Ritual Confusion (さらに召喚された福!) is the February Lucky Ticket G event and a continuation of Ritual Happiness. The new enemy introduced in this event is Lucky Dags, a Black variant of Dagshund.


● NEW expert-level stages!
Shut up and eat your sushi!
During this event, take on dachshund-gone-bad Lucky Dags in new expert map Ritual Confusion!
Available February 16th (11:00am) thru March 1st (10:59am)!
Clear the stages to earn the coveted "Lucky Tickets G"! Head to the normal capsule and choose the Lucky Capsules G mode to use your rewards and pick up tons of XP and valuable special items! Later stages in "Ritual Confusion" will have a higher drop rate for more ticket rewards at once!
※"Ritual Confusion" is available once Empire of Cats Ch 3 has been cleared.
※If stages for this event do not appear, please update your Battle Cats app to the most recent version and restart the app.

List of Levels

English Version Japanese Version Translation
Stage 1 Hang onto Happiness 幸せを丸かぶり ?
Stage 2 Silent Family 家族たちの沈黙 ?
Stage 3 Eat Happy Sushi Eat Happy Osushi ?
Stage 4 Expired Joy 幸福の賞味期限 ?
Stage 5 Sins and Blessings 転禍為福 ?


English Version

  • February 16th, 2019 to March 1st, 2019

Japanese Version

  • ?
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