Silver Anniversary (結婚25周年, lit Kekkon 25 shunen) is the second stage for the Silver Week event.


After 3 seconds, Steel Snache will spawn, followed by 2 more. Mercury Sloth will appear with a shock-wave after 20 seconds, with Steel Snache continuing to spawn throughout the battle, with there spawning speed getting slower through the battle.


strategy 1

Strategy isn't that much hard. Just send out a wave of meat-shields or critical hitting units to deal with the enemies, they aren't that troublesome. High leveled Jurassic cat and Island cat can be used against mercury if new players doesn't have reliable critter cats (e.g. space cat, waitress cat etc.)

Once you beat the stage 2 event gatcha ticket will be rewarded. Subsequent finish of the stage may net 1 event gatcha ticket.

strategy 2

Lineup- Lion cat, Crazed giraffe/crazed lion cat, tank/wall/eraser cat Start by spamming tank cat to upgrade worker cat to level 3~. Once you have level 3~, spam lion cat and crazed giraffe cat. This will defeat mercury sloth.


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