This article is about one of the removed features of the game.

Serial Codes are special codes that used to input in the game for various rewards.This feature was removed with the Invite Friends for Moneko feature. 

How to Obtain

There are many ways to get Serial Codes:

  • Winning contests held by PONOS on their Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Codes that are bundled in the game's merchandise.

Most of the serial codes can only be used once excluding Easter Egg codes.

Classify and Function

Gift Code

These are one-time use codes that are sent to the winners of PONOS' contests. This code will give the player items such as XP, Cat Food, and Tickets.

Secret Codes

These are codes that when used, will unlock a Cat Unit.

Merchandise Codes

These are one-time use codes that are included in the game's merchandise. It will give items or Cat Units.

How to use

Main menu

Main menu for Version 2.1.1

From the title screen, tap the "Invite friends to get Moneko" button at the bottom right of the screen.

Invite page

Tap the green button "シリアルコード" at the bottom right of the screen.
Serial code

Serial Code input

Input the code on these two boxes.
Friends invite present

Present redemption

If you do it right, the rewards will appear after that.

List of known Serial Code Cats

At the moment, these Cats are unobtainable:

Name of Character Unlock method
Capsule Cat (A) Input codes from Battle Cats strap, from Gashapon machine
Masked Cat Input codes from Battle Cats lottery double chance campaign
Maiko Cat Input codes from Nyanko Ecology Report
Evangelist Cat Exclusive to Korean Version. Obtain by input the serial code from the game's merchandise.
Vending Machine Cat Input codes from Battle Cats strap 2, from Gashapon machine
Blue Shinobi Input codes from Battle Cats strap set
Singer Cat

- Input the serial code: ラス-ボス

- Defeat the stage キタ---(゚∀゚)---!! (From Final Boss Advent!? Event)

Cat Bros Input codes from Battle Cats strap 3, from Gashapon machine
Hikakin Input the serial code: ヒカ-キン
Squish Ball Cat Input codes from Battle Cats strap 4, from Gashapon machine
God Input codes from Battle Cats Ecology Report TokuSakari
Tutorial Cat Input the serial code: とくい-ふくだ
Ayanokōji Shō Input codes from Kishidan's CD "幸せにしかしねーから"
Saotome Hikaru Input codes from Kishidan's CD "幸せにしかしねーから"
Saionji Hitomi Input codes from Kishidan's CD "幸せにしかしねーから"
Hoshi Guranmanie Input codes from Kishidan's CD "幸せにしかしねーから"
Shiratori Shōchikubai Input codes from Kishidan's CD "幸せにしかしねーから"
Mob Cat Input code included in Yakuza Apocalypse movie ticket
Yamaoka Minori Input the serial code: みのりん
Nakamura Kanae Input the serial code: かにー


  • Even though Evangelist Cat is only available in the Korean Version, his entry in the GameGift page categorized him as an Serial Code Cat. It's unknown if Evangelist Cat was also available in the Japanese Version.


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