Rites of Spring: Supreme (Deadly) is the last stage in Total War: Spring Special.


  • 3 The Thrillerzs spawn at 3.33 seconds100f, delay 0.67 seconds20f.
  • 8 Coffin Zoges spawn at 20 seconds600f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f-1000f.
  • At 36.67 seconds1100f Audience Bear will spawn as a boss with:
    • 3 Samurai Doggies, delay 53.33~66.67 seconds1600f~2000f.
      • 1 Teacher A. spawns at 60 seconds1800f.
      • Infinite Zir Zeals spawn at 86.67 seconds1600f, delay 46.67~53.33 seconds1400f~1600f.
      • 2 Cadaver Bears spawn at 120 seconds3600f delay 40~46.67 seconds1200f~1400f.
      • 18 The Thrillerzs spawn at 36.67~203.33 seconds1100f~6100f, in groups of 3 delayed by 0.67 seconds20f each.
      • Infinite The Thrillerzs spawn at 236.67 seconds7100f, delay 20~26.67 seconds600f-8000f.


There is a variety of enemies here and you will have to prepare for all of them. Zombie Killers are pretty needed, units like Awakened Musashi. You can also use the Coffin Zoges to your advantage by using Long Distance units to snipe the Teacher A.


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