Shockwaves (also known as Wave Attacks) are a special ability/attack in The Battle Cats and can be created by a few Cat characters and Enemy characters at a random chance or at a 100% chance.

Shockwaves hit all enemies/cats in their range but doesn't hit bases. (Levels are based on how many "explosion" sounds there are.) The damage done by Shockwaves is the same as a normal attack of the cat or enemy. Wave attacks tend to have more range than they seem to, as they have one extra hitbox in front of the last wave burst. This can be annoying sometimes, as a unit that should not have been hit can sometimes still be hit by the shockwave. Shockwaves will retain any special ability that the original attack had.

Units that can do Shockwave attacks:

Cat Units

Enemy Units


  • Kory is the first enemy in the game that can create a shockwave at a 100% chance.
  • Enemy characters will create blue shockwaves and cat characters will create purple shockwaves.
  • Shockwaves resemble the blast from a Cat Cannon.
  • Certain units have the "Unharmed by Wave Attacks" ability, which means that they will never take any damage from shockwaves. However, they still can take damage from the attack triggering the shockwave if they are too close to the attacker.
  • There is also a "Wave Blocker" ability, which allows cats to stop shockwaves. This ability nullifies the final invisible hitbox of the shockwave, meaning that units like Eva Unit-00 can protect an Awakened Bahamut even if A. Bahamut has less range.
  • Shockwaves operate at a delay, and they are a separate hitbox from the attack which triggered it, meaning that if the original unit which cause the shockwave is interrupted, the shockwave will still progress and deal damage independently. This can be seen when a Crazed Gross Cat attacks the enemy base in the Challenge Battle, triggering the summon of Assassin Bear, and even though the Crazed Gross Cat's attack has ended, the wave still progresses forward, killing Assassin Bear. 
  • The starting Shockwave range for enemies is 467.5, which is why a Level 1 Shockwave can hit Bahamut with 450 range, whereas for Cats, the starting Shockwave range is 332.5. Each consecutive Shockwave level applies 200 extra range.