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Legend Stages and the maps in which they appear are rated on a scale of difficulty ranging from 1★ (easiest) to 12★ (hardest). Map buttons have ★ icons on them that light up based on the difficulty of each stage, which can be viewed in the sub-chapter's/event's information. Maps with stages of differing difficulties will have multiple ★s lit up (e.g., Vacation Awakes! is rated as both ★7 and ★8).

Legacy Difficulties

These difficulties were used in place of ★s before Version 10.7, though they can still be found in the names of some stages such as No Plan A (Deadly) and Impact Site (Normal).

  • Easy (初級 Shokyū, Beginner): Rated for the first and second levels of many events, they are the same difficulty as some Empire of Cats Chapter 1 or 2 levels.
  • Normal (中級 Chūkyū, Intermediate): A little bit harder, most of them require more than 100% Treasures collected from Empire of Cats to beat. Rated for Catburger's Awakening Stage, among others.
  • Hard (上級 Jōkyū, Advanced): Moderately hard most of the time. Rated for Cat Ticket Chance!, every last level of the weekday stages (excluding Weekend Stage) and for the first levels of the Catfruit Stages.
  • Veteran (Hard+) (超上級 Chō Jōkyū, Super-Advanced): Rated for the Daily Blitz Stages and some of the first Awakening Stages. These stages usually need Bahamut Cat or a similar Uber Rare.
  • Expert (Hard++) (激ムズ Geki Muzu, Intense or Fierce): Rated for the second levels of the Catfruit Stages, Siege of Hippoe!, some of the first Awakening Stages, and the first four Cyclone Stages. Not recommended for new players because they can be pretty hard, especially without True Forms.
  • Insane (Hard+++) (超激ムズ Chō Geki Muzu, Super-Intense or Super Fierce): Rated for the third levels of the Catfruit Stages, all Crazed Cat Stages, most of the second Awakening Stages, XP Megablitz!, and the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth Cyclone Stages. These are very difficult stages, beware when taking them on.
  • Deadly (極ムズ Goku Muzu, Extreme): Rated for a few levels that have a unique boss that appears only in that level, such as Advent Stages and Maniac Stages, to make few examples, as well as XP Colosseum, the ninth Cyclone Stage and all Stories of Legend stages from Stairway to Darkness onward. It is also not recommended for new players. They usually do not allow continues. Most Deadly stages can only be played after completing Into the Future Chapter 1.
  • Merciless (超極ムズ Chō Goku Muzu, Super-Extreme): Currently the highest difficulty (up to 9.9). Rated for Uncanny Legends, Merciless XP!, Growing Strange, the tenth Cyclone Stage, the later Advent Stages and some collaboration-exclusive stages. Easily the hardest stages in the game, you must be prepared to tackle these.
  • Demon (鬼級 Oni-kyū), God (神級 Kami-kyū) and Dragon (竜神級 Ryūjin-kyū): A set of difficulties exclusive to the Castle & Dragon Collaboration Event, they are roughly equivalent to Veteran, Expert and Insane, respectively.


The difficulty of stages may vary drastically if the player has certain units. Facing Danger is a good example of this. It is very difficult without any Critical Hit Cats, but when using units like Catornado and Waitress Cat, the stage becomes much easier.



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