Revenge of R-Cyclone is the second stage in Crimson Vengeance. The reward for beating this stage is the True Form of Space Cat, Space Marine Cat.


  • A One Horn is sent out as soon as the battle begins.
  • Ten B.B.Bunnies spawn after 10, 20 and 30 seconds.
  • After 1 minute, B.B.Bunny starts spawning in 13.3~20-second intervals.
  • When the enemy base is attacked, Red Cyclones spawns as the boss with Mr. Mole, Trolly Blogger, Ginger Snache and four B.B.Bunnies.
    • Ginger Snache continues to spawn every 10~16.7 seconds, while Trolly Blogger spawns every 6.7~10 seconds.
    • The aforementioned peons are limited in number. In total, there are ten Ginger Snaches and twenty Trolly Bloggers.


Strategy 1

(requires Mobius and/or Kamukura, they were extremely low levelled, but the higher the better, so they can survive the Mole, also requires Gao at a decent level)

Row 1: Mohawk Cat (lv32), Eraser Cat (lv36), Crazed Wall/Manic Eraser Cat (lv20), Roe Cat (lv30) Crazed Whale Cat (lv30)

Row 2: iCat (lv30), Cyberpunk Cat (lv35) Miraculous Mobius (lv17), Mighty Lord Gao (lv 37), Kamukura (lv7)

Note: Meatshield levels don't matter too much, and Cyberpunk, Gao, Mobius and/or Kamakura can be lower levels if needed. Also, you can replace Kamukura or Mobius with Awakened Bahamut Cat.

Items: None were used, but Speed Up and Rich Cat can save time, and Cat CPU might help. Sniper might help, but it is not recommended.

First, upgrade the Worker Cat to level ~5 and send out just Eraser Cat and iCat. Stacking them can stall the One Horn, and allow you to get to level 8. Once you have max money, send out Roe Cat, as well as spawning iCats whenever possible. Crazed Whale Cat can also be sent out. When they get near the base, spam all the meatshields and Uber Rares, and pray. The Ubers used were low-level, so higher levels have a better chance.

Strategy 2

Row 1: Crazed Macho Cat, Mohawk Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Ramen Cat, Can Can Cat

Row 2: iCat, Awakened Bahamut Cat, any anti-red Ubers of your choice

Begin the Battle by sending out Ramen, iCat, and Can Can to deal with the B. B. Bunnies and One Horn. Upgrade your wallet to contain the money that the One Horn will drop, and periodically spawn iCats and meatshields as One Horn’s health falls. Once the enemies are defeated, your cats will advance to the enemy base. At this point, begin spamming all non-Uber units except Bahamut. Red Cyclone and Mr. Mole will spawn, prompting a boss shockwave. Your stack of iCats should immediately freeze the Cyclone, and your cats will begin chipping away at its health. Meanwhile, spawn any Ubers you have, along with Bahamut, who will land quite a few powerful attacks before inevitably getting killed by either the Cyclone or Mr. Mole‘s continous stream of attacks. Mr. Mole, due to his long range, will hide behind the Cyclone, periodically attacking and knocking back all of your cats within his ludicrously broad range. This quickly proves very annoying, though not unmanageable; though his attacks are frequent and push back your cats, they are fairly weak. Continue spawning iCats, which will hold the Cyclone in place, and Can Can Cats, which will slow it down in the few seconds it is even moving at all and deal considerable damage to it. Eventually, between A. Bahamut, iCat, Can Can Cat, and your Ubers (if you bring any), Red Cyclone and Mr. Mole will die and your cats will advance to and destroy the base.


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