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Soybean Graveyard is the first stage in Candy Paradise.


  • Infinite Zoges spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 20~26.67 seconds600f~800f.
  • Infinite B.B.Bunnies spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • 1 Professor A. spawns as the boss after 26.67 seconds800f.
  • 1 Miss Haka spawns after 26.67 seconds800f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 40 seconds1,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 73.33 seconds2,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 106.67 seconds3,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 140 seconds4,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 173.33 seconds5,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 206.67 seconds6,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 240 seconds7,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 2 Zories spawn after 273.33 seconds8,200f, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.


Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Li'l Mohawk Cat, Li'l Eraser Cat 50+40, Shigong Cat 50+23, Maximum the Fighter 50+23, Cadaver BearCat 50, Courier Cat 50, Cat Chief 50, Awakened Doron 50, Cat God the Golden 50, Esoteric Uril 50

Cannon: Holy Blast, Holy Blast (Foundation)

Items: Rich Cat


  • Li'l Mohawk Cat could be replaced with a Combo Slave
  • Cat God the Golden and Esoteric Uril can be replaced with other units that can snipe Professor A., such as Awakened Mina or Jellycat.
  • Holy Blast will allow you to more easily control the Zombie enemies in this stage, but will make cleanup against Professor A. a nightmare.
  • The Holy Blast Foundation is at level 20, reducing damage from Zombies by 15%.

You are going to have to fend off against the many waves of Zories as best you can, but they will gain ground, so make sure to claim as much ground as you can beforehand. You should only use Holy Blast whenever Miss Haka is underground, as she can distract your units and make them waste their attack.

Immediately send out a Cadaver BearCat to kill the initial Zoge. Afterwards, send out Courier Cat to kill the follow-up B.B. Bunny. Once Miss Haka and Professor A. pop out, send out your meatshields and Awakened Doron to immediately start chipping at Professor A.'s health (Do not send out Maximum the Fighter yet). You should have enough money to send out both Esoteric Uril and Cat God the Golden, which you should send out both now.

Eventually, the Zory waves will slow down, and Miss Haka is Z-Killed. From here, you want to start chipping away at Professor A. Esoteric Uril can use enemies as stepping stones, or can walk up to Professor A. and hit them with a Surge, at the cost of one knockback. A little bit of Awakened Doron timing is also recommended, as Awakened Doron may trigger his attack against a Zoge that will get knocked back immediately, or worse, kill the Zoge, and not Z-Kill them.

Eventually, Professor A. will die, and you can advance forwards and destroy the base.


  • Soybean Graveyard's Japanese name, Kinako Bochi (きなこ墓地, "Kinako Cemetery"), sounds similar to kinako mochi (きなこ餅), mochi coated with kinako (roasted soybean flour). It could also be a reference to kinakobō (きなこ棒), a stick-shaped candy made using kinako.