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Sacrifice Apprenticeship is the fourth and final stage in The Ururuvu Journals. Mystic Mask Yulala makes his first appearance in Zero Legends here.


  • 1 Ururun Wolf spawns as the boss after 16.67 seconds500f.
  • 6 Celeboodles spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 20 seconds600f.
  • Infinite Relic Doges spawn after 46.67 seconds1,400f, delay 93.33~100 seconds2,800f~3,000f.
  • 1 Mystic Mask Yulala spawns as the boss after 63.33 seconds1,900f.
  • 3 Sir Rels spawn after 63.33 seconds1,900f, delay 93.33~100 seconds2,800f~3,000f.
  • Infinite Celeboodles spawn after 106.67 seconds3,200f, delay 26.67 seconds800f.
  • When the base reaches 95% HP:
    • 3 Sir Rels spawn, delay 2~3.33 seconds60f~100f.


The combination of Ururun and Yulala can be rather dangerous. Both have high range, and Yulala is able to push tremendously due to his Omni Strikes, high speed, great health and 1500 distance Warp. Furthermore, Sir Rels, Relic Doges and Celeboodles can crash the party when they hit your important units as their high stats allow the two main threats to continue advancing. Fortunately, these peons only come once in a while so you'll have a fair bit of breathing room.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Horror Movies, Catellite 50+22, Boulder Cat, Macho Crystal Cat, Teacher BearCat 50, Supercat, Hitman Cat 50, Reborn Warrior Doguemon 50

Cannon: Thunderbolt


  • Tourist Cat is NOT an acceptable replacement for Macho Crystal Cat.
  • Supercat at level 45+ can survive a single hit from Ururun Wolf from this stage, but this factoid shouldn't make a big difference.
  • Rich Cat is not needed, but is very much recommended.

This strategy can be very precise and difficult, featuring a lot of multi-tasking and focus. Proceed with caution.

Constantly send out Teacher BearCat to chip down the enemies. Once Mystic Mask Yulala spawns, send out Reborn Warrior Doguemon. This is where the tricky part begins. Remembering all of these conditions are critical, but the bold ones are deemed the most important to follow.

  • Constantly spam Hitman Cat and Teacher BearCat. No exceptions (except low cash).
  • If the peons (Sir Rel, Celeboodle, Relic Doge) are about to attack Reborn Warrior Doguemon, intercept the peons with Boulder Cat.
  • If Reborn Warrior Doguemon dies, spam Catellite and Boulder Cat until Reborn Warrior Doguemon is out on the field again.
  • If Macho Crystal Cat hits Mystic Mask Yulala, don’t send ANY meatshield. It’ll make it easier for Teacher BearCat and Hitman Cat to hit the bosses.
  • Supercat at level 30 cannot take a hit from Ururun Wolf in this stage, so only use them between Ururun Wolf’s attacks.
  • Macho Crystal Cat is best to use when Reborn Warrior Doguemon finishes their attack. All the peons should get knocked back, giving Macho Crystal Cat a good opening.
  • Macho Crystal Cat needs to ONLY hit Mystic Mask Yulala. One or two failed attempts should still be salvageable, but each failed attempt substantially bumps up the chance of losing.

If you are lucky, Mystic Mask Yulala should die when he is pretty close to your base, and likely after having chipped it down a good portion. Once Mystic Mask Yulala dies, you essentially win, as Ururun Wolf has essentially no pushing power now. The Relic and Traitless peons can still push relatively hard, so be sure to stay vigilant until you actually win.

Recommended Units[]

  • Can Can: Apart from Move Speed Up and Extra Money, Can Can needs to be at least level 41 to kill a 1000% Celeboodle and level 66 (level 52 with maxed Attack Up Talent) to kill a 150% Sir Rel, both of which are priority targets. A 150% Relic Doge has over 110K, so it will take two hits. Higher levels or Attack Up combos may be needed for consistent results. While Can Can isn't really able to get much damage off Yulala or Ururun, it can be used to pick off Celeboodles to support your economy with the already high money drop, while being a powerful answer to Sir Rel and Relic Doge.
  • Catellite: A surprisingly useful unit in this scenario, Catellite is able to survive a Yulala hit at level 59 or higher (25200>25000), putting its Warp Immunity to great use if you lack other alternatives.
  • Bullet Train Cat/Slime: Bullet Train works just as well as it did in Heavenly Tower Floor 40 and Floor 49 against Yulala, able to get some quick damage in and can survive a Yulala hit at level 38 or above, pairing very well with Can Can to eliminate peons before the bosses have a chance at pushing. Slime on the other hand is not as useful, although it can still exploit Yulala's short standing range to fire a Wave Attack that sweeps and forces the peons to flinch.
  • Reborn Warrior Doguemon: This unit's high health, resistance to Traitless/Relic threats and Warp Immunity makes it the perfect tank on this stage, as all enemies on the stage are within its targeted traits. It can hold the frontline reasonably well and with a bit of support its recharge time is more than enough to keep up. Its attacks also do a fair bit of damage, able to instantly destroy a 1000% Celeboodle at level 39 or above and can cripple Sir Rel/Relic Doge while chipping Yulala and Ururun.
  • Stone Cat: Stone's extreme health and Warp Immunity means nothing gets past as long as its hitbox remains. If boosted sufficiently by Research Combos, it can become much more consistent at blocking any enemy in the stage, able to bait Yulala and Ururun's attacks while ensuring the nasty peons can't come closer, giving you an opportunity to finish a Sir Rel or Relic Doge for good.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Lufalan Pasalan: Lufalan deals very high damage from range and is able to outrange both of the main threats. There's quite a bit of spacing in between the peons, so it's easy for it to get a clean hit even with its single-target attacks. Its critical hits can also speed up the fight greatly. However, due to Lufalan's low survivability and long cooldown, try to deploy it when Yulala's close to the base and support it with other units.
  • Shadow Gao: Gao's massive damage to Traitless and 1-second freeze work well in conjunction with its high range (480), able to easily hit and damage both Yulala and Ururun while staying away from the line of fire. Its high health means it can actually exploit Yulala's Warp to reposition. Gao however is vulnerable to the Relic peons and must be protected well.