Revenge of the Unholy is the second stage in The Dead Keep Rolling. The reward for beating this stage is the True Form of Cheerleader Cat, Soba Cat.


  • 12 UltraBaaBaas spawn at the start, delay between them is 6.7~13.3 seconds.
  • Up to 3 Zyclones can be seen in this stage. The first spawns after 10 seconds, the second spawns after 40 seconds and the third spawns after 80 seconds.
  • After 33.3 seconds, Ribbo starts spawning every 26.7~33.3 seconds, up to 8 can be seen.
  • Le'Solar spawns every 50 seconds, up to 4 can be seen.
  • After 1 minute, Znache spawns infinitely every 10~20 seconds.
  • After 66.7 seconds, 12 more UltraBaaBaas spawn, delay between them is 5~10 seconds.
  • After 2 minutes, twice as many Znaches are spawned.
  • After 133.3 seconds, another 12 UltraBaaBaas spawn, delay between them is 3.3~6.7 seconds.


Strategy 1 (from Lucas the Fourth, though transcribed by AnonymousSteve)

Note: I couldn't find a way to do this beat this stage without full CoTC anti-starred alien treasures (having previously had 1500% treasures,) even with a Rich Cat and Ubers (Aphrodite and Detective Vigler.) With full CoTC treasures, this stage becomes much easier since the percentage buffs to the starred aliens is 1600% minus your percent treasure collected.



  • Lure the UltraBaaBaa's to the base and stall with Catellite, and, if needed, Eraser Cat while stacking Housewife Cats, Major Leaguer Cats, Weedwacker Cats, and if you have money, a Surfer Cat.
  • When the third UltraBaaBaa approaches, spawn just one Kitty of Liberty. You always want to have a few enemy units in front so that when the Le'Solar approaches, your units do not enter Le'Solar's range.
  • Spam meatshields and the Housewife, Major Leaguer, and Weedwacker Cats, and spawn a Kitty of Liberty if you feel you are getting overrun. As Lucas states, you really should try to avoid using Catellite is used so the Ribbo's warp does not cause the Zyclone's to move forward, but you don't need to spam these as much as Eraser. Use a Holy Blast to stop the first Znache from burrowing under your troops. Buy Surfer Cat (or any Ubers you might be bringing) if you have excess money.
  • Continuing with the aforementioned spam should win you the level, because eventually, a critical mass of Housewife and Major Leaguer Cats will vanquish the Le'Solar and knock out Znache before it burrows, while your Weedwacker Cats stall the 2 Zyclones.

Strategy 1.5 I mostly used the above strategy, with minor changes:

  • Row 1: Riceball Cat (40)* ^^, Divine Kai (40)*, Inspector Gabriel (37)^^, Can Can (49), Kitty of Liberty (43) *(Unit Defense Up Sm combo) ^^(Research Power Up M combo)
  • Row 2: Eraser Cat (93), Catelite (60), Weedwacker Cat (38), Housewife Cat (47), Golfer Cat (35)
  • Battle Item: Rich Cat
  • Cat cannon was Holy Blast, as above.

As I said, the strategy is the same, except 1. some of the time I mixed in Can Can instead of Kitty of Liberty to slow advancers; 2. I also used Riceball as a meat shield sometimes; and 3. I used Inspector Gabriel to speed up the endgame.


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