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Seven Lights of Doom (Merciless) is the only stage in Mining Epic. It can be cleared up to 3 times per appearance.



Avoid using most Surge units in this stage, as the majority of all enemies will simply dismiss them.

Ancient Magamojoe is the primary threat here, since he has devastating attacks and a massive 2,000,000 health. Attempt to kill him as fast as possible; his 50% Surge chance can cause you to lose if it procs too often, so don't be surprised if you have to try again... not to mention he's knockback and slow immune, making Cyberpunk Cat and Sniper the Deadeye ineffective. A good counter is Luza; while it doesn't require Epic Behemoth Stones and performs well versus the Behemoths here, it is expensive to evolve, and it is only obtainable after completing Revival of Origin. There is value in completing either stage first, whether it is best to get Luza first or the other Uncanny Legends True Forms depends by the player.

As soon as you obtain the necessary amount of Epic Behemoth Stones, evolve the most helpful Uncanny Legend units as their newly acquired Behemoth Slayer abilities can be put to good use here. Awakened Naala is recommended as its anti-Relic ability makes it an excellent counter against Magamojoe, while Awakened Urs is an excellent generalist. Awakened Doron and Reborn Warrior Doguemon are far less effective, so it's recommended to invest in them later, when you can consistently clear this stage. If you are truly desperate (without the necessary ubers) and have lots of cat food to spare, the ultimate last resort option is the fact this stage lacks No Continues. Once you manage to secure Naala, you won't be ever needing them again.

Courier Cat can kill Ahirujo fairly quickly, netting some more cash to defend with and removing a small threat. It does good damage against Darkjo and Magamojoe as well, as Curse doesn't disable Behemoth Slayer and it may be able to get hits in against them. Bear in mind that it will probably not survive a hit from any of the birds after taking a Surge hit. Likewise, Fabled Adventurer Kanna's attacks could deal some good damage to Darkjo, even if Darkjo is Immune to Surges.

Strategy 1 (cheese)[]

Lineup: Courier Cat 50, Supercar Cat 50, Awakened Mina 40, Manic Eraser Cat 50, Jiangshi Cat 50, Green Shell Cat 50


  • Supercar Cat is not mandatory, but makes your life easier)
  • Add in other legends or URs with similar long distance attacks like Mina
  • If you are having trouble stalling, try adding in more or different meatshields like Egg Pod or Gato Amigo

Kasli the Bane and Kasli the Scourge will not work due to random surges hitting the nearest Those Guys, plus most of the damage on the enemies will be ignored by surge immunity.

Battle: Kill the 4 Wild Doges with Courier Cat and/or Supercar Cat. It does not matter if Great Angel Chibinel is dead at this moment, but let ALL your units die. Great Angel Chibinel will take a while to destroy your base so do not worry. Bring one Those Guys very close to the base and kill him with Green Shell. Wait for another Those Guys to start attacking Green Shell before sending out Mina. Great Angel Chibinel will be hit by Mina but Those Guys will not. Eventually, Great Angel Chibinel will die before your base goes. Stack Mina until you are satisfied.

Balalan Pasalan can also be useful as he can stack just fine and he can disable Ancient Magamojoe. It would just take a very long time due to his 300 second recharge.

Strategy 2[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Mini-Saurus, Li'l Mohawk Cat 97, Gato Amigo (Immune to Surge) 50, Brainwashed Mohawk Cat 50, Cat Egg Pod 50, Courier Cat 50, Storm Beast Naala 40

Cannon: Thunderbolt 30


  • Naala didn't do all that much. You might be better off bringing a different legend or UR.
  • Another option is swapping in Gridiron Cat as Darkjo turned out to be one of the opponents pushing hardest.
  • If you have better research combos, use them.

Upgrade your base to level 3-4, and then stall using meatshields and Courier until you have maxed your wallet. Try not to bring out too many Couriers, as they can easily kill Chibinel and trigger the base prematurely.

Once you have maxed the base, try saving up a little money before breaking through and starting to grind down the bosses. Basically, spam the bottom row and Li'l Mohawk Cat if he's in your research combos. Money was never a problem for me, so if your other combo slaves are at a high level you might want to send out a few of them as well, to help reduce the time it takes to grind down the ducks' health pools.

As noted, Naala didn't do too much in that attempt, but this lineup still managed to beat the stage.


Day(s) Time (Local)
Monday, Thursday 07:00~11:00
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 12:00~16:00
Wednesday, Saturday 19:00~23:00


  • This stage has the highest energy cost in the game, standing at 1,000.