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This feature is exclusive to the Japanese version of The Battle Cats but it may also appear in other versions such as BCTW and BCKR!
Shoumetsu banner 2016

Event Information[]

The second collaboration event between "Shoumetsu Toshi" and "Nyanko Daisensou" is held!
The event is scheduled to run from May 20th 2016 (14:00) to June 5th 2016 (23:59)!

  • The Shoumetsu Toshi Gacha is now available!

A limited-time "Shoumetsu Toshi" collaboration gacha appeared in the Rare Gacha of "Nyanko Daisensou"!
The Uber Rare character from the first collaboration "Mystery Girl Yuki" reappears with increased power!
In the second series a new character "Crazed Yuki" will also join the series as an Uber Rare character!
Be sure to get the characters that are only available during this period!
※The "Shoumetsu Toshi" characters will be discharged from the Rare Gacha at a certain rate during the gacha event period, and characters other than the collaboration characters will also appear. Collaboration characters will not be released from gacha other than the "Shoumetsu Toshi" gacha.
※If you do not see the "Shoumetsu Toshi" event in the Rare Gacha, you need to update your app to the latest version.

  • Collaboration stages appear in "Nyanko Daisensou"!!

A limited number of stages featuring collaborating characters will be available!

  • The first collaboration stage is reissued!

During the event period, go to Legend Story (Event Stage) from the title screen and tap the "Start Battle!!" button, the collaboration limited stage "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~" will appear!
The score of each stage is determined by the score at the time of clearing the stage, and you can get the scoring reward set for each stage.
※Rewards can be found on the "Scoring Rewards" button in the lower left corner of the stage selection screen.

In addition, clearing the stage will give you an extremely rare chance to obtain the characters "Takuya & Yuki" which is only available during the event period!
The probability of acquiring "Takuya and Yuki" will increase if you clear the later chapters and stages!
※It can be obtained in one shot using the Treasure Radar.

In addition, as a reward for clearing the stage, you can get special offers that can be used in "Shoumetsu Toshi"!

  • Clear Stage 1 of 【Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~】

Limited Tamashii "Yuki Cat" + "Triple Flame Crazed Bird Cat" + "Triple Light Crazed Bird Cat"

  • Clear Stage 3 of 【Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~】

Limited Tamashii "Lovely Yuki Cat" + "Triple Water Crazed Bird Cat" + "Triple Wood Crazed Bird Cat" + "Triple Dark Crazed Bird Cat"

  • Clear Stage 1 of 【Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~】

1 Fukuzawa Are available in the "Shoumetsu Toshi" app respectively!
In addition, users who have downloaded "Nyanko Daisensou" will receive "Cat (☆3)" as a gift!
We encourage you to take advantage of "Shoumetsu Toshi" by getting the exclusive benefits of the collaboration event!
※Those who obtained "Takuya & Yuki" during the previous event cannot obtain it.
※Takuya & Yuki can be obtained from the power-up screen 【Rare Character】 in the "Nyanko Daisensou" application.
※If you are having trouble receiving the collaboration rewards in "Shoumetsu Toshi" please turn Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~ off the "Shoumetsu Toshi" application task and press the "Get Collaboration Rewards" button on the "Nyanko Daisensou" stage selection screen to launch "Shoumetsu Toshi" or try using the latest version of "Nyanko Daisensou".
※The "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~" and "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~" will appear 2 days after the start of the collaboration respectively.
※If you cannot see the "Shoumetsu Toshi" collaboration stage, you need to update your app to the latest version.

  • The second phase of the project features a new collaborative stage!

Collaboration stage "Takuya & Yuki Awaken"
Chance to evolve "Takuya & Yuki" into the third form by clearing the stage!
The "Takuya & Yuki Awaken" stage will appear three days after the release of "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~"!
Let's try this super challenging stage!
※"Takuya and Yuki" can be obtained from the first collaboration stages "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~" "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~" and "Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~".
※To evolve to the third form "Takuya & Yuki" must be at least level 20.
※Even if you have not acquired "Takuya & Yuki," they can evolve to the third form after you acquire them by clearing the evolution stage.

  • Play "Shoumetsu Toshi" and get a limited edition character!!

Clear the story quests and collaboration stages of "Shoumetsu Toshi" during the event period to get rewards that can be used within "Nyanko Daisensou"!

  • Clear 【Story Quest (Chapter 1 Episode 4) "Because I Love You"】 to get Limited EX Character "Yuki Cat" + 1 Rare Ticket
  • Clear 【Collaboration Quest (Intermediate) "Secrets of the Cat Army"】 to get 30000 Experience
  • Clear 【Collaboration Quest (Advanced) "Invasion of the Cat Army"】 to get Limited EX Character 3 Cat Tickets

You can get these!
Take advantage of this opportunity to play Shoumetsu Toshi and get exclusive rewards!
※Reward Receipt Procedure
Select "Shoumetsu Toshi" menu screen → "Other" (lower right button) → "Rewards" → "Nyanko Daisensou Reissue Collaboration Rewards (1)~(3)".
After tapping the "Click here to receive your rewards" button that appears, you will be redirected to the "Nyanko Daisensou" application to receive your items.

Click here for the "Shoumetsu Toishi" application!

※"Yuki Cat" can be obtained from the "Nyanko Daisensou" application's power-up screen 【EX Character】.
※Those who obtained "Yuki Cat" during the previous event can obtain only items other than "Yuki Cat".
※The app must be updated to the latest version in order to receive the rewards.

List of Stages[]

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~[]

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 1~ (消滅都市~第1章~, Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 1 Shō~, Vanishing City ~Chapter 1~)

Mapname013 c ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Shōmetsu kara Hajimaru Monogatari A Story That Begins With Disappearance 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Hakobiya Takuya Carrier Takuya 40 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Nazo no Shōjo Mysterious Girl 50 EnergyIcon

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~[]

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 2~ (消滅都市~第2章~, Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 2 Shō~, Vanishing City ~Chapter 2~)

Mapname014 c ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 2 Mendōna Neko tte Omottadesho? You Thought It Was A Troublesome Cat? 70 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Omottadesho?? You Thought It Was?? 80 EnergyIcon

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~[]

Shoumetsu Toshi ~Chapter 3~ (消滅都市~第3章~, Shōmetsu Toshi ~Dai 3 Shō~, Vanishing City ~Chapter 3~)

Mapname015 c ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Rosuto Chō Geki Muzu Lost Super Intense 100 EnergyIcon

Takuya & Yuki Awaken[]

Takuya & Yuki Awaken (開眼のタクヤとユキ, Kaigan no Takuya to Yuki, Takuya and Yuki Awakens)

Mapname028 c en Mapname028 c ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn028 00 c en Takuya to Yuki Shinka e no Michi Chō Jōkyū Road to Takuya and Yuki Evolution Super Advanced 150 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn028 01 c en Takuya to Yuki Shinka e no Michi Chō Geki Muzu Road to Takuya and Yuki Evolution Super Intense 150 EnergyIcon


  • May 20th, 2016 (14:00) to June 5th, 2016 (23:59)


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