Shoumetsu Toshi (消滅都市 shōmetsu toshi Annihilation City), received a version 2, is an action game published by WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS has a collaboration event with Battle Cats.

Latest Collab period: June 1st, 2020 to June 15th, 2020

List of Units

  • Collaboration Gacha
Separate Article: Shoumetsu Toshi Collaboration Event/Gacha Drop

Characters from Annihilation City are available to unlock in the Battle Cats via the Rare Cat Capsule during the event period. These Gachas consists of:

  • 【Uber Rare】 Mystery Girl Yuki - Highpowered, long-distance Area attacker. Massive Area damage to Floating enemies.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Crazed Yuki - High-powered, long-distance Area attacker. Massive Area damage to Red & Black enemies.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Lost World Yuki Frequent Long-distance attacks! Massive Area damage to Angels and Aliens.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Benevolent Souma - High-powered, long-distance Area attacker. Chance to Slow and Weaken Aliens and Angels.
  • 【Super Rare】 Otaku Geek Cat - Long-range specialist who attacks distant enemies. Long-distance Area attacks 100% Weaken non-Metal enemies.
  • 【Rare】Souma Cat - Long-range specialist with chance of Wave attack.
*These characters only drop in their Collab Gacha, which can be accessed on top-left of the Gacha/Cat Capsule menu. Various other cats not from this collab (regular Rare and Super Rare drops) may also be pulled.

Besides the Collaboration Gacha, other collaboration cats include:

  • 【Rare】 Takuya & Yuki - Chance to obtain when playing the Annihilated City Limited Stage, with greater chance as the player progresses to harder levels. Using a Treasure Radar provides a guaranteed drop. Chance to obtain her True Form from playing the Takuya & Yuki Awaken stage with greater chance as the player progresses to harder levels. Using a Treasure Radar provides a guaranteed drop.
  • 【Rare】 Redhead Yuki Cat - Chance to obtain when playing the The Lost World Limited Stage, with greater chance as the player progresses to harder levels. Using a Treasure Radar provides a guaranteed drop.
  • 【Rare】 Kano & Souma - Chance to obtain when playing the The World Beyond Limited Stage, with greater chance as the player progresses to harder levels. Using a Treasure Radar provides a guaranteed drop.
  • 【Special】 Yuki Cat - Obtained as a free SNS campaign reward during the Collab Event.

2017 Collab

  • Collaboration Gacha

The exclusive Gacha for this collab is on during this period. To spin it, the player need to switch to this Gacha on the top-left of the screen. This time, in addition to Mystery Girl Yuki and Crazed Yuki, an Uber Rare palette swap of her was created, named Lost World Yuki.

*This Gacha also discharges other Cats (those common Rares and Super Rares).
*Yukis won't appear in other Gacha, but they are also not guaranteed to drop.
*The player needs to update the game to version 6.1 in order for this Gacha to appear.
  • Collaboration Stages

Collaboration Stages can be accessed in the Stories of Legend menu, where it stores all sort of event stages. This collab has 3 "Chapters", when the collab start, only one "Chapter" can be seen, the second and the third one will be added after two days, one after another, and they are all Timed Stages. There is a chance to get the Rare Cat(s) (?) Takuya & Yuki upon clearing these levels, the chance is higher in more difficult level, but using a Treasure Radar in one of these levels to get them instantly.

*Takuya and Yuki is stored in the Rare Cat tab, from the Upgrade menu.
*Players who already unlocked Takuya and Yuki can just ignore this part.

If the player want to get the third form of Takuya and Yuki for their collection, their Awakened Stage is available 3 days after "Chapter 3".

*They need to be at level 20 or higher to evolve. Done in the Upgrade menu

A new collaboration stage is introduced, which is available to play the same time as the Awakened Stage above. This new stage has a new Rare drop named "Redhaired Yuki Cat" (赤髪のゆきにゃん). The deal to get this Cat is the same as Takuya and Yuki.

  • Benefits from Shoumetsu Toshi

There are 1 more exclusive Cat from this collaboration, the player needs to complete some specific quests in Shoumetsu Toshi:
* Clear ストーリークエスト(1章4話)「好きだからよ」 to get Yuki Cat, 1 Rare Ticket an 30 Cat Food.
* Clear コラボクエスト「(中級)にゃんこ軍団の秘密」 to get 30000 XP and 50 Cat Food.
* Clear コラボクエスト「(上級)侵略のにゃんこ軍団」 to get 3 Silver Tickets.

To get all the rewards, from the Menu screen of Shoumetsu Toshi app →「その他」(右下のボタン)→「特典」→「にゃんこ大戦争復刻コラボ特典(1)~(3)」

*The player must update the game to version 6.1 to get all the benefits.
*Those who already unlocked Yuki Cat, can't unlock it a second time.
  • Benefits from Battle Cats

Some of the collab stages in Battle Cats have some rewards upon completion that the player can use in Shoumetsu Toshi:
* Clear Chapter 1 - Stage 1 to get 「ゆきにゃん」+「 狂乱の火の三つ子ニャンゼル」+「狂乱の光の三つ子ニャンゼル」;
* Clear Chapter 1 - Stage 3 to get 「ビューティゆきにゃん」+「狂乱の水の三つ子ニャンゼル」+「狂乱の木の三つ子ニャンゼル」+「狂乱の闇の三つ子ニャンゼル」;
* Clear Chapter 2 - Stage 1 to get 1 フクザワ.
Downloading Battle Cats will reward 「ネコ(☆3)」 and 1 フクザワ.

*The benefits above can be received by tapping the red button on each stage.
  • Cat Food Gift

Log in everyday to get 20 Cat Food for the duration of this collaboration event.

2015 Collab

  • Collaboration Gacha

Collaboration Gacha "Shoumetsu Toshi" appears during this event period. By playing this Event Gacha, the player has a chance to get Mystey Girl Yuki (謎の少女ユキ) and a new Uber Rare Cat Crazed Yuki (狂乱のユキ).

  • Notes: Using other Rare Cat Capsules will not discharge characters from Shoumetsu Toshi, each charater will be discharged at a fixed probability, there are also other Cat Units can be dropped in this Collab Gacha.
  • Please switch to the Collab Gacha by tapping its icon on top of the "Rare Cat Capsule" screen.
  • If the Shoumetsu Toshi Capsule does not appear, the player needs to update Battle Cats app to the latest version (5.1.0).
  • Collaboration Stages

Reoccurring Chapters:

Shoumetsu Toshi ~ Chapter 1 ~ (消滅都市 ~第1章~)
Shoumetsu Toshi ~ Chapter 2 ~ (消滅都市 ~第2章~)
Shoumetsu Toshi ~ Chapter 3 ~ (消滅都市 ~第3章~)

In addition, a new chapter was added: Takuya & Yuki Awaken Stages, introducing Takuya & Yuki's True Form: "Takuya and Beauty Yuki" (require level 20 or above to evolve). This chapter will release in May 27th, 2016.

  • Battle Cats benefits from "Shoumetsu Toshi" app

Completing the Collaboration Quest during event period will reward the player:

Story quest [Chapter 1 - Episode 4] 「好きだからよ」 clear: Yuki Cat (Special Cat) and 1 Rare Ticket
Collaboraion Quest 「(中級)にゃんこ軍団の秘密」 clear: XP +30000
Collboration Quest 「(上級)侵略のにゃんこ軍団」 clear: 3 Silver Tickets
  • How to get Yuki Cat in Battle Cats:
・ Go to Shoumetsu Toshi menu screen → その他 (OTHER) (the button at the bottom right) → 特典 (BENEFITS) → にゃんこ大戦争復刻コラボ特典(1)~(3).
・ After tapping the button 「特典の受け取りはコチラ」, go to Battle Cats app, the player will receive the character Yuki Cat.
  • Shoumetsu Toshi benefits from "Battle Cats" app
Chapter 1-1 clear: Limited Souls: "Yuki Cat" (ゆきにゃん), "Crazed Triplet Fire Nyanzeru" (狂乱の火の三つ子ニャンゼル), "Crazed Triplet Light Nyanzeru" (狂乱の光の三つ子ニャンゼル)
Chapter 1-3 clear: Limited Souls: "Beauty Yuki Cat" (ビューティゆきにゃん), "Crazed Triplet Water Nyanzeru" (狂乱の水の三つ子ニャンゼル), "Crazed Triplet Wood Nyanzeru" (狂乱の木の三つ子ニャンゼル), "Crazed Triplet Darkness Nyanzeru" (狂乱の闇の三つ子ニャンゼル)
Chapter 2-1 clear: 1 Fukuzawa (フクザワ)
  • Collaboration Gifts

To celebrate the second collab, 20 Cat Food will be sent to each player.

2014 Collab

  • Collaboration Gacha

Shoumetsu Toshi Gacha can be accessed by using the Gacha Switch button, playing this Gacha may unlock the Uber Rare Cat: "Mystery Girl Yuki", player can also unlock Gold CatNenekoCat Base Mini and many other cats.

First Gacha Discount Event is also excluded during the event.

  • Collaboration Stages

Battle Cats:

When player move to "Stories of Legend" (event stage) during event period, new collaboration stages appears:

- 消滅都市 ~第1章~ (Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~)

- 消滅都市 ~第2章~ (Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~)

- 消滅都市 ~第3章~ (Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~)

(If the levels does not appear, player needs to update Battle Cats to the latest version - ver3.6.0)

​Time-limited stages appears, with the Timed Score feature. It's possible to win a scoring reward that has been set in each stage.

Rewards can be seen in Stage Select screen, from the "scoring reward" (採点報酬) button at the bottom left.

The rare character: Takuya & Yuki appears as an item drop with extremely rare probability. The more difficult stage cleared, more chance to get this character, in one shot if player uses Treasure Radar.

  • Shoumetsu Toshi benefits from "Battle Cats" app: 

In addition, benefits can be used in Shoumetsu Toshi as clearing collaboration stages in Battle Cats:

- "消滅都市 ~第1章~", Stage 1 clear: limited soul: "Yuki Cat (ゆきにゃん yuki nyan)"

- "消滅都市 ~第1章~", Stage 2 clear: limited soul: "Beauty Yuki Cat (ビューティゆきにゃん byūti yuki nyan)"

- "消滅都市 ~第2章~", Stage 2 clear: experience value + skills up materials.

There is also a collaboration event in "Shoumetsu Toshi" app

  • Battle Cats benefits from "Shoumetsu Toshi" app:

Story Quest of Shoumetsu Toshi during event period, benefits can be used in Battle Cats as clearing collaboration stages:

- "ストーリークエスト(1章4話)「好きだからよ」"  clear: the Special Cat: "Yuki Cat"

- "コラボクエスト「(中級)にゃんこ軍団の秘密」" clear: XP+30000

- "コラボクエスト「(上級)侵略のにゃんこ軍団」" clear: Silver Ticket+3

List of Levels

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~ (消滅都市~第1章~ Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 1-shō~Vanishing City ~Chapter 1~

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 A Post-Apocalypse Tale 消滅からはじまる物語 (Shōmetsu kara hajimaru monogatari) A Story That Begins With Annihilation
Stage 2 Deliveryman Takuya 運び屋タクヤ (Hakobi-ya Takuya) Carrier Takuya
Stage 3 A Mystery Girl 謎の少女 (Nazo no shōjo) Mysterious Girl

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~ (消滅都市~第2章~ Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 2-shō~Vanishing City ~Chapter 2~

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 Good Cats, Bad Cats GOOD CATS, BAD CATS
Stage 2 A Bothersome Cat 面倒なネコって思ったでしょ? (Mendōna neko tte omottadesho?) You Thought It Was A Troublesome Cat?
Stage 3 The Nyanko Plan にゃんこ計画 (Nyanko keikaku) Cat Project

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~ (消滅都市~第3章~ Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 3-shō~Vanishing City ~Chapter 3~

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 LOST (Insane) ロスト 超激ムズ (Rosuto chō geki muzu) Lost Super Hard

Takuya & Yuki Awaken

Takuya & Yuki Awaken (開眼のタクヤとユキ Kaigan no Takuya to Yuki Opened Eyes Takuya and Yuki)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 Takuya & Yuki Awaken! (Veteran) タクヤとユキ進化への道 超上級 (Takuya to Yuki shinka e no michi chō jōkyū) Road to Takuya and Yuki Evolution Super Advanced
Stage 2 Takuya & Yuki Awaken! (Insane) タクヤとユキ進化への道 超激ムズ (Takuya to Yuki shinka e no michi chō geki muzu) Road to Takuya and Yuki Evolution Super Hard

The Lost World

The Lost World (失われし世界 Ushinawa reshi sekai Lost World)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 Another Mystery Girl もう一人の少女 (Mōhitori no shōjo) Another Girl
Stage 2 Don't Act Like You Know Me 馴れなれしく名前を呼ばないで (Narenareshiku namae o yobanaide) Don't Call Me Your Name
Stage 3 All Worlds Will End すべての世界が終わる (Subete no sekai ga owaru) All World Ends

City of Souls

City of Souls (タマシイの都 Tamashī no miyako Tamashii City)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 Blackened Soul 黒いタマシイ (Kuroi tamashī) Black Tamashii
Stage 2 The Two Yukis 2人のユキ (2-Ri no Yuki) 2 Yuki
Stage 3 Three Destinies 3つの運命 (3Ttsu no unmei) 3 Fate

Annihilated City

Annihilated City (消滅都市~ロストへ~ Shōmetsu toshi ~Rosuto e~ Shoumetsu Toshi ~Lost~)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 A Post-Apocalypse Tale 消滅からはじまる物語 (Shōmetsu kara hajimaru monogatari) A Story That Begins With Annihilation
Stage 2 Deliveryman Takuya 運び屋タクヤ (Hakobi-ya Takuya) Carrier Takuya
Stage 3 A Mystery Girl 謎の少女 (Nazo no shōjo) Mysterious Girl
Stage 4 Good Cats, Bad Cats GOOD CATS, BAD CATS
Stage 5 A Bothersome Cat 面倒なネコって思ったでしょ? (Mendōna neko tte omottadesho?) You Thought It Was A Troublesome Cat?
Stage 6 The Nyanko Plan にゃんこ計画 (Nyanko keikaku) Cat Project
Stage 7 LOST (Insane) ロスト 超激ムズ (Rosuto chō geki muzu) Lost Super Hard

The World Beyond

The World Beyond (天上の世界 Tenjō no sekai World of Heaven)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 An Encounter With Sin 罪と向き合う物語 (Tsumi to mukiau monogatari) The Story of Confronting Sin
Stage 2 Foolish Wanderer Kano 愚者の旅人カノ (Gusha no tabibito Kano) Fool Traveller Kano
Stage 3 Wishing for Happiness 幸せを願った少年 (Shiawase o negatta shōnen) The Boy Who Desires Happiness

Messier's Assault!

Messier's Assault! (メシエ強襲!Meshie Kyōshū! Messier Assault!)

EN name JP name translation
Stage 1 Land of Dreams Lv1-20 夢の世界 Lv.1-20 (Yume no sekai Lv.1-20) Dream World Lv1-20


English Version

  • June 1st, 2020 (11:00) to June 15th, 2020 (23:59)

Japanese Version

  • June 1st, 2020 (11:00) to June 15th, 2020 (23:59)
  • May 29th, 2020 (11:00) to June 12th, 2020 (23:59)
  • May 29th, 2017 (11:00) to June 12th, 2017 (23:59)
  • May 20th, 2016 (14:00) to June 5th, 2016 (23:59)
  • April 24th, 2015 (14:00) to May 10th, 2015 (23:59)


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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Street Fighter (Easy) Warrior of NatureIlluminating FlameRush & BlazeBONUS STAGEBlue JadeIron CycloneImpregnable FortressInvincible Fist
Street Fighter (Normal) Illuminating FlameIron CycloneBlue JadeBONUS STAGERush & BlazeWarrior of NatureInvincible FistImpregnable Fortress
Street Fighter (Hard) Iron CycloneImpregnable FortressRush & BlazeBONUS STAGEIlluminating FlameBlue JadeInvincible FistWarrior of Nature
New Challenger Master of the Fist (Veteran)Sekia Goshoha (Deadly)
Tokyo Skytree 7th Anniversary ★ Tokyo Skytree Sorakara (Easy)From Now On (Easy)I'll Try! (Easy)
Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Electric DivaSing with a SmileFuture is Virtual
MIKU CHERRY Spring PopstarScent of BlossomsSakura Dance
Hatsune Miku's Birthday! ♪ Birthday Party ♪
Nissin U.F.O. U.F.O. Strikes! Open the Lid and Pour Out the SaucePour Hot Water and Wait 3 MinutesFinish by Mixing the Sauce
U.F.O. Corps Strikes! ① How To Make Without Reading② Search For Hot Water Line③ Add Hot Water Without Opening The Pouch④ Not Enough Hot Water⑤ Accidentally Forget • ⑥ Missed the Sauce⑦ Lid That Opens⑧ How Many Minutes?⑨ The Sink⑩ Noodles Thrown Into the Sink⑪ Protect the Back of the Lid⑫ Blue Glue Bag Disappear!⑬ Forgotten Chopsticks⑭ Mixing Power⑮ Slowly Sinking⑯ First Bite⑰ Cloudy Glasses⑱ Shining Smile with Blue Glue⑲ Smell That Remains⑳ Feast!
Nyanko Great Burglar Great Burglar Battle!!
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