Revenge of Red Sky is the second stage in Red Sky at Night. The reward for beating this stage is the True Form of Catornado, Catyphoon.


A few Heavenly Hippoes are sent out at the beginning. After 40 seconds, Angelic Gory will spawn, with 5 more Heavenly Hippoes spawning 16.7 seconds later.

When the enemy base is damaged, The Perfect Cyclone spawns as the boss, with 1 Angelic Sleipnir and 2 Gabriels as support. Gabriel starts to spawn infinitely.


Strategy 1 by EnKuu (Cosmo freezing)

Items: Rich Cat (required to overcome the initial wave of Heavenly Hippoes)

Row 1: Manic Mohawk cat, Manic Eraser Cat, Ramen Cat, Fishman Cat, Octopus

Row 2: Juliet the Maiko, Catophone, The Flying Cat, Manic Flying Cat, Ultima Galaxy Cosmo

The main idea here is to slow and freeze the enemies with area attackers. Avoid knockback units as they will cause other units to miss their attacks on frozen/slowed enemies. Cosmo is ideal because of his dual Angel/Floating freeze capabilities.

Wait until the Heavenly Hippoes to are near the Cat Base, then deploy meatshields and Cosmo. Keep shielding and adding anti-Angel units. When the Heavenly Hippoes start to die off, add anti-Floating (Fishman and Octopus). When The Perfect Cyclone appears, keep meatshielding, and alternate anti-Floating and anti-Angel units.

Strategy 2 (Dark Catman and Lufalan Pasalan)

Items: Rich Cat (99% needed), Sniper The Cat (not needed but huge safety net)

Row 1: Lufalan Pasalan (30), Dark Catman (28), M. Jamiera (20), Jamiera (20+28), Maglev (30)

Row 2: Octopus (30), Ramen (40+6), M. Eraser (21), Eraser (20+33), M. Mohawk (20)

As always, the higher your cats' levels are, the better, but they probably do not need to meet the above so long as the listed True Forms are met. This strat works in 3 steps.

  1. Turn off Sniper The Cat immediately. Send out Ramen Cats to stall initial Angel waves, but save up for Dark Catman ASAP. Something in the range of 4 Ramens, then deploy Dark Catman. Once Catman is on the field spam all 3 meatshields + Ramen and do not stop. You will cleave through the Angel peons and set off the boss wave. Now only luck and your meatshielding skills are between you and death.
  2. Send out either/both Jamiera if you are over 14k gold but do not go below 10k. Replace Dark Catman as soon as his cooldown comes back. The first Catman will die, Sleipnir and Perfect Cyclone will get uncomfortably close to your base, and if you do not have decent meatshielding skills you will die as well. Now if you are lucky the 2nd Catman will kill Sleipnir. If not, you need to make a judgement call and spawn Lufalan Pasalan. Try to time him so that he will not hit a Gabriel. If Sleipnir does not die and you lose Lufalan you unfortunately are dead and will have to retry. Note: It does not matter if Lufalan survived, but it would be a huge plus.
  3. As soon as Sleipnir dies, turn on Sniper The Cat (turn it off when Perfect Cyclone is pushed back mid map and cannot kill you) and spawn Octopus. Money will now be tight, so stop spamming meatshields other than M. Eraser. Always spawn Octopus on cooldown, it is in the first row for a reason. Only spawn either Jamiera when you have 2.5k gold or more. Spawn Ramen only when The Perfect Cyclone is weakened by your Octopus and you are in a comfortable spot. Your enemy is no longer bosses, but peons. Gabriels will ruin your Octopus stack, Jamieras and Ramen will help but this is where Maglev comes in. Ideally use Maglev to snipe a Gabriel for the last hit (Extra Money), but this isn't entirely necessary. With luck and skill you will maintain your position and eventually kill the Perfect Cyclone

Strategy 3 (Dark Catman)

Items: None— In fact, rich cat may be a detriment.

Row 1: Skelecat, Vengeful Cat, Detective Vigler, Madame Sumo, Octopus Cat (32)

Row 2: Manic Wall (Might not be necessary) (40), Ramen Cat (33), Manic Macho Legs (30), Manic Jamiera Cat (May be able to use regular Jamiera) (25), Dark Catman (40)

Catcombos: Cheating Heart?, Horror Movies

Note: You could likely get away with lower levels for nearly all of these cats.

  1. Upgrade your worker cat to level 2, then wait.
  2. When the first Heavenly Hippoe gets close, spawn a few Ramen Cats. 
  3. Wait until several Hippoes have stacked up, then spawn Dark Catman.
  4. At this point, the flood of Hippoes should have started. Spawn several Ramens and Walls, and kill them with Catman. Spawn an Octopus Cat and Manic Macho Legs during this time.
  5. At this point, spam Octopus Cat and Ramen. The goal is to keep Catman alive long enough to kill the Sleipnir. Once that is done, the level is pretty much over.
  6. Once the Sleipnir is dead, spam Octopus and Manic Jamiera. Upgrade your worker cat when you have excess money.

Note: Attempt to match your Manic Jamiera spawn rate with the Gabriels. They are infrequent, but if they are left alone, they WILL kill all of your Octopus cats.


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