Sarukani is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls gacha event. True Form added in version 8.2 gains increased health and immunity to Weaken. 

Cat Unit # 322
Uber Rare Cat


Rock Revengers



Evolves into Rock Revengers at level 10.

Evolves into The One-Hit Wonders at level 30 using Catfruit.


  • Normal form has decent stats and range, is cheap and fast to produce and has many knockbacks to keep him safe.
  • Evolved form has very high health, good range, and is immune to Slow ability. (True Form has even greater health and is also immune to Weaken.)
  • All forms have Area Attack, are strong against Angels and Zombies, and have the Zombie Killer ability.
  • All forms can outrange most Zombies.
  • Evolved form has decent attack power (though low DPS)


  • All forms have mediocre DPS.
  • Evolved forms have slow attack speed


English Version

  • Normal Form: Won best supporting actor as a li'l monkey for "Selfish Persimmons". Everyone hates working with him. Strong area atk vs Angels/Zombies.
  • Evolved Form: The kids Sarukani did wrong formed the metal act: Causin' Effect. Revenge is a dish best served heavy. Strong area atk vs Angels/Zombies.
  • True Form: Saru convinced the rockers to reform the band to try and capitalize on every pop trend at once. Strong area atk vs Angels/Zombies.

Japanese Version

  • Normal Form: (?)
  • Evolved Form: (?)
  • True Form: (?)
Japanese Version info. Translation
Normal Form name さるかに合戦 (Sarukanigassen) Monkey-Crab Battle
Evolved Form name 爆音楽奏サルカニヘヴン Sulcane Heaven
True Form name 超音楽奏サルカニフェス ?
Normal Form description 演劇界に現れた天才子役にゃんこ。映画「森」では

最優秀助演賞を獲得し「恐ろしい子」と評される 天使とゾンビにめっぽう強い(範囲攻撃)

Niko got a genius child who appeared in the theater world. In the movie 'Forest'

A strong assistant (range attack) to an angel and zombies who won the best supportive award and is described as "a terrible child"

Evolved Form description 地獄より蘇りし伝説のロックバンド

アルバム「因果応報」をひっさげ報復ツアー中 天使とゾンビにめっぽう強い(範囲攻撃)

It revives from hell and legendary rock band

Stronger (Angel Attack) on angels and zombies during retaliatory tourism that led the album "causal response"

True Form description 方向性の違いで解散したビッグバンドが再結成!

個性がぶつかり合う新曲「KONTON」絶賛発売中 天使とゾンビにめっぽう強い(範囲攻撃)

The big band broke down due to the difference in direction and reunited!

New song "KONTON" which individuality collides with each other Acclaimed On sale Angel and zombie are strongly plopped (range attack)


Normal Form

  • Chapter 1: $520
  • Chapter 2: $780
  • Chapter 3: $1040

Evolved/True Form

  • Chapter 1: $3800
  • Chapter 2: $5700
  • Chapter 3: $7600


Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
680 HP 360 damage 300 2.77 seconds 12 4 times 0.6 seconds 16.33 - 7.53 seconds
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
11,560 HP 6,120 damage Area Attack Strong against Angels and Zombies. (Deals 1.5 times damage; only takes 1/2 damage);

Zombie Killer. (Stops Zombies from reviving)

Rock Revengers
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
80,750 HP 43,350 damage 460 9.03 seconds 9 4 times 2.73 seconds 160.33 - 151.53 seconds
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Strong against Angels and Zombies. (Deals 1.5 times damage; only takes 1/2 damage);

Zombie Killer. (Stops Zombies from reviving);
Resist Slow.

The One-Hit Wonders
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
97,750 HP 43,350 damage 460 7.63 seconds 9 4 times 2.73 seconds 160.33 - 151.53 seconds
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.40+70 Area Attack Strong against Angels and Zombies. (Deals 1.5 times damage; only takes 1/2 damage);

Zombie Killer. (Stops Zombies from reviving);
Resist Weaken and Slow.

*First stats are 1st form's initial, second and third stats include 300% Empire of Cats Treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack from the attack's execution until the next attack animation starts (includes backswing).
For units with multi-hit attacks, attack animation is the part of the animation leading up to the first hit.
*See this section to calculate Sarukani's stats.

Catfruit Evolution

GreenFruit x3 PurpleFruit x7
BlueFruit x2 YellowFruit x7
RainbowFruit x4 XP1 000 000


  • Normal Form: A cat with two branches with a kaki (Japanese for 'persimmon') on its end and a monkey on its head.
  • Evolved Form: A stage on wheels with four humanoid cats "rock and rolling". There is a cross with another cat tied with chains onto it.
  • True Form: Sarukani and the band now have different appearances, along with including every pop trend (Modern, Rock, Reggae, Chinese Folk, Karaoke) to one another. They also have a unique set of colors to accompany themselves, and Saru is no longer chained up on the cross, and instead is on a separate stage of his own. The rolling podium also has many more speakers behind the One-Hit Wonders.


  • This character is based on the Japanese folktale "Saru-Kani" ("The Crab and the Monkey"), which is about a monkey who kills a crab by throwing persimmons (or kaki, there are many versions) on it, and the crab's offspring's revenge.
  • The Rock Revengers are a reference to the rock band "Kiss".
    • Each member references a character in the original folktale: the bee (left), the nut (right), the crab's offspring (center/lead singer), the mortar (battery) and the monkey (tied on the cross, probably put there as a reference to having taken revenge on the monkey). For some reason the cow dung is missing (which is probably okay.)
  • The Rock Revengers were possibly made to counter Daboo of the Dead in Parade of the Dead, a stage with Angels and Zombies, where the boss is immune to status effects and slows cat units (100%), unless they are immune to slowness, of course.


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