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Slanderous Wasteland is the fifth stage in Garden of Wilted Thoughts.


  • 1 Zollow spawns after 3.33 seconds100f.
  • 2 Mistress Celeboodles spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • 1 Lord Gravey spawns as the boss.
    • Infinite Relic Doges spawn, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
    • 2 Zollows spawn after 1.33 seconds40f, delay 1 second30f.
    • 10 Mistress Celeboodles spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
    • 1 M. Ost spawns after 20 seconds600f.
    • 2 Zollows spawn after 50 seconds1,500f, delay 1 second30f.
    • 2 Zollows spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 1 second30f.
    • 2 Zollows spawn after 150 seconds4,500f, delay 1 second30f.


Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Lolly Fanciers, Breakfast in Undies, Li'l Eraser Cat 50+29, Shigong Cat 50+17, Jellycat 50, Cat Chief 50, Awakened Doron 50, Mystic Uril 50, Ape Lord Luza 50


  • Mystic Uril's True Form is optional, but is unfathomably more preferred.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat has the Defense Buff MAX Talent.
  • Cat Chief could be replaced with something else, such as Awakened Urs.

Esoteric Uril completely destroys this stage, but is thankfully not required. Simply stall the beginning enemies until you can get out Ape Lord Luza and Esoteric Uril. With the two Slow combos, Mystic Uril should have the the M. Ost slowly inch closer until Ape Lord Luza can snipe them. Cat Chief is present mostly to either chip Lord Gravey with Waves or clear out Zollows from the front. If you have Esoteric Uril, the Zollows will likely never reach cause a problem, but Mystic Uril sadly does not have enough damage to reliably take out Zollows before reaching your stack. Thankfully, due to the long stage width, you still probably won't have any issues.