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List of all the Special Events in The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou.

Monthly Events[]

Lucky Ticket G Limited Monthly Events[]

Celebration Events[]



Monthly Gauntlets[]



Other Events[]

Time-Limited Stages[]

Cyclone Stages[]

Advanced Cyclone Stages[]

Advent Stages[]

Tier 1[]

Tier 2[]

Dual Fights[]

Crazed Cat Stages[]

Maniac Stages[]

Awakened Stages[]

Monthly Cats Awakened Stages[]

Li'l Cats Awakened Stages[]

Cyclone Cats Awakened Stages[]

Advent Cats Awakened Stages[]

Tier 1[]

Tier 2[]

Malevolent Stages[]

Monthly Event All-Stars Stages[]

Other Special Stages[]

Daily Stages[]

Regular Stages[]

Blitz Stages[]

Catfruit Stages[]

Behemoth Culling Stages[]

Cat Ticket Guerrilla Stages[]

XP Guerrilla Stages[]

Builder's Blitz Stages[]

Collaboration Events[]

Other Special Events[]

English Exclusive Events[]

Japanese Exclusive Events[]

Taiwanese Exclusive Events[]

Korean Exclusive Events[]