 - Ft. Cat Machine Mk 3 & Octopus Cat and... The special collaboration of "THE BOSS KILLER"

Cat Line Up: Mohawk Cat (Lvl. 20+49), Crazed Macho Cat (Lvl. 30), Crazed Wall Cat (Lvl. 30), Eraser Cat (Lvl. 20+41), Octopus Cat (Lvl. 31+2 True Form), Crazed Dragon Cat (Lvl. 30), King Dragon Cat (Lvl. 20+37), Cat Machine Mk 3 (Lvl. 30 True Form), Awakened Bahamut Cat (Lvl. 30), Lufalan Pasalan (Lvl. 40 True Form).

Items: NO ONE (If you want to bring something to this stage for help you, use Sniper Cat, but isn't necessary)

Ok, if you meet all these requirements... ¡Congratulations, this stage will be a joke for you!, only start spawn Erasers and Crazed Walls to defend against squirrels, then start to spawn King Dragons and Crazed Dragons and stack them (Oh, don't forget to upgrade your money storage in the course, but let some money for your cats too). When you have four to six Dragons and you have $4800~$5200 spawn "THE BOSS KILLER" - Lufalan Pasalan - and continues to spawn cats, tanks and dragons. When the stack of Dragons reaches halfway to the enemy base, start to spawn Octopus Cat whenever you can. When Manic Jamiera appears, hold on and at the time you have enough money (not real, duh) spawn Cat Machine Mk 3 and continues to spawn cats, and only the Crazed Wall (only one Eraser Cat spawns for every three Crazed Walls). If you see Manic Jamiera advancing towards your Lufalan, pass by, send bahamut to help him clean dangerous peons like Shadow Boxer K or Gory and Black Gory. Never forget to continue spawning Octopus Cat and Cat Machine Mk 3 or your "Boss Killer" will be in danger and it will be difficult to kill Manic Jamiera. If you have done everything right, you will finish this fight in 4 or 6 minutes and you will have the true form of Crazed Titan Cat without much effort. (The only thing that could cost you some work would be to get the true form of Cat Machine Mk 3 and Lufalan Pasalan and improve it to level 40) Good luck!

Video Player(s) Notes
Battle Cats- Resident Feline -Deadly- (No Gacha and Powerups)

Battle Cats- Resident Feline -Deadly- (No Gacha and Powerups)

The Cattle Bats
Resident Feline no ubers ft cyberpunk and octo

Resident Feline no ubers ft cyberpunk and octo



  • The stage's name references the well-known zombie horror game Resident Evil. Manic Jamiera also looks somewhat like a zombie.


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Floor 31Floor 32Floor 33Floor 34Floor 35Floor 36Floor 37Floor 38Floor 39Floor 40

Other Special Stages
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