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Saintly Sister (Merciless) is an Advent Stage unlocked after clearing Dead by Encore. It appears on the 3rd, 4th, 17th, and 18th of every month. Upon completion, players have a 30% chance to unlock Cossack Cat. This is a No Continues stage.


  • 1 Heavenly Herald Papuu spawns as the boss after 3.33 seconds100f.
  • Infinite Sir Rels spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 34.67~37.33 seconds1,040f~1,120f.
  • Infinite Wall Doges spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 46.67~49.33 seconds1,400f~1,480f.
  • 1 Sir Rel spawns after 13.33 seconds400f.
  • 1 Dagshund spawns after 23.33 seconds700f.
  • 2 Sir Rels spawn after 70 seconds2,100f, delay 14.67~17.33 seconds440f~520f.
  • 1 Dagshund spawns after 116.67 seconds3,500f.
  • 2 Sir Rels spawn after 156.67 seconds4,700f, delay 14.67~17.33 seconds440f~520f.
  • 1 Dagshund spawns after 203.33 seconds6,100f.


Due to Papuu's immense range and Toxic ability, both slow and super-expensive units should be left out in favour of fast and/or cheap units because almost everything will die in at most three hits. It's very difficult to prevent Papuu from ever damaging your base, but not impossible with hypermaxed units and a perfect run. Luckily, Toxic doesn't affect the Cat Base, hence having more Cat Base health (from levels, Ototo Corps and Cat Combos) buys you more time to continue fighting.

It is also recommended that you try to fight two (or all three) Dagshunds before moving onto Papuu. If you trigger her "Strengthen" ability before killing the two or three of the Dagshunds, she can destroy your base much faster when dealing with the last Dagshund (though this probably doesn't matter if your cats are at a high enough level).

Papuu is immune to even the Breakerblast Cannon, so using the Sniper item is the only way to keep her away from your base; if you have unlocked the Curseblast, then you can time it when Papuu attacks to prolong the life of your cats. This is because Curses disable Toxic effects and thus greatly reduces the damage taken by your cats for a single hit, which helps immensely given the time between hits and greatly increases their time to damage a Dagshund or Papuu herself.

Recommended/Usable Cats: Using a Riceball Cat with the Immune to Toxic Talent can really help with stalling Papuu and the peons without getting harmed by the notorious Toxic effect, using Bakery Cat can help by removing Papuu's Toxic (though proper setup is required), and Can Can Cat can greatly help with the Double Blunty and Move Speed Up Talent as it can go to the frontline quickly, do some damage, and give you a lot of cash.

Recommended Ubers

The following Uber Rares are good for this stage, and if you have any of these, using them will make things easier. Considering how Pappu is already weak to spammable attackers, however, most of them are just overkill.

  • Kasa Jizo: Can whittle down Papuu's health and is relatively cheap, as well as fast.
  • Greater Demon Cat: If he is able to slip on by before Papuu can attack, he can dish out substantial damage. Just make sure there aren't many peons blocking his way.
  • Hades the Punisher: His immunity to Toxic and tremendous health allows him to tank many Papuu hits. Beware that while he might be able to draw Papuu to a standstill, the same can't be said for your units. Be sure to keep on sending units to take out Papuu's support.
  • Kinrangers Gigaforce: In True Form, Kinrangers have a high chance to curse Angel enemies, rendering Papuu a non-threat. Just time Kinrangers whenever the path to Papuu is clear and time a Curseblast to ensure the rangers stay at high health.
  • Kalisa: Not effective when Papuu is not cursed, but can deliver crushing blows to Papuu nonetheless. Just make sure you have enough money and there are no peons in the way. Speed Up Talents will improve her time getting to Papuu and, therefore, her time in the battle.
  • Kasli the Bane: If her attack lands on Papuu (easier if there are peons to give her more space), then her Curse debuff can effectively render Papuu a non-threat. Just make sure she doesn't stop reapplying the Curse with support.

Strategy 1 (Uberless)

Lineup: Moneko, Neneko, Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Mr. (or an alternative set of Attack and Research Combos), Bullet Train Cat, Fishman Cat, Ramen Cat, Seafarer Cat, Housewife Cat (or Medalist Cat).

For this specific strategy, the use of Ubers or other units Cat Comhos in place of the recommended ones is heavily discouraged, except for Awakened Bahamut Cat and very few others. Use whatever Cannon you want (except Waterblast/Holy Blast), all have pros and cons.

Items: None are required, although a Rich Cat could help a little. A Treasure Radar is recommended after first clear.

Battle: Start by letting Papuu attack your Cat Base and get your Worker Cat to level 3, then take care of the Sir Rels with Ramen Cat and Bullet Train Cat; it's crucial that your base never gets hit by them. Once you are done, spam Ramen Cats for the rest of the fight; as for the other units, you want to ALWAYS wait for Papuu to attack, then summon them, but this doesn't mean that you should always summon them whenever you can:

  • Bullet Train Cat is to snipe Sir Rel; if a Sir Rel is killed before you summon it, it can be good for Dagshund too.
  • Fishman Cat is good for everything, but less important, so only summon him if you have money. Prioritize the others if there is too little.
  • Seafarer Cat is here for his Survive ability. He can hold his ground against the Traitless Enemies or the Sir Rels well, but should never be summoned against Papuu.
  • Housewife Cat is here to snipe Sir Rels or Dagshunds with her Long Distance ability.
  • Ramen Cat is the main DPS source and only meatshield. Spam with priority.
Anv 23 01 2020 papuu battle.jpg

The plan is to not bother keeping Papuu away from your base and just kill her. Ramen Cat's DPS is exceedingly high for a meatshield, and since he can take up to 3 hits from Papuu, you can expect to have a small group attacking her after every wave of peons. The other units are here to make quick work of said peons, giving you more time to attack the boss. As for your base, you can expect to take about 150k damage, so you should be fine, as long as you have all Treasures for base health. Lastly, once Papuu gets stronger, do not panic and keep doing what you've been doing; if you added something like Awakened Bahamut for any reason, this is the time to spawn it.

In case of a loss, make sure you only summon cats (besides Ramen Cat) just after Papuu's attacks. If you're already doing that, the problem lies in the levels of your cats, especially Ramen.

Note: In the featured attempt, Ramen was level 50+16 with a level 5 Attack Buff Talent, others around level 50; with this, the final health of the Cat Base was 84000/196000. If your Ramen is weaker, you still have plenty of health to give you extra time.

Things to note:

  • Being a tank without immunity to Toxic, Green Shell Cat will not last long, so even if you send it, don't stop spamming cats.
  • Keeping track of your rush unit's recharge is also important. If you have more than enough money, time it and send it at the peons or even Papuu. The faster Papuu dies, the better.
  • Leave Sniper the Cat on the whole time. Sometimes people forget to turn it back on when they do turn it off.
  • Timing Macho Legs well can easily kill the peons and leave Papuu open and give you more time to deal damage.
  • If your whole first line is only Cat Combos, replace your rush unit with Green Shell Cat.


Video Player Notes

No Uber Strat, Unlock Cossack Cat Papuu’s Paradise, Saintly Sister (Merciless) Battle Cats

Chuck Rich and Sniper Recommended

The only correct way to beat Papuu.

Pandango Bakery Cat, Curseblast

Papuu’s Paradise (No items or talents)

apg hercules



  • Saintly Sister's Japanese name, Saintly Elder Sister (聖おねえさん Seinto Oneesan), is a reference to either the manga Saint Young Men (聖☆おにいさん Seinto☆Oniisan), or to "Saint Ojisan" (聖☆おじさん Seinto☆Ojisan), the Denki Groove and Scha Dara Purr song that inspired said manga.


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