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Revival of Origin is the final stage of the Uncanny Legends campaign, and the only stage in Sacred Forest. Zero Luza and the Origin Base debut here. This is a No Continues stage. Upon completion, Ancient Egg: N000 is unlocked, and Legend Cats can have their level caps increased up to level 50 using Catseyes.


  • The enemy base here is an Origin Base.
  • 1 Zero Luza spawns as the boss after 6.67 seconds200f.
  • 3 Squire Rels spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Sir Rels spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 4~6 seconds120f~180f.
  • Infinite Relic Doges spawn after 26.67 seconds800f, delay 26.67~30 seconds800f~900f.
  • 10 Wild Doges spawn after 40 seconds1,200f, delay 43.33~50 seconds1,300f~1,500f.
  • Infinite Sir Rels spawn after 80 seconds2,400f, delay 76.67 seconds2,300f.
  • Infinite Sir Rels spawn after 80.67 seconds2,420f, delay 76.67 seconds2,300f.
  • 5 Bore Jrs spawn after 113.33 seconds3,400f, delay 76.67~83.33 seconds2,300f~2,500f.
  • Infinite Sir Rels spawn after 234.67 seconds7,040f, delay 76.67 seconds2,300f.
  • 1 Celeboodle spawns after 26.67 seconds800f once 50 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • 1 Celeboodle spawns after 26.67 seconds800f once 130 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • 1 Celeboodle spawns after 26.67 seconds800f once 240 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • 1 Celeboodle spawns after 26.67 seconds800f once 370 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • Infinite Celeboodles spawn after 26.67 seconds800f once 500 Cat Units have been defeated, delay 66.67~73.33 seconds2,000f~2,200f.
  • When the base reaches 75% HP:
    • 6 Sir Rels spawn, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.


A heck of an endurance stage consisting of a nasty boss that destroys everything it hits at extreme range and endless respawning peons blocking hits from your units (due to the Sir Rel spam, you're unlikely to hold out until the Traitless peons die down). For this reason, you will need every disposable yet powerful attacker at your side and a Rich Cat to start it off, while Sniper the Cat is absolutely necessary for getting Zero Luza off the Cat Base. Do not hesitate investing in whatever units that may prove helpful, as you need all the damage you could to eliminate enemy peons before Luza does something, then aggressively rush Luza down if it's exposed.

  • Expect to go out of your way trying to get past this stage, and use whatever units that could be helpful.
  • If attempting this on higher difficulties, it's recommended to upgrade any useful Legend Cats to level 50 first to make things easier.
  • Do not panic. Zero Luza is a huge threat, but the pressure mostly comes from the peons that come once every so often. If you pay close attention, you could recover ground. Otherwise, even the best strategy can fall on its face.
  • Zero Luza's health may seem absurd, but remember its long attack delay allows units to slip in hits.
  • The Celeboodles are at a low strength magnification to be of no concern, but can be useful for extra cash with Extra Money cats as you'll be using a lot of meatshields anyway. If these units could land hits on the likes of Wild Doge or Bore Jr. it would certainly be the most helpful.

Recommended Units[]

  • Jellycat - Only works when timed well, and can cripple peons. It may not be enough to knockback them, and the Wave Attacks have no effect on Zero Luza, but every bit of damage counts.
  • Bullet Train Cat - Provides a moderate damage burst, though not enough to OHKO anything. It's good against any peon, but is best used to snipe certain nasty enemies like Sir Rel, Wild Doge and Bore Jr.
  • Courier Cat - Decent disposable generalist with Long Distance Area Attacks and Behemoth Slayer, the perfect answer to the pesky Wild Doges hiding behind Luza. If supported, he can help in stopping Sir Rels from advancing.
  • Supercar Cat - Supercar has a 100% chance to knockback traited enemies with its single-target, short-ranged attack. While it is outclassed by both Awakened Doron and the Breakerblast Cannon (both can hit many targets, Doron's Surge may even be able to stall Luza further), Supercar's cooldown is around 18 seconds (whereas Doron and Breakerblast both take around one minute, which is more than enough to lose you the stage), meaning it can still be sent if the peons aren't around to push back and pin Luza, recovering any ground Luza would have gained. Supercar also deals a surprisingly high amount of damage, which can be used to chip Luza as well.
  • Awakened Naala - Strong against Relics with 100% chance to weaken them by 50% for 4 seconds while being immune to waves. Colossus and Behemoth Slayer grant Naala a substantial stat boost as well, allowing it to take on most of the threats. Weakening Luza allows your units to survive an otherwise lethal attack (even when strengthened, as Naala's Long Distance is able to hit Luza by attacking peons) which could make all the difference in battle. Just remember to keep the peons from attacking it, as Naala needs all the health to survive one or two Luza hits.
  • Awakened Doron - Doron has Behemoth and Colossus Slayer, which improves his chip damage against Luza and Wild Doge despite the latter's Surge immunity. The ability to knockback and freeze Relics is incredibly powerful, and is essential to recovering lost ground from Luza while weakening or even stopping the Relic peons. As a kamikaze unit that has a long recharge time but is able to survive until he attacks, you should calculate where it might fire off so he can get a hit and potentially knock away Luza.
  • Jiangshi Cat - With full investment in its Move Speed Up Talent, Jiangshi Cat is a useful layer of defense. Its guaranteed lethal strike survival can hamper enemy advance somewhat, while keeping Luza in check. However, don't spam it too often if there are no suitable threats around, you'll need the money for important units.
  • Metal Macho - A staple in this stage, Metal Macho only takes one damage regardless of how much it was actually struck with, so even Luza will take a while getting past him, and he might be able to hold your line for a few seconds while your attackers remove the peons before Luza could hit your base.
  • Boulder Cat - Similar to Metal Cat, but only lasts a little more than a second. Like Doron, though, the enemies won't be able to push through as long as it is there.
  • Can Can Cat - You'll need full Move Speed Up and Attack Buff Talents. It's useful in chipping Luza, but you might want to save it for taking down nasty peons. If used well, Can Can is able to kill Bore Jr. without him even attacking.
  • Sniper the Deadeye/Cyberpunk Cat - Can delay Luza from range, with Sniper even helping you to keep Luza away, but aside from being vulnerable to peons and Bore Jr.'s Mini-Waves, Cyberpunk has a blind spot while Sniper's attack is single-target. You can bring Wave Shields, but that might take some of your precious slots.
  • Future Cat - Can survive one pre-strengthen Luza hit, and could stall the Relic peons. Falters when the Traitless ones come though.
  • True Superfeline - Superfeline is only an option for players with 15001+ User Rank, as that's when its True Form (which has Colossus Slayer) gets unlocked, or its stats are simply insufficient for its cost. The main appeal of True Superfeline is to wipe out several Relic peons at once with its Omni Strikes (stands at 250, but can hit up to 350 range, and at level 20+80 it does 71k damage, which is enough to cripple the Sir Rels and Relic Doges) while also hitting Luza for some decent chip damage.
  • Reborn Warrior Doguemon - This stage solely consists of enemies within this unit's target traits, and it even has Behemoth Slayer/Colossus Slayer to counter Wild Doge and Zero Luza. Despite its high range for a tank, it can still prove useful in warding off threats from your valuable support units. Its other weakness is his high cost due to the cash-tight nature of the stage.
  • Maize Cat - This unit's resistance to Relics and Colossus Slayer makes it particularly suited for countering any Relic enemy in this stage. At level 50, it can survive both of Luza's hits or one strengthened hit, allowing it to stall the remaining Relics for that much longer. Only downsides are cost and how difficult it is to acquire.
  • Talented Doctor Cat - This unit is able to constantly knock back Luza, but beware of peons blocking his way. He can also stop knocking back Luza and start hitting the base, so it's recommended to kill Luza ASAP with other support units such as True Superfeline or Idi:N2.
  • Awakened Bahamut Cat & Idi:N2 - They are brought here to deal with the Bore Jrs. Idi can also deal some extra damage to Luza.

Recommended Ubers[]

As stated before, any unit you could bring and actually helps will be worthy to have.

  • Greater Balrog Cat - You'll need his strengthen, Attack Buff, Defense Buff and Cost Down Talents simply due to how this stage works. Greater Balrog Cat can assist in wiping out the peons (can kill any of them in one hit) to ensure you can stall with ease, while being able to survive just one Luza hit to deliver high damage. If backed with Naala and a strengthened Luza attacks him while also under the weaken effect, it will only take him a few whacks to kill Luza.
  • Immortal Yukimura - Similar story to Balrog as you need levels and the Attack up Talent. Yukimura is instead used for crippling Bore Jr., ideally before he fires off Mini-Waves to make things easier. Like Bullet Train Cat, you can't send him without a good opportunity. If you're lucky, Bore Jr. may inadvertently trigger Yukimura's strengthen ability without destroying it, causing Bore Jr. to be then killed off immediately.
  • Mer-Queen Ruri - Mer-Queen Ruri can be a surprisingly effective tank once her Curse Immunity and Target Relic Talents are unlocked. Her resistance and weaken, combined with her decent recharge, all come into play due to the widespread prevalence of Relic peons. The weaken effect is particularly valuable once Zero Luza strengthens, as cutting its damage could mean all the difference in battle. However, Ruri is somewhat expensive even for a tank, has single target and will be melted quickly when too many Sir Rels or Traitless peons come by, so make sure to neutralize them quickly.
  • Lasvoss Reborn - Lasvoss admittedly requires timing and luck to work as Savage Blow is an inconsistent ability and he is very expensive, but he can still deal fairly significant damage if his hits do connect. His talents also help to escalate his destructive power with Colossus Slayer and Move Speed Up.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Tiny Ancient Hunt, Jiangshi Cat 50+28, Boulder Cat, Supercat 50, Neo Cutter Cat 50, Kyubey Cat, Bullet Train Cat 50, Can Can Cat 50+9, Courier Cat 50, Cat Mask Doron 40

Cannon: Breakerblast, Breakerblast (Any) (Style), Curseblast (Foundation)

Items: Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat

Constantly deploy Jiangshi and Kyubey Cat as meatshields, and Can Can as the main damage source to peons and the boss (But time it! Avoid getting hit by the boss before Can Can's first hit.). Use Boulder for Sir Rel and Bore Jr, and when the boss is about to land a hit when there are other poens. Don't deploy too often, as it's expensive. Use Supercat for Bore Jr and occasionally for Wild Doge; Neo Cutter and Bullet Train for Bore Jr and Relic poens. Use Courier for Wild Doge (occasionally for Sir Rel) and Doron for Bore Jr. and Relic peons.

Li'l King Dragon is only a Combo slave here. He should never be deployed unless peons are overwhelming and you have enough money. Use Breakerblast to knockback Luza and interrupt its attack. With this strategy, the Curseblast Foundation and True Forms of the stronger Special Cats are not even necessary. The basic idea is not to bring heavy attackers because of the extreme damage caused by the boss and peons, plus bring units that survives a lethal strike, considering the slow attack rate of the boss.

Strategy 2 (1-3 crown)[]

Lineup: Future Cat 38+, Jiangshi Cat 30, Jellycat 30+, Metal Macho 20, Can Can Cat (Money Up) 30+, Courier Cat 45+, Octopus Cat 30+, Bullet Train Cat 30+, Awakened Doron 30+

Cannon: Breakerblast, Any (Style), Any (Foundation)

Items: Rich Cat


  • The last slot can be filled with Reborn Warrior Doguemon or Awakened Naala.
  • Cone Cat works MUCH better in this stage than Jiangshi Cat. A level 30 can take a hit from Zero Luza on 1 or 4♛, and level 37 for 3♛.
  • Sniper the Cat item is optional, but isn't necessary.
  • Higher levels are helpful but not necessary on those with plus signs.
  • It is helpful to have Cat Can Cat at level 50+30 or level 50+7 with full Attack Up Talent so that it can OHKO Bore Jr. on 1 crown.
  • Supercat can replace Octopus Cat.

The main strategy is to always have enough money to send out your main Legend Cat, and to NOT spam Jiangshi Cats. Immediately send out Bullet Train Cat at the start of the level. When Zero Luza spawns, it will kill the Squire Rel and trigger Zero Luza's attack. Kill off the other peons, and stall Zero Luza. From here, constantly spam out Future Cat and Metal Macho. Start saving up to send out your main Legend Cat. When Wild Doge spawns, use Courier Cat, Can Can Cat, Jellycat, or have your main Legend Cat damage him, and try to snipe him with Bullet Train Cat. When Bore Jr. spawns, spawn Octopus Cat immediately, or time Supercat if you brought him, and hope that your units kills Bore Jr. Alternatively, you can use Awakened Doron to kill off Bore Jr. semi-reliably.

When the Sir Rels spawn, spawn Jiangshi Cat at the possibility that they chew through your Legend Cat. If they do, send out everything you have to stop them (except Octopus Cat and Awakened Doron). When Luza is strengthened, you may want to send out Jiangshi Cat to stall Zero Luza. Send them about every 4-5 seconds to conserve money, and stop spamming them if you don't have ~4000¢. Use Awakened Doron and Breakerblast to push Zero Luza away from your base.

Other tips for this strategy:

  • While both Awakened Naala and Reborn Warrior Doguemon work, Reborn Warrior Doguemon can work better with countering Wild Doge and Bore Jr., being cheaper, more spammable, and having longer standing range.
  • Upgrading your Base HP to 160001+ can allow it to tank 2 shots from Zero Luza (1 if strengthened).
  • Make sure Awakened Doron and Breakerblast always hit.