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For the removed celebration event, see Christmas Event.

Santa Claws at Work! (働くニャンタクロース!, Hataraku Nyanta Kurōsu!, Working Nyanta Claus!) is the Christmas event in The Battle Cats.

Event Information[]

Xmas is back in the Empire of Cats! Let's celebrate the holidays with seasonal Ubers and special stages!
On between December 18th (11:00am) and January 1st (10:59am)!

  • The Return of Xmas Capsules!

The lovely gals of the Cyber Academy get all dressed up for the winter holidays! This return of these limited edition seasonal capsules also introduces a new form for Frosty Kai called Frostspirit Kai, type μ!

During this event only, you can collect all of the Xmas Gals and friends and put their Uber might to work for your Cat army!
On between December 18th (11:00am) and December 31st (11:59pm)!

  • REINDEER TERUN: Stands against those that would ruin Christmas! (Uber Rare)

Colossus Slayer, with Area attacks that are Strong against Black and Aliens!

Tough vs Red, grows stronger after taking damage!
Plus, nullifies Wave damage!

Massive damage to Floating & Angel enemies!

Slow & knockback versus stingy Angels and Aliens.

  • FROSTY KAI: Clumsy but charming cutie-pie of the ski slopes! (Uber Rare)

Her Xmas spirit is tough against Aliens/Angels attacks!

  • SANTA KUU: Fearless and feisty in the face of winter! (Uber Rare)

Santa's li'l helper, strong vs Aliens/Angels!

  • HOLY COPPERMINE: Her chilly attitude hides warm holiday wishes! (Uber Rare)

Angels and Aliens freeze before her holy power!

Don't miss out on your chance to get these awesome seasonal units!

※ The characters listed above appear at a fixed rate from draws made on this set during this event, alongside regularly available Rare and Super Rare heroes.
※ Please be aware that you are not guaranteed to receive an Uber Rare hero from your draw on this set.
※ Please update to the most recent version of The Battle Cats if this event does not appear.

  • Return of Limited Edition Xmas Stages!

A Reindeer rebellion?!?! Holiday challengers are here to test your skill!
Visit Stories of Legend/Event Stages to take on these special seasonal maps!

  • Stage 1: Santa Claws at Work

Can you defeat the holiday menace Blitzen before he rages across the North Pole?
Clearing stages on this map will give you a chance to collect the special unit A Gift of Cats!
Try harder stages later on in the map to get better chances of picking up A Gift of Cats upon victory! (Or use a Treasure Radar on any stage for a 100% chance!)

※After collecting A Gift of Cats, visit the Rare Units section of the Upgrade menu to activate it!
※You must be updated to the most recent version of The Battle Cats to access this event.
※Players who have previously collected "A Gift of Cats" cannot collect this stage reward.

  • Stage 2: Christmas Eve Delivery

Many presents await children with patience! This stage goes all the way up to level 10, with each stage having its own set of rewards! Each stage gets harder as the previous one is completed!

※ After clearing a stage from this map, there will be a brief cooldown period before the next gauntlet stage can be accessed.
※ You may choose to spend a Catamin A to skip the cooldown and challenge the next Gauntlet stage immediately.

  • Stage 3: Christmas Eve Redelivery

All of the presents without a recipient need to be redelivered! Clear this stage to earn Behemoth Stones and Rare Tickets!
In these Timed Score stages, you will earn bigger and better rewards the higher your final score result! Clear the stage faster to earn a better score and get the best prizes!

※ Tap the Timed Score button on the "Christmas Eve Redelivery" map screen to view all possible score rewards.
※ You must clear Empire of Cats Ch. 3 in order to play "Christmas Eve Redelivery."



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Frosty Kai Santa Kuu Holy Coppermine A Gift of Cats Yuletide Nurse Snow Angel Twinstars Keiji Claus Reindeer Terun


Enemy icon 063 Enemy icon 213 Enemy icon 430
Dark Emperor Santa Christmas D. Satan Claus

List of Stages[]

Night 1: Santa Claws at Work[]

Night 1: Santa Claws at Work (第一夜 働くニャンタクロース, Daiichiya Hataraku Nyanta Kurōsu, First Night Working Nyanta Claus)

Mapname325 s en Mapname325 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn325 00 s en Ichibyō de 5000 Ken ni Haitatsu Delivering to 5000 Homes in 1 Second 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn325 01 s en Nenai Kodomo Children Awake 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn325 02 s en Purezento no Kōgakuka Present Inflation 70 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn325 03 s en Tonakai Tachi no Suto Reindeers' Strike 85 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn325 04 s en Hōshū wa Minna no Egao Reward is Everyone's Smile 100 EnergyIcon

Night 2: Christmas Eve Delivery[]

Night 2: Christmas Eve Delivery (第二夜 聖夜のプレゼント配達, Dainiya Seiya no Purezento Haitatsu, Night 2 Holy Night Present Delivery)

Mapname058 a en Mapname058 a ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stages 1~10 Mapsn058 00 a en Haitatsu Lv Delivery Lv.1~MAX 80~200 EnergyIcon

Night 3: Christmas Eve Redelivery[]

Night 3: Christmas Eve Redelivery (第三夜 聖夜のプレゼント再配達, Daisanya Seiya no Purezento Haitatsu, Night 3 Holy Night Present Redelivery)

Mapname364 s en Mapname364 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn364 00 s en Aka to Murasaki no Hako no Purezento Present of the Red and Purple Box 120 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn364 01 s en Ao to Midori no Hako no Purezento Present of the Blue and Green Box 170 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn364 02 s en Kiiroi Hako no Purezento Present of the Yellow Box 200 EnergyIcon

First Appearance[]

English Version[]

  • December 13th, 2022 to December 6th, 2022

Japanese Version[]

  • December 13th, 2022 to December 27th, 2022


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