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The Season Stages are a group of stages appearing during the Heartbeat Catcademy event. They were added in Version 11.3.

List of Stages

There are many stages per map, each with different gimmicks.

  • Season 1: School Days is a Gauntlet map that grants various amounts of Legendary Love Letters.
  • Season 2: Heartbeat Festival has Timed Score Reward and grants various rewards.
  • Season 3: Field Trip grants XP and have a chance to trigger a Continuation Stage that drop Legendary Love Letters
  • Season 4: Graduation Day all grant a Cat Ticket with the last granting a Rare Ticket.

Season 1: School Days

Season 1: School Days (Season1 ~学園生活~,Season1 ~Gakuen Seikatsu~ ,Season1 ~School Life~)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stages 1~20 See Season 1: School Days 10~200 EnergyIcon.png

Season 2: Heartbeat Festival

Season 2: Heartbeat Festival (Season2~トキメキ文化祭~, Season2 ~Tokimeki Bunkasai~, ~Tokimeki Cultural Festival~)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 No Sleep For Days 前日から眠れない (Zenjitsu kara Nemurenai) Can't Sleep the Night Before 30 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Cafe Coworkers 手作り喫茶でお揃いの制服 (Tezukuri Kissa de O Soroi no Seifuku) Matching Uniforms in a Handmade Coffee Shop 45 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 Hands on the Check お会計で触れ合う手 (O Kaikei de Fureau Te) Hands Touching At the Checkout 60 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 4 Miscalculated Bill 何度計算しても合わない売上 (Nan Do Keisan Shite mo Awanai Uriage) Sales That Don't Fit No Matter How many Times you Calculate Them 70 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 5 Day's End Chime 終わりを告げるチャイム (Owari o Tsugeru Chaimu) Chimes To Mark the End 80 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 6 School Festival Cleanup 片付けまでが文化祭 (Katazuke made ga Bunkasai) Cultural Festival Until Tidying Up 90 EnergyIcon.png

Season 3: Field Trip

Season 3: Field Trip (Season3~修学旅行~, Season3 ~Shūgakuryok~, Season3 ~School Trip~)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Long-Awaited Trip 待ちに待った北海道 (Machi ni Matta Hokkaidō) The Long-Awaited Hokkaido 100 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Impulse Souvenir 勢いで買った木彫りの熊 (Ikioi de Katta Kibori no Kuma) Carved Bear That I Bought in the Moment 120 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 Out-of-Season Bloom シーズン外のラベンダー畑 (Shīzungai no Rabendā Hatake) Out of Season Lavender Fields 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 4 The Great Pillow Fight 一大イベントまくら投げ (Ichidai Ibento Makura Nage) Big Pillow Fight Event 180 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 5 In-Flight Slumber 帰りの飛行機は全員熟睡 (Kaeri no Hikōki wa Zenin Jukusui) We All Slept Well on the Return Flight 250 EnergyIcon.png
Stage EX Sudden Call From Your Crush 【緊急】あの子からの呼び出し (【Kinkyū】Ano Ko kara no Yobidashi) 【Emergency】Call from that Girl 0 EnergyIcon.png
  • Each stage has a chance to continue to the EX stage. The further the stage beaten the higher the chance for it to appear.

Season 4: Graduation Day

Season 4: Graduation Day (Season4~卒業の日~, Season4 ~Sotsugyō no Hi~, Season4 ~Graduation Day~)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Waiting at the Spot 告白スポットにて待つ (Kokuhaku Supoto nite Matsu) Wait At the Confession Spot 50 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Rising Heart Rate 上がり続ける心拍数 (Agaritsuzukeru Shinpakusū) Ever-Increasing Heart Rate 60 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 She Actually Came?! 時間通りに来る彼女 (Jikandōri ni Kuru Kanojo) She Comes on Time 70 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 4 One Brave Step 勇気と共に踏み出す一歩 (Jikandōri ni Kuru Kanojo) A Step Forward with Courage 85 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 5 Scattered Sakura 背中を押す桜吹雪 (Senaka o Osu Sakura Fubuki) Cherry Blossom Blizzard That Pushes Back 100 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 6 Moral Support 影から見守る友人たち (Kage kara Mimamoru Yūjintachi) Friends Watching From the Shadows 120 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 7 Unheard Confession 風の音でかき消される告白 (Kazenōto de Kakikesareru Kokuhaku) Confession Drowned Out By the Wind 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 8 No Longer Single? 片思い卒業証書 授与 (Kataomoi Sotsugyō Shōsho Juyo) Unrequited Love Diploma Award 200 EnergyIcon.png


English Version

  • March 14th, 2022 to April 11th, 2022

Japanese Version

  • February 28th, 2022 to March 18th, 2022

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