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Not to be confused with Barriers.

A Shield (シールド Shīrudo, Shield) is a defensive ability possessed by certain Aku Enemies.

Aku Doge displaying his Shield


A Shield is omnipresent until destroyed, but is only visible when attacked. It begins with a specific amount of HP depending on the enemy and absorbs all damage directed to the unit until destruction, ignoring excess damage. Unlike Barriers, Shield HP scales with strength magnification. When the bearer receives a damage-based knockback, their Shield will regenerate with a specific percentage of their base HP, again varying depending on the enemy, unless the enemy dies from the hit. Shielded enemies are impervious to damage, effects and debuffs, regardless of source, with damage being redirected to the shield and everything else being nullified, but attacking them can still generate Waves or Surges.

Since Shields lose HP like an enemy would, any cat that can attack Aku is theoretically capable of breaking any Shield. Some Cat Units have the "Shield Piercing", which functions similarly to Barrier Breakers against barriers on Starred Aliens, giving a set chance to destroy shields instantly and dealing damage to the enemy directly, though this does not prohibit regeneration.

Non-damage-based knockbacks, such as those from Sniper the Cat or Ururun Wolf, are unable to force Shields to regenerate. An important note is that the Breakerblast Cannon cannot destroy Shields in one hit like it does Barriers.

Overall, the biggest difference between Shields and Barriers is that Barriers are a one-time hurdle that needs a powerful hit or Barrier Breaker, but ignores damage otherwise, while Shields offer a constant buff to enemies' HP, while granting them immunity to effects most of the time.


Enemy Base Shield HP Regeneration %
Aku Doge 4,500 50%
Le'Behemoth 800,000 50%*
Fallen Bear 250,000 50%
Wicked Face 322,000 100%
Aku Cyclone 1,666,666 100%
Wicked Cat 4,800 50%
Wicked Axe Cat 200,000 50%
Dark Priest Mamon 1,200,000 50%
High Priest Mamon 1,800,000 100%
Lord of Ruin Jagando 1,800,000 100%
Possessed Empress 1,200,000 100%
Miz Devil 15,000 50%*
Midnite D. 80,000 50%
Ackey 450,000 100%
Deathkory 600,000 100%
*Le'Behemoth's and Miz Devil's Shields have a regeneration value of 50% in the game's code, but in practice their Shields never regenerate because they each only have one knockback.



  • Midnite D. has the highest number of knockbacks for any enemy with a Shield and thus the highest number of Shield regenerations in the game.