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Sleepless Children is the second stage in Night 1: Santa Claws at Work.


  • 1 Mooth spawns after 20 seconds600f.
  • 3 Squire Rels spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • 3 Squire Rels spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • 3 Hippoes spawn after 40 seconds1,200f, delay 26.67~40 seconds800f~1,200f.
  • 1 Mooth spawns after 80 seconds2,400f.
  • Infinite Those Guys spawn after 83.33 seconds2,500f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • Infinite Squire Rels spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 10~20 seconds300f~600f.
  • When the base reaches 90% HP:


Valkyrie Cat will help here, since she can easily kill the Blitzen as long as you send some Wall Cats to tank.